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  1. Sure enough - it took a day, but it finally corrected itself. Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I'm currently carefully curating a streak, and I'm at 290+ days. However, I appear to have inadvertently logged a cache for the wrong day. No problem - I'll just change the date on the log! Oddly, although the date on the log changed, the date in my "recents" list did not, and my streak didn't come back. So I deleted the log entirely, and then entered a new "Found it" for the correct day. It now shows at the right place on my "recents" list, but my streak is still showing as broken on Monday, even though I'm now showing as having found a cache that day. Is this something that will just fix itself overnight, or do I need to politely ask a lackey to poke at it? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! As Viajero Perdido pointed out above - these little bugs can be the most maddening to chase down, and we appreciate the fix.
  4. Can confirm - still broken for me. W10/Chrome
  5. OK, this is a super janky workaround until they get this fixed, but you can compose your message in a text editor with line breaks and paste it in. I DO hope it gets fixed soon, though.
  6. I had a challenge cache where the reviewer told me he thought it was too difficult - I had to talk him into publishing it. It was found (by a qualifying finder) in under an hour.
  7. One possibility is a multistage cache where you don't actually have to physically attach a container to the artwork. I have one of those on Michigan State's campus, and it's gotten very favorable feedback. Now if only the puzzle at the end weren't so hard, it might even have more finds... One Art, Please!
  8. I just updated my GC to the latest firmware, and while I like the new update overall, there are some pet peeves that are slowing me down in the field. Specifically, it's COLD here, and they're slowing down how fast I can shove the thing back into a pocket! After I mark a cache "found", the unit now pops up a screen that says "You have just made your xxxth traditional cache find!" Which I have to dismiss. Then it asks "Do you want to search for the nearest unfound cache?" Which I ALSO have to dismiss. Is there any way to turn those two off, *especially* the reminder after every single cache of how many I've found? The old version used to just tell me on milestone caches, and that was MUCH preferred.
  9. IM Simonaspetra This one was 5,186 miles away, and had been out for over two years without a find. Probably because it's on a restricted peninsula that requires a special permit to visit, of which on 10 per day are issued to non-orthodox visitors like myself. Mount Athos, in Greece. I highly recommend a visit, and not for caching purposes. Oh, and you have to be male - no women have been allowed for over 1000 years.
  10. I've tried searching for this, but maybe there's an existing forum thread I've not found. I have a Magellan Explorist GC, and every time I click the "Send to GPS" button on a cache page, I get a little popup window that says: "ReferenceError: GetAvailableVersionForPC is not defined" I can dismiss the window, and then proceed to download the cache just fine, but it's getting really irritating to have to put up with this error. Even if I leave the download window open, each time I click a new cache, the error recurs. Is this a known issue? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on, and it didn't seem to fix anything.
  11. Heck, does anyone have a link to the thread?
  12. Or you just need the right tool... This is a cool one, but if you know where to look, you can finish it in under a minute. (Solving, that is. Driving the 1500 miles to do the find might take me a bit longer)
  13. Ooh, shiney! I like that one. The Cryptonomicon one is great. I can see where it would eat a great deal of time.
  14. I've made a start on that one, as I had the relevant item handy, but it's going to take a while, and I have to go wash the dishes. (Also, I don't expect to be in range to actually find the thing any time soon.)
  15. Thanks for the interesting links. Keep them coming! In case anyone's interested, here's mine: "Don't Touch It, It's Evil!"
  16. I'm fairly new to the forums. Is there already a bazillion-page thread for favorite puzzles like there is for favorite containers? I've tried searching, to no avail. I've been on enough online forums to suspect that it exists somewhere, and I'm just not finding it, which seems far more likely than someone wandering onto a board for the first time and coming up with a completely obvious idea for a thread which has nonetheless not yet appeared. I've already done some really fascinating puzzles in my local area (and written one fairly nasty one), and I'm curious about some good ones from other parts of the globe.
  17. Try this for a start: How Do I Solve All These $@! Puzzle Caches?
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