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  1. hi can someone recommend a good geocaching manager so i can download cache info onto my computer then upload to my gps. when i come home download the ones i find back onto my computer and log the finds back at geocacheing.com something easy maybe something that interfaces with the geocacheing.com accounts thanks
  2. i would not try to update your vista c with cx software it's not the same unit. and could harm your unit give garmin a call 1-800-800-1020 and see if they can help you
  3. im sure if you called garmin 1-800-800-1020 and tel them you lost yours they would send you one for free. try it. they have given me free stuff before thanks
  4. i own 2 blue legends and topo works good and so dose metroguide. but to me the legend is best with topo. and i would not put metroguide on it because you cant auto route with it. i have a 60cs and cx and that's great for auto routing id Waite till you upgraded good luck
  5. also i forgot to mention is map source BlueChart Americas v5 is unlocked for this unit
  6. hi i have for sale in new condition have original box and kept in protective case garmin gpsmap 76s for sale the unit futures electronic compass and barometric altimeter and displays uploaded maps the unit is in mint condition and comes in the box with manuals carry case computer cable. if your interested in this unit make me an offer. thank you
  7. hi i am looking for city select for my 60cs i need a unlock code i have the software all i need is the unlock code version 7 would be nice but 6 is okay. thanks
  8. i have a garmin etrex legend with box and carry case like new no scratches you interested i don't use it because i have the gpsmap 60cs thanks Jason
  9. is there any nice wooded type of hiking trails in Ottawa or very close to Ottawa ;-)
  10. why are you sell this nice unit
  11. why would we downgrade is there a problem with the new 3.70 thanks
  12. when it comes to saving someone's life I don't care about laws and besides it was not me who made the call :-) but thanks for coming to the rescue :-). it's about time :-) I have a Technician license and I was told by my best friend AB1AI that it was legal to transmit on any band as long as it's for life or death or save the life of property emergency's only thanks guys Ecolink node number 151670 or AB1AI-R and ask for me kb1igk or ab1ai 73's
  13. got mine yesterday to and it's good i wish it did have holes for the buttons also garmin could have done a better job with this case if i was there to show them how it should have been made but oh well maby someone will come up with one better then this. it will have to due for now
  14. just call garmin and they will give you a free copy if you bought a code from them just tell them your cd was lost but here is my code
  15. RoosterBoy

    Legend-c Vs 60c

    when using auto routing you don't want smaller screen and not enough memory for both topo and streets in your area my 60cs is a few days old and love it. I just wish it had more memory other then that it looks good also and fits in my hand nicely to me smaller is not better it's harder on eyes and I love the 8 feet accuracy of the 60cs antenna I have a etrex legend and I loose reception out in the woods I think the 60cs will be much better they eaven came out with a new case for the 60cs should be here this week good luck
  16. i talk to the guy at axentmicro he is a real nice guy and is shipping mine out today thanks
  17. I wonder how the Velcro at the bottom will hold up I just don't want to see the gps fall out of the bottom of the case thanks for the pictures I will order one
  18. i have ordered from http://www.gpsnow.com in the past and i just got my 60cs by fedx yesterday from them. i have never had a problem with them they ship same day everyday and everything was bran new in the box i give them a 10 out of 10 good luck
  19. if anyone gets a picture of the new garmin 60 case please post it thanks
  20. also what I do is go in my back yard or a clear field and mark a waypoint walk away from it and then go to it and see how close it get's you this will tell you if it gets you to within 10 feet of it good luck I just ordered mine it should be here tomorrow so I will be testing it good
  21. i have ordered any gps stuff i need from gpsnow.com a 4x4books company and never had any problems i ordered my street piliot 3 from them 2 years ago and a 76s last year with software and yesterday i ordered my 60cs and a 256mb card for my stree pilot i ordered at 4:30 and they shiped it out same day and sent my tracking number same day also iv always been happy with them so far thanks
  22. anyone will tell you if you want to test 2 gps units you have to test them side by side the same day and same time and same location. each day the gps depending on the weather and stuff it could change the way the gps performs so take the garmin and Magellan out on a date and sit them together and test then come back with the results thanks
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