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  1. It's Me...It's Me...The Funkmaster-T!! 15. Funkmaster-T
  2. Good to see Ye ol' Booty Box made it safe and sound...and quickly...can't wait to see allthe end results!! ...T.
  3. Mailed you a coin early last week...it should be arriving soon...Congrats again!!! ...T.
  4. Hooray...glad it arrived...even if it was late...or maybe its just real early for next year! ...T.
  5. The Easter Bunny has finally gotten off his Tail and the package is in the mail! ...T.
  6. My Box is officially on its way...and when you see it, you will understand why I think it should be called "Ye ol' Booty Box" ...T.
  7. Finally...got the coins in the mail on Friday...will have my mission shipped out on Monday...sorry for the delay... ...T.
  8. Finally...the coins arrived on Friday...will have it in the mail on Monday...soryy for holding things up! ...T.
  9. Favorite Coin: Davy Jones Locker Favorite Geocoiner...teehee...JackalGirl
  10. It will probably be me...I am still waiting for my coins to arrive from the e-buying place and with it being Easter Weekend, I won't get any mail until at least Tuesday...I apologize for the delay!! Am I the last? are you waiting for any others? ...T.
  11. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter...and especially to MoonKat and KDT...I know we aren't supposed to say who has who's name but I want to apologize for your mission not getting to you by Easter...Its all ready to go but I am just waiting on the coins to arrive from the e-buying place. The moment they arrive the package will be shipped off. At least we are both in Canada so it shouldn't take long...besides after you have eaten all the treats that the Easter Bunny brings you, you should recieve my package and have a whole new batch of treats!! ...T.
  12. Apple, Cheerio, Cranberry Cool...this is a great Cointest
  13. I am just waiting for a couple of coins to arrive from that e-Buying place (any day now) before I can send mine off...Sorry for the delay...T.
  14. Just to update...I am just waiting for a couple of GeoCoins to show up in the mail (any day now) to get my mission sent off. And I still need to post pics of the mission I recieved (sans chocolate eggs...somehow they all got eaten...hmmm) but I am still trying to empty the pics from my vacation off my camera onto my ancient computer. But I do want to say Thank you to The Easter Bunny from Netherlands who was so very generous!! ...T.
  15. Yes...Congrats to Chaos Crew whot took the lead early and never looked back...If you want to send off your addy to all of us...we can get your coins to you asap And thanks to everyone who participated ...T.
  16. Happy Birthday Brady!!! Enjoy Fatherhood as it gets better every day...mine are 6 and 3 and everyday they surprise me in better and better ways. Wishing your family happiness everyday... ...T.
  17. It looks like 32 is still open so please put the Funkmaster-T down for that one!
  18. I have to apologize to you all...I was unable to do by reconnaissence mission for you all. We did not get to see the Last Supper. I was very disappointed by this but had a great trip all the same. Still would love to get a set of these coins so I feel I can really start working on this mystery. Maybe someone who has been working on this for a while can compile some of the "Known Facts" "Supposed Facts" and "Rumours and Ideas" into one are so those of us that are newer to this might have a jumping off point. Compiling this info might help to see something we have missed too. ...T.
  19. Just got back from my honeymoon in Italy and found a nice big package from the Netherlands...Thanks...will post pics shortly and get my mission off and running!...T.
  20. Just got home from Italy to find my box with all my mail...will try to get it off very soon...T.
  21. Only a few more days and we will be there...I am so excited...I have never even left Canada before so this is going to be such an eye openning trip...got a few caches in the ol' GPS and am really looking forward to experiencing another culture...and experiencing the wine...especially the wine...see you in a few days!!! ...T.
  22. I'm still relatively new to the GeoCoin world so I don't really have a theme yet..but as for favorites...I LOVE...L-O-V-E the Davy Jone's Series...all of them...the colour does not matter...I think they are P-Freakin'-Nominal!!! ...T.
  23. Hello geomafioso...Thanks for your response, unfortunatly it doesn't look like we will be coming to Bologna (except for maybe on a train going through on our way to Venice) That is too bad as it would be fun to meet you and see Italy through your eyes...but you never know how a trip may go and we may end up in your town none the less...Hope we have a chance to meet sometime...T.
  24. Editted to remove double post...
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