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  1. Thank you very much for this - I currently have that turned off. It is certainly worth turning it on to see how it affects performance. Thanks!
  2. Hi - thank you. I am not sure a picture would help, but perhaps a video will. I can try. Again, I am simply walking using the compass heading to a destination, and the compass moves pointer to the wrong direction and says there. Once I notice it has changed, I can walk another 50 feet with the compass orientated incorrectly. Once I recalibrate it, it snaps to the correct position. Perhaps more clear > When I navigate to something waypoint, cache, etc..... this behavior occurs in the geocaching and hiking activity/profile at a minimum, I have not checked others. Initially the compass is orientated correctly, after some indeterminate amount of time and movement, the compass losses N, or chooses a new N, i.e. simply becomes wrong. I can keep walking another 50 feet, on the same or different bearing, and the compass will be not "fix" itself. The only fix, is to recalibrate the unit. The fix is immediate. This has happened consistently since receiving the unit, and it will happen more than once in the same session, couple of times per hour. The behavior is repeatable, with different destinations within about a 5 mile radius of my home. I could dig up my analog compass and snap a photo of it and the 700 at the same time to prove I am not seeing ghosts... but even my kids have a good handle where N is :-) so it feels trivial to do so. I may try a reset and recalibration. I will spend the weekend with it trying different scenarios to see if the behavior change. I also plan on comparing the accuracy to my cell phone with a few references close to me.
  3. I will do this over the weekend and reply back. Good idea -thank you.
  4. The behavior occurs there and one the dedicated compass application. It has occurred in geocaching and hiking activity at a minimum.
  5. I just got back from a cache about 1.5 miles from just off a bike trail. Nice day for a walk here in WI. The compass acted up twice and needed to be recalibrated on they fly. Both times it would simply point the wrong direction somehow loosing north. I was holding it out in front of me both times when it occurred. It does snap to N immediately once calibrated. I guess I can reset the device again and start over. More troubling is the trend I am discovering with regard to accuracy. I realize I should expect about +/- 15 or so feet and I usually don't pay much attention to it within 30 feet. I have, however for testing, been checking the 750T accuracy against my older Android phone One Plus 5T. I am using the stock Geocaching app. About 75% of the time the phone is more precise. This surprises me to be honest. I have been testing both devices over my last 10 finds. I would simply find it again about 50 feet out. I am surprised my phone did a better job. This was among the main reasons I chose a dedicated GPSr in the first place. This was a misconception on my part - I made an incorrect assumption. This is, however, making me question my purchase of the 750T for caching. It still fulfills the need for the other activities. The compass thing is a problem. I love the GPSr unit for projected waypoints and sight-n-go. I am enjoying the journey learning about the device. Caching on..... Thank you all.
  6. After some checking it appears you cannot have a wallpaper background on a 7x0. I hope someone can prove me wrong.
  7. @Atlas Cached THANK YOU.... this is vey, very helpful for me. This makes things much clearer for me! Is there a way to change the background image/wallpaper? On the 600 it is on the Appearance screen. Does it exist on the 700? All the activities/profiles appear the same as I have it now. A picture would be a visual que for me. Ah.... this is very well thought out. Screen lock is probably a better use of the user hold than camera for me. Thank you again for your time and willingness to stick with this thread. Many thanks.
  8. I think the commentary on the batteries is interesting and worthwhile. As I mentioned in my thread - the battery decision was not the determining factor for my purchase. It was a consideration for sure, and I appreciate everyone's feedback. I get the sense the battery the discussion is a passionate topic around here. I think this deserves it own thread, and would appreciate everyone moving on from it here. Thank you.
  9. @robertlipe Thank you for your post and feedback. I have been using this on and off for the past week or so to get better acquainted. To be clear - my original unit's issues listed above have been solved in the replacement. Notably, the RF behavior is significantly more consistent. I am still working my way around the menus and activity/profile setup. Some of the global vs activity setup parameters are nonsensical to me. I have given up on the why part of this.... I find the number of setup/configuration permutations per activity/profile somewhat daunting to keep track of. It is logical to assume a user with a single activity/profile need will have a more seamless experience and less setup and daily use struggles. I suspect, however, more casual multi activity users who don't go through the pain of "mastering" the feature set by RTM'ing and spending copious amounts of time and effort online, will become overwhelmed and disenchanted with it. When you don't know what you don't know, I can see how people become frustrated and find it hard to get started. I think the ubiquitous cell phone sets an expectation of OS and app synergy that the Garmin touchscreen units may be unfairly judged by. Button units are intrinsically different and come with perceived pay to play persona. Sorry to digress..... I could still use some pointed, specific, prescribed feedback. This comes after reading here and the setup suggestions at GPSrChive > How To... > Profiles > Common Profile Settings. At this point I believe the "classic mode" will work better for me. It seems activity change should have been on each landing page by default. Here are some questions I still have - - Do many of you setup a consistent landing page per activity? - I am thinking of having Map, Where to, Activity change, Compass, and Trip Computer. Any feedback on this? - Is the 3 x 3 grid optimal? - What setup tweak did you make that you found most useful? I think getting some answers to these questions would be helpful to many. Again, I hope users of the 7x0 chime in with specific recommendations. Finding out how individual users have their units setup will ultimately help new users see what is possible and ramp up faster. This would be helpful to me. I am having one problem. I am having to calibrate the compass often. Sometimes 2 or 3 times per 1 hour or so of activity. This has happed every time we have used the unit regardless of activity or profile. We will be navigating to a waypoint and all of the sudden the compass will point in an errant direction and stay there. Sometimes after several minutes and continued movement it will get back on track, only to move off again. If we recalibrate the compass it immediately snaps to the correct heading. edit - I have used the compass page here GPSrChive - Oregon 7x0. This happens in the same geographic flat area - a large park outside our home. It occurs whether near or far to the waypoint. I understand it can get flakey right on top of a waypoint. Any thoughts. I very much appreciate everyone's help and am grateful for this "gold star" community.
  10. Indeed, as indicated above. It has been about a week with no reply. Thank you for your help. I did add the log note as you suggested.
  11. Well - I was hoping there was some kind of mechanism to keep this moving. We are new, and are not really sure how things work. I suppose things like this happen frequently. It's our first one, so we were excited to log it and watch it move along. I guess it will fall into the swag + category.
  12. Ok - I did not try, but I saw the filed for it. I can add that too the log. To be clear - There is simply nothing else that can be done with it? i.e. it cannot be tracked further. Seems a shame.
  13. Hi - there is no code. the other side is blank. I simply added that so it was easy to find - seemed important. I copied and pasted that from the page I linked above. Ok - I have not made a log note before. Is it possible this is not the one from Arizona and a random look alike? If it is that one, it is a shame that it's journey will end. Thanks for your help. edit - it looks like the "write note" (assuming that is what you meant by log note) requires the tracking code as well.
  14. Hi - thank you for the feedback. I simply googled Cherish 2240 and it took me right to the geocaching page. Give it a try - it is the first result. We were simply looking for more information - nothing nefarious. I got the reference number for the page. Hope it makes sense now :-) I though that was the travel bug.... and the attached was a code. I though that is what the page referenced. I agree it is odd. Since the owner and code are MIA it is simply defunct?
  15. So - I have been experimenting in classic mode. What is really confusing is that the "activity change" button is not available in all activates. For example I was in the hike activity and switched to "fish" I tried to find "activity change" in the drawer, but it was not there. Seems like every activity/profile should have a way get out of it or change easily... no? I realize I can add it or create a shortcut for it. Just somewhat confusing or there is a strategy there I don't get. Setup Best Practices? @Atlas Cached Thank you very much for all the links. I have been on that site a great deal and find it very helpful. It certainly shows the how, perhaps not so much the why. @kunarion Thank you for sharing some of you setup. It certainly helps me realizing what my options are, and more importantly how experienced users have their units setup. Do either of you have advice for potential best practices? I understand everyone will use there differently so one size does not fit all.... but there are certain things, in my opinion, that make sense daily use. I think and hope experienced users can share their journey to help others. I am not trying to cheat the process, but it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel as so to speak. I am hoping it will not take months to get up and running with the 750T in a competent fashion. I suspect may experienced users have gone to the classic mode and put an "activity change" button on the main "activitie/profile" main screen. I will probably use the Hike, Cycle Touring, and Geocaching features the most. Does it make sense to simply customize the main pages with a an "activity change" button? I suppose I could expand it and have a direct shortcut to each. I like the menu idea best. Are there any other setup best practices that you wish you would have done when just getting started? note: - my 2nd units behavior has been as expected and much better. The RF - Wi-Fi, BT, and ANT has been consistent. I even tempted fate and factory reset the unit - it worked as expected. All-in-all I am very pleased and looking to putting many miles on this! A sincere thank you to Atlas and kunarion. (my kids love your avatar!) Your input has been very helpful indeed! Thanks in advance to any/all help.
  16. We are newbies so please go easy on us. Sorry if we have violated some kind of rule by posting this. My kids and I found this recently by our home near Madison WI. Use TB3M4RB to reference this item. (TB3M4RB) Travel Bug Dog Tag - CHERISH 2240 antique tag (geocaching.com) We tried to log this but found that we need a secret tracking code that it does not have. We even went back to the cache to see if we missed it or it came off. It does have a red ribbon on it that appears to perhaps come untied from something. I checked the log of the cache and no there is no mention of this either. It does not look like this has been logged since 2012 if I am reading it correctly. It is really a mystery how it got from Arizona to here. The owner has not been active since 2017. We reached out to two people who logged it explained the situation and asked for advice. We did not receive a response. I was thinking perhaps we could put the code back on this and move it on it's way. Perhaps that is some kind of faux pas, and therefore they did not respond. Perhaps I need to post a picture of it with todays newspaper to show our bonafides. Here was the log post we had written up but could not use: >>>>>>>>>>> We found this and thought it was potentially some swag to swap. My son saw the numbers and suggested it maybe a trackable. He was right - this is our first trackable! We were excited to find this page learn more about it. It appears this was picked up in Arizona some time ago (2012) and brought to Wisconsin somehow. How could it possibly get here? My son was 1 at the time this was originally placed, neat prospective for a 10-year-old to think about. Maybe even somewhat philosophical :-) It was found in a small park dedicated as a war memorial to the fallen soldiers from Fitchburg WI. We read the signage at the statue and thought about the people’s names and what it means to us. We are truly grateful to all who serve and keep us safe. We appreciate your service. I assume this was pocketed a few times by people who did not realize it was a trackable. We are newbies, so not sure if this is typical. We will place it and forward it on its journey. Thank you to the original person who placed it and the kind person who placed it near us. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We are trying to do the right thing here. We are new and this is the 1st travel bug we have found, so we are learning. My kids feel like it is important to keep it moving. We also appreciate the original owners "Idea-ology" encouraging people to think philosophical thoughts. Any advice appreciated. We are willing to adopt this and move it forward / maintain the TB. Our intent is to "Cherish" the tag and keep it going. Thank you for any/all help.
  17. @Atlas Cached"Please see GPSrChive > Oregon 7x0 > FAQ > #1 before doing anything more." Yes did this straight away with this and the first unit. Although some steps did not apply. @kunarion Thank you for the profile clarification and info. I will play around with both modes - but I suspect I will lean toward the classic screen. Especially since I can customize my own. I can just create my own "hike" activity / profile, if I have that right. Good advice on the try both and see. I have yet to load my account info and even try that activity/profile. How did you setup your screen lock toggle shortcut, assuming you have one? Again - thank you for explain your preference on the classic / activity preference. Your experience is very valuable in helping me know what to look for. Some update with the new unit - the RF performance if defiantly different. After power cycling, and staying in the same profile, "hike" the Wi-Fi, BT, and ANT all hooked up almost immediately after power cycle. Everting happens much faster. The screen toggle shortcut has remained so far as well. I will keep working with it.
  18. @Atlas Cached So - I appreciate your 90% comment as I work in IT and one the other end of "why is the Wi-Fi is slow..." I just received the new unit and will report my findings. I am charging it before making and configurations or settings. However, I do not believe user error cannot explain how the double power press for screen lock disappeared after a reboot, more than once. Also - why erasing the unit... did not erase my apps and factory reset it. Why the ANT sensor works with my Venu, but not the Oregon.... To be clear - I did not create any profiles and used the device as default. I only tried to connect my ANT Tempe sensor, connect to WiFi, and setup a short cut to lock the screen.... and the erratic behavior began. I did not switch into the "classic" mode until after these problems had repeated themselves two or three times. Do those things sound like they are core to the device or tied to a profile? Just trying to understand. The double press power button is not a global option? Cay you clarify this? "it was not included by default for the profile you had selected" Again, I did not knowingly select any profiles. I do not see this page - "See GPSrChive > How To... > Profiles for additional 'Profile' configuration information." Is it not on the Oregon 7x0 page? When you mean "profile" do you mean workout or activity where you can customize the device? When I hear "profile" I think user profile that would have specific apps/activities. Are you always in some kind of profile? If so, I did not realize the main menu items (default pwr button press) would vary if you were in hike or bike "profile". I would fully expect it to take time to determine the nuances of what data fields on the various screens that work best for me. Garmin products have always allowed a level of "tweaking" that is really great. I will honesty report back on "if I am back in the same place". If I am in the same place, then it is not the device for me. My initial 3 issues - 1) shortcut disappearing, 2) intermittent ANT/Wi-Fi behavior, and failure to erase/reset seem like problems and not user error. Thank you for your feedback and help. You are a credit to the community.
  19. @Atlas Cached Thank you for the reply. I did not change profiles and only some test hikes. I would not think the screen lock feature disappearing from the power button double press in any event. The ANT Tempe device disappearing did not make sense either. That same sensor worked fine with with my Venu and has not dropped yet. The reset/erase leaving my apps installed was a head scratcher as well.... I spoke to GPS store technical support and we tried a few things. More weirdness was discovered, and he recommended I swap the unit. It will be here tomorrow and I will give it a go. TheGPSstore has been pretty helpful about the whole thing. Quick questions that I will move to another thread if necessary, about the trip computer app. Should It be there by default on the 750t? I discovered it from reading the gpschrive site. I had to manually add the application. It was frustrating when I kept reading about it, but could not find it - LOL. Lastly do most prefer the Activity Menu or Classic Menu? I actually like the idea of a hike activity that seems to be missing in the classic menu - but I understand you can create it. I suppose if you got used to the classic menu from the 600 you would/may prefer it. Thanks
  20. Hi, So I received my 750t yesterday. I really like it, and seems a good fit for my needs. I am however having some flakey issues with it. In no particular order.... NOTE - I charged the battery for 3 hours upon arrival before using it. I then updated the firmware to 5.90 before any configuration. - I created a shortcut for screen lock toggle and configured it as a double press on the power button. It worked for half a day, then I went for a test hike and it no longer worked. Upon inspection of the Configure Keys > Power Key > Double Tap showed none. It simply vanished. - I purchased a Garmin Tempe ANT sensor with the unit. I successfully added the new sensor and added a widget for it. It worked fine initially then disappeared and would not connect. I went to ANT Sensor > and discovered the Tempe Sensor was set to "off". Upon manually turning it on, 50% of the time it would connect, but the other 50% it would stay stuck on searching. I purchased a new Energizer 2032 and had the same behavior. The same behavior occurred after a few power on/off attempts. Sometimes it would connect and sometimes it would not. -WiFi issues - I connected this unit and registered it to my connect account and setup the WiFi. Similar behavior as the ANT Tempe Sensor. About 50% of the time it would not connect. I have only ever associated this with one SSID. After a reboot it stays on "searching" most of the time. - Garmin Express and Connect Android app - I loaded some apps and widgets on the device. When I try to manage them, sometimes the apps do not appear as though they are not installed. They are, however, on the device. This was repeatable behavior. - I did both a reset from the 1) settings menu > all setttings, and 2) master reset holding the user button with power press. This was the recommended course of action from the place of purchase. This was attempt to see if this would fix my issues. I have just done this, and am working through the above, but I was surprised to see my old items still there - like the apps, widgets and screen lock toggle shortcut I created. Shouldn't erase all settings.... .be erase all settings and set back to factory fresh? They offered to exchange the unit for me, but wanted to check in to see if there is something I should try before going down that path. This is not typical behavior for this device correct? Perhaps I have a bad unit, and will likely try another, but if this is typical I will exchange it for the 66sr. Thanks in advance for any/all advice and feedback.
  21. @Tahoe Skier5000 Do you have any recommendations for setup or must have accessories? To be clear - I understand the battery argument has two sides. Different strokes is ok. Thank you for helping me and letting me learn from your experience.
  22. @rgschmidt thank you for the feedback on the battery. It was a consideration for me, but not the deciding factor.
  23. @Atlas Cached @mty55 @Tahoe Skier5000 I pulled the trigger on the 750T! Thank you for everyone's feedback. I got it on sale for 299 which seems like a fair price. It will be here on Tuesday - we are excited. I purchased the temp sensor, backpack tether, and bike mount with it. Thank you Atlas Cached for the link - I will begin to pour over it now. I will certainly setup the buttons as you describe. Does anyone have any recommendations for other accessories? Any other setup best practices that you can recommend? - Screen Protector? - Rechargeable batteries? Again - thank you so much for your insight and pushing me over the ledge!
  24. @Tahoe Skier5000 Thank you for the reply!
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