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  1. I take my little buddy most of the time. He's pretty good at sniffing out caches and if there are muggles around I can pretend that we're wandering around in circles so he can find the perfect pee spot or that I'm cleaning up one of his art projects.
  2. Ok I did NOT do this but I did think about it. I have a cache that is about half a mile from my house. I live in an urban area full of micros so I was rather pleased with myself for putting out a regular sized cache with plenty of trade items. Last Sunday I got a message that my cache had been muggled. Trashed more like it, they broke apart the container and scattered the contents. The person who found it gathered it all up adn replaced it with a temporary container, but warned me that it wasn't water tight so I needed to go swap it out. A couple of days later I leashed up the dog and took a replacement container down there fully intending to fix it all back pretty like it was. When I got there I discovered that the replacement container had been trashed - lovely just lovely. The log book is visible but down in the creek where I can't actually get to it, so basically I've now littered my own neighborhood. So picture the scene. I have discovered that my cache has been vandalized twice within a week. Since I am a responsible dog owner of a dog with a healthy digestive system I had in my possession a doggie clean up bag that contained what you might expect to be in a doggie clean up bag. It would be a bold faced lie if I said that the notion of placing the contents of said doggie clean up bag into the container I had with me and leaving it right where the cache had been. The only reason I didn’t was that I didn’t want someone to have downloaded the cache before I got it disabled to find it. Plus I figure it has to be kids so someone needs to be the adult in this situation. Still though…hmmm
  3. Maybe but it sounds kind of cool though
  4. Maybe but it sounds kind of cool though
  5. I don't really buy that this is find padding since there are 5 distinct "finds" involved. It's not the same thing as going to the same spot 5 times and getting a smiley for it.
  6. Sad story, poor kid. I have a GPS on my phone that I never use. One day I decided that since I had it I might as well figure it out. I used it to navigate to a post office that I go to quite a bit but for fun was following the gps until it tried to get me to turn the wrong way on a one-way street. oops sort of explains some odd driving I've seen in the area Sort of off topic but on the subject of lawsuits, there was a 16 year old kid who stowed away on a plan bound for Boston. When the landing gear dropped his then lifeless body was dumped out into a residential area. Naturally his parents sued the airline, airport, and whomever else they could think of because it couldn't have been his own fault that he slipped through some fence and snuck into the landing gear of an airplane.
  7. Bodie is passed out right now. It's been a peaceful evening, always good to wear down an Aussie. I wondered why it wasn't just split into 5 different caches, but at the moment you can't really create anymore virtuals. I'm planning to get back up there so do the rest of them, but I don't know about logging them. If nothing else, I think you should just log one per visit.
  8. There is a virtual cache that I found today at a state park. The GC lists 5 different locations in the park that can be logged individually. So in theory it would be possible to log this same find 5 different times. I thought it was a bit odd, but then again the point is to take you to see 5 different things so it isn't really any different than putting 5 different virtuals in the park. I was just curious about what other people thought.
  9. Something about this reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker yesterday. We were talking about the marathon I ran earlier this month and he said that he once mapped out a 10 mile route near his house and took off running. It took him an hour and a half and he was sore for a week. He concluded from this that he was just not meant to be a runner and never went running again. Sure because building up mileage slowly over time is totally out of the question. I fear for the future because all the under 30 set seem to have this attitude about things.
  10. A multi disguised as a traditional would annoy me. I like multi caches but I like to know that's what I'm doing when I set out. A decoy that is the wrong answer to a puzzle or one that provides a hint would not annoy me in the least.
  11. I have this: http://www.rei.com/product/747931 Mostly because I wanted it, but didn't NEED it until I relized that I could use it as my geobag.
  12. I think it's silly and just a way for them to soak people for a bit of money. sort of like the $2 the bank suddenly charges for the print out of checks I didn't request in the paper statements that I keep having to have stopped
  13. This is Bodie the Aussie. He makes sure that the cache area is cleared of all dangerous squirrels and cheese.
  14. I think I did one of his too. The one I did was at White Sands. I don't know what he did and from what I understand it's verboten to ask but I think he's supposed to be allowed back in Feb. I just went ahead and logged it for my smiley. He has some really cool ones out there.
  15. I was a muggle once. It was a long time ago, before I had a GPSr. We were out hiking and saw a family find a cache. The kids were really excited about it and their mom explained what was going on. I didn't think that much about it except for to think it was cute how excited the kids were until I got a GPSr and saw the geocaching info in the instructions.
  16. oh awesome: http://www.animatedknots.com/monkeysfist/index.php (looks around work for some string) Now I'm not going to get anything done today at work.
  17. What is this monkey's fist thing? I don't bother with the FTF deal. I work one of those 8-5 M-F jobs. The people who always get them around here have free time during the day.
  18. Those are cool. I love sig items. It's pretty much the only thing I take from a cache. I do little drawings on wooden nickel size disks.
  19. I voted for C and got this. Nombre de votes : A 15 B 16 C 4 D 15 E 3 F 2 G 0 H 1 It was all French and I went to public school...in the US so clearly I have no idea what's going on. I'm such a follower. Shouldn't you be out rioting in the streets or something? I jest, but it's all over the news here.
  20. So basically you had issues with the stores where you got your GPSr and therefore it's the fault of geocaching? What exactly do you expect to accomplish by posting this? If you are looking for friendly advice, you've started out all wrong. just sayin'
  21. I like the little picuture of the states with found sites filled in.
  22. I don't see the point in not actually opening the cache to check it out. Half the fun is seeing what is in the cache and reading through the logs. That's why I don't so much care for nanos but alas I live in a city so that ends up being the most common type of cache. As a CO I would be disappointed if someone didn't actually take the time to open the thing. whatever - I guess it just seems a bit pointless to me
  23. I hear you can put down a decoy cache nearby and count it as a find.
  24. The answer is liberal use of the ignore feature. I generally skim the logs before I head out to look for a cache. There a multi that is very near my parent's house that looked rather interesting until you read the logs. Someone placed it, someone else adopted it, the coordinates are wildly off (one stage is a monument that people found based on description and it nowhere near the coordinates), and now the final cache appears to be missing. It went on the ignore list.
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