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  1. A Right tanks you for all of you i think its ok now i just waiting for the approbation !!!
  2. I would like to put a new cache on the site and i have this message : Greetings from a volunteer reviewer, ***Unknown Home Location*** If you could please provide a minor update because it is unclear if you can maintain this cache after it is published. The best method to resolve this is to update your home coordinates at (visit link) this will also speed up future cache hides you submit, however a less effective way is to simply post a "Reviewer Note" (visit link) to state how far away you live. To help you make the decision please refer to the KnowledgeBase (visit link) *** YOUR NEXT STEP *** You need to do as outlined in the above note(s). If you need to provide more information to the reviewer please do so via "Post Reviewer Note" in the log your visit drop down menu. Once you are ready you will need to ENABLE this listing so that it can be reviewed again and to preserve our conversation. Any changes or notes will not be seen until this listing is enabled. You enable via the drop down menu on the log your visit page. If there is no change on this listing within a month it may be archived by a reviewer to prevent it from affecting future placements. For more info on communicating with reviewers please see (visit link) CacheViewer: Volunteer Reviewer (visit link) When emailing include cache name, or GC Code (GC?????) for quick reference. Listing Guidelines: (visit link) Knowledge Books: (visit link) WHY????? beacause i live to far of my cache ??
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