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  1. Mauison - I made the trade for you And just to keep things transparent - I also made a trade today...in an effort to maintain my mighty lead...T.
  2. Thanks Team Kizb...I have emailed you my ifo...Thanks again and congrats on an epic weekend!!!...T. PS Sorry Harwell...years of watching Price is Right must have instilled something in me...
  3. Email sent: Oct 17/10 Name recieved:Nov 1/10 Mission Sent:Its on its way tot he post office, right now Dec 2/10 Mission Recieved.
  4. Just eail me with what your trade is and I'll make it happen...or you can post it here...either or...T.
  5. Just about at Month 2 so I thought I would post the points update... 1 Funkmaster-T 487 2 Amaroo 467 3 Theotokos 464 4 Chaos Crew 463 5 Wheezor 451 6 Mauison 448 7 Shilo 410 ...T.
  6. I just want to say that I know today is supposed to be the last day to ship out our missions but unfortunatly I am still waiting for the mailman to bring the coin I ordered to include...so...the rest is ready to go and as soon as I see that little coin arrive I will get it shipped...sorry for the delay...T.
  7. This is actually the motto I live by... If you can't sing well...Sing Loud! ...T.
  8. May your life be like Toilet Paper...Long and Useful... ((PS...I am currently sporting my Manly Mo as well)) ...T.
  9. Three Hills, eh? If I can arrange it, The HandsomeBoys just might make an appearance too...Hope we see you there...T.
  10. Its definetly winter...We here in BC Canada got 2+ feet in the last 36 hours...and its still coming down...whoever has my name in the mission...if you want to send a snowblower along that would be appretiated...lol ...T.
  11. I really hope it's Gillian Anderson...T.
  12. Just ordered my coin...hope it gets here in time...it doesn't have far to go so...Fingers Crossed...everything else is just waiting on that...T.
  13. Got my shopping done...just gotta figure out the coin part...
  14. So...Here we are...about a month into the season...lets look at the standings thus far... 1 Funkmaster-T 259 2 Amaroo 258 3 Theotokos 251 4 Wheezor 247 5 Chaos Crew 243 6 Mauison 234 7 Shilo 231 Oh...What's that...The Funkmaster-T is in the lead... Get used to it! ...T.
  15. Email sent: Oct 17/10 Name recieved:Nov 1/10 Mission Sent: Mission Recieved.
  16. Just thought I would update on my adopted coin from Penny and Kona (Lettuce go Caching - renamed to Lettuce find the HandsomeBoys) TB24J63... Thus far it has: Started in Texas... Moved to Hawaii Moved to NY State Is taking a short rest in Ontario Canada...finally got to the right country, albeit the wrong side...lol... It has visited 5 caches and travelled a total of 13961 km (8675 miles) Thanks again Penny and Kona for adopting this coin to us...we are sure enjoying its travels!! The HandsomeBoys (aka Funkmaster-T)
  17. Thanks for responding...email sent... Email sent: Yeppers Name recieved: Mission Sent: Mission Recieved. I live up in BC Canada...if there is a group of people who know winter...its us...T.
  18. I would love to join too please...just a couple of questions first, just to make sure I have the right idea here...never done a mission before and want to make sure I know what I am getting into... If I understand it correctly I will email Lorca with all my vitals and then will get the name etc of another user of whom I am supposed to prepare a "Gift Box" to send to them, in this case, full of "winter" stuff and a coin or two. I should then recieve the same from whomever gets my info. Is that correct...am I missing a vital step? Thanks for the help...T.
  19. Probably not Theotokos...for the most part everyone has the majority of the same players...Its really going to come down to who has the best secondary D-Man and Goalie...thats where the majority of the changes are. I think next year, if we do this again I would eliminate any player that scored 85 points or more in the season, or something like that...that would spread the selections out alot more
  20. 1 Theotokos 36 1 Funkmaster-T 36 3 Shilo 35 4 Chaos Crew 33 5 Mauison 32 5 Amaroo 32 7 Wheezor 31
  21. Stop those mail carriers...get your coins back from when you all sent them to Shilo...looks like Shilo is dropping like Calgary's playoff hopes...
  22. Finally! After 3 1/2 long months...the ice is frozen, the nets are in place...the Leaf fans are planning another parade that will never happen...HOCKEY SEASON STARTS TODAY!!! If anyone is looking for me I will be in front of my TV until next June...T.
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