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  1. Email Sent...The Funkmaster is in! Sign-up: Yup...Feb 22, 2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received:
  2. So with only 25 or so games left in the season, Chaos Crew has taken a commanding lead...thats right...we are all still being beat by a girl...there is a nice tight race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th with Shilo has a death grip on...well lets call it 7th place (last place seems so mean)...let the race to the finals begin!! 1 Chaos Crew 1,002 2 Funkmaster-T 977 3 Wheezor 974 3 Amaroo 974 5 Mauison 946 6 Theotokos 916 7 Shilo 896 ...T.
  3. I would love to participate too...But I am in Canada...are you included Canada in your US version of the mission or will I have to wait until the overseas version? ...T.
  4. Hello my Italian friends... My name is Trevor and my wife and I are coming to visit your beautiful country at the end of March for a couple of weeks. Our trip will take us to Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence as well as a few other key spots in your storied history (Pompeii for example). I am wondering if there are any "must see" caches we can get along the way? I will be doing a PQ of the areas but thought getting a personal opinion would be helpful too...its your country, show me what you think I should see. I will also have a few Geo-Coins and Travel Bugs with me so if there is anyone who would like to work out a trade for any coins, perhaps we can find some time. The bugs I am going to release and race them back home! ...Trevor (aka Funkmaster-T, aka TheHandsomeBoys)
  5. While I am not completely 'New', I thought I would formally introduce myself because I fit most of the other criteria. My name is Trevor and I live in Kimberley BC, Canada. Not doing alot of Geocaching at this time of the year as we have about 4 or 5 feet of snow and I am not that big of a fan of the white stuff...don't know why I live on the side of a ski mountain...but thats the way it is. I discovered Geocaching a number of years ago when I was living in Jasper National Park but that was before the Parks had set some rules down so they weren't technicly "allowed" so it was pretty hit or miss on whether you found the cache or not...I admittedly lost intrest and then my life started to change... Suddenly I was a father, married and looking at moving to a new town that was a bit more "kid friendly" (Jasper was great but it is a party town...not the best place for a wee one) so we finally found Kimberley, found a decent job at the Casino and had another son. Life seemed to be back on track...then I rediscovered Geocaching...and I had built a team to hunt with. So the Funkmaster-T became The HandsomeBoys and me and my 2 Sons began searching the woods and having a great time doing it. We have only found 17 thus far but considering I was toting around a 5 and 2 year old, I think thats pretty good! Some time during the year I started to fall in love witht he GeoCoins (in fact, it is the first forum I look at every morning now) and was able to win a couple of Cointests to get my first couple of coins. I took part in Lorca's Winter Mission as well (my first one) and recieved a couple of great new coins and was happy to send one along to someone else (That truly is the best thing about this community - the sharing and caring attitude...everyone is welcome and encouraged and there is such generosity to help someone get going...kind of like crack dealers selling to kids...lol) My collection currently sits at 6 but I am hoping this year sees it grow. My wife and I are going to Italy at the end of March for 2 weeks and I hope to get my first Non-Canadian caches in and release some TB's as well...Santa brought all four of us in the family a TB for Christmas...thought we might race them home from Italy...and I am hoping to get my hands on an Italian GeoCoin of some sort to commemorate the trip. I am really happy to be a part of this community and hope to get to know all you more as the years go on...T.
  6. Best. Coin. Ever. This would be an absolute must have for The Handsome Boys so if you are selling I will be the first in line... Now, if its a mystery...Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side! ...T.
  7. A couple of questions... 1. Can anyone tell me where one might be able to purchase this set? I know there is a seperate thread for purchasing but that just tells me they are sold out and I did try ebay. Would really love to have these coins in my hand for my trip... 2.2Blind Squirrles...Could you explain to me how you decided upon that order of letters on your chessboard? Why doesn't it just go left to right and up or down...why are they "scattered"? Seems random to me but I am sure you had a methoed to your maddness!! 3. Has anyone been to the mausoleum before and seen this all in person? Have we had any input from someone thats been there before? Might give me something to work on. Also are there any other major sites in Italy that have been discovered to have anything to do with the coins that I should visit? I am really looking forward to being part of the team!! ...T.
  8. As a new "Coin-head", I have not had the opportunity to gather that much experience with specific situations of "the Spirit" but this past Holiday season, I saw something that sure gave me faith in my fellow man - whether coin related or not. One of our own, Rivercacher, was in poor health and I have never seen a community of people gather together to show support so quickly or so earnestly as we all did around here. Many people (including me) only know Rivercacher as some pixels on a monitor but that didn't matter. Someone needed to know that there were people out there thinking of him and this community came through in spades. It had nothing to do with coins, caching or any related topics. It was all about love for someone who was in need of a little extra - and who among us doesn't need a little extra love now and then. -Funkmaster-T
  9. I will definetly check this out for you guys...As long as we can get in...you have to book tickets way in advance, if you are even 1 minute late they sell your tickets and you only get 15 min...pretty sure I will have to leave my first born child and do a DNA test too...but thats ok...it will be worth it!...T
  10. Just wondering if there are any outstanding missions that have not found their homes yet? I have had fun following each one's journey. Thanks again for the great mission Lorca. I look forward to participating in many more!...T.
  11. So...I do not have a set of these coins (although I really want a set...just can't afford to buy coins right now)...but I am really intigued by this challenge and have been following it for the last few months since the resurgence in this thread...My wife and I are going to Italy in March and do plan on visiting The Last Supper (you should see the crazy hoops you have to jump through to get to go in to see it)...I was thinking if any of you wanted an "in the field" investigator to check any hints/clues/dead ends out for you I would love to do this. It would make me feel like I am helping to solve this Great Mystery!...T.
  12. Here are the Two Younger Handsome Boys modelling the warm winter gear. The black hood will be very effective around these parts as its winter for a very long time. The Orange hood is a scent blocking garment for hunters. I am not a hunter but there are a multitude of them around here so having something bright orange on when walking in the woods is always a good idea!! Thanks (And, yes, I do realize they look like an Iranian couple in this picture...lol) This is the backs of the three great coins we recieved. The top two are signiture items and the bottom one is an Irish coin with a Pathtag Sherpa on board. Love them all. And here are the fronts.. The Irish one says "An T-or" and the yellow circle in the middle is removable. Sorry about the shadow. This was honestly the best pic I could get. http://i361.photobucket.com/albums/oo57/Traveller12/066.jpg And here are the three gifts for the Little HandsomeBoys! They are having a great time playing with the trucks playing "Criss Cross Crash, (or as the littlest HandsomeBoy says "Crystal Crash") and the Truck in the back came with its very own TravelBug Dogtags so once the snow melts we will be releasing it into the world. I was thinking we would give it a mission to try to return to you Opalsns and see how far it gets!! Thanks again for all the great stuff. we really appretiate it and it was well worth the wait. And thanks Lorca for a great mission. It was my first but it certainly won't be my last. ...T.
  13. It Arrived!! It Arrived!! It Arrived!! The mail arrived today with no sign of a package so I resigned myself to wait another day but just after lunch a delivery van arrived and dropped it off. Everything is great and the kids love their gifts. Will post some pics a little later...Thanks Opalsns!!! ...T.
  14. Congrats T, on your win and starting your collection. Is it possible when you post photos to upload smaller versions? like 600pxl at the longest side? These hiur-res pics take up a lot of real estate. Pretty pleeeeeeze? Mucho obrigado. Will do my best Droo...I'm not the most computer-savvy being on the planet but next time I go to post a photo I will have a longer look and see if I can fix it. Sorry bout that and thanks for the congrats!!!...T.
  15. I fibbed a little in Lorca's winter Mission for today when I said I only got Christmas Cards and Bills...I didn't see this envelope at first...Not my Winter Mission but I did get my Prize from Team Kizb's Cointest a while back... Thanks Team Kizb...We love the coin...My measly collection is up to 4 now...its a slow addiction but its building!...T.
  16. Another day goes by and another visit from the (Fe)mailman with only some lousy Christmas Cards and bills and no Festive Package. Maybe it is being timed for the first day of winter...Sure hope so cause I am getting restless...T. (This was just an update and by no means a complaint...I just want the mission and I'm itchin' for someone to cure my lonely Coin-dition)
  17. Posting this for GaryM53 This is the photo I was talking about...Very cool!
  18. Fun Cointest! Thanks! Just out of curiosity I was wondering if this was a "coolest/best/funniest/etc Picture of Dogs and Cats" contest and not a random draw...which photo would Y'all vote for? Personally I liked that cool one of the cat that looked like it was made of fire...can't seem to find it right at the moment...T.
  19. As a newer member of the Geocoin forums, I can not say I "know" RiverCacher very well but, especially at this time of year, my heart goes out to him and his family. I hope you get well, buddy, and know that all your "Geo-Friends" are thinking about you and yours and wishing for the best. We are all there holding your hand. ...T.
  20. Hooray!!! Ia m so glad you enjoyed it Degai! After seeing all the loot others sent, I was a little concerned mine would seem...lacking...Glad you enjoyed it! ...T.
  21. I am waiting for both my mission to arrive at its destination as well as mine to arrive at my door...but I have sure enjoyed watching what everyone else is getting and have had fun with this, my first mission...Thanks Lorca...T.
  22. Sure...we can look at it...I also found a new site this year that I am using for my work pool. Pickuphockey.com. Good site...lots of rule options and stuff. We will look at those next year and find the best one...T.
  23. Next year I would actually like to try to do a draft. If we prepare for it it shouldn't be to bad...I understand why you are ticked I made the same trade as you...I honestly was looking at doing the same thing...Honest...when you emailed me to make the trade, I just did mine at the same time...I wasn't trying to be shifty...we have both used our 2 trades now though so its all up to fate...T.
  24. I cache with my 2 sons. That, for me is the number one reason for...well just about everything I do, but caching in particular. Time spent with them, teaching them about respecting nature, navigation and just the enjoyment of outdoors. The joy on my older son's face when he found his first cache will never leave me...T.
  25. This is Jet and the Littlest HandsomeBoy. Jet likes to attack the kids, chew through wires, knock decorations off the Christmas Tree, lick food defrosting in the sink and constantly try to escape the house... I vote for dog... ...T.
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