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  1. Afew more today. 1 Landsharkz 2007 Gold/Green 1 Landsharkz 2007 Gold/Copper
  2. I guess we all have to stop kissing those new coins as they come in, from now on .............. We'll also have to wear those rubber gloves ................................
  3. Just got back from a trip in the bush. So I found a few mailers on my desk. 1 Appalachian Trail Maine LE Ant. Silver 2 Moun10Like 2 Medecine Hat - Albertasaurus 1 Australia 2006 Bronze
  4. Yesterday. 1 Arctic Nomad 2007 Today. 1 British Columbia 2007 1 Handcuffs Ant. Gold 1 Handcuffs Nickel 1 The Thrill of the Hunt Black/Nickel 1 Geocaching Police 2007 Garmin Armed Gold 1 Appalachian Trail Maine Ant. Brass 1 Forest Cache Frog Ant. Copper 1 THX4TC Jeep Orange 1 THX4TC Jeep Green
  5. Congrats to both rivercity and luckycharmer on your finds.
  6. Congrats to paulandstacey and to kealia.
  7. Nice pics, Mark. And Congrats to Crowesfeat30 on your find.
  8. Well, after a sting, I put some on and it really works. Once the pain is gone, sometimes I lick it off. It does enhance the flavor...
  9. That's a Thanks for the Cache coin. This is the Happy Thanksgiving coin.
  10. How about a whole bunch of everything listed here in two shots. Happy Thanksgiving coin Hungry Hobo Fall Get Together coin
  11. Way to Go, Tsun. Congratulations on your find and nice pics.
  12. Congrats to you also, Son of Cyclops. For those of you who get stung by wasps or bees, quickly apply moisture and rub in some monosodium glutamate (meat tenderizer) on the stings. The burning pain usually subsides in seconds. A little trick I learned and have used quite a few times. I always keep a bottle in my pack-sack.
  13. Wow! She brewed up a storm...Congrats to all the latest finders.
  14. Just want to chime in with the rest of the folks here and wish all three of you the best of luck. Things will probably get hectic for a while but that little bundle will give you guys something that will bring joy for the rest of your lives. Take good care of yourselves, that's the important thing. Our thoughts go with you.
  15. Do you know how to make an Italian wine ? .......................Step on his grapes............. Again, Happy Birthday.
  16. Happy Birthday, and many more. It's pouring rain here in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Hope your day is nice and sunny. Cheers.
  17. You just wanted to see who had a spidy sense ?
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