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  1. Another one of our guys wants 3 for himself, so I will take 6 instead of 3. Thanks.
  2. I have done it myself on a few occasions, after having read the TB note. And like BlueDeuce explained, you leave only a "note", not a "Find" on the cache. These TBs or Coins were then taken on good rides in their quest for travel. If it's not done in an abusive way, I don't see anything wrong with that. Big JohnP
  3. One thing I've noticed, if you put out a TB with a regular item attached to it, like keychain animals or ordinary low costs things, it seems to run longer than a hot little item. Out of the last 8-9 TBs I put out, I had two die-cast model cars, an old T-Bird and a 64 Mustang conv. Some nice folks out in NY State found the Mustang, it was later put out in a second cache in Vermont, and two days later, it disapeared without a log. I now have in my possession 4 die-cast Custom Motorcycles that I had intended to put out in other caches as TBs, but seeing what happened to the car, I changed my mind about sending them off. It's too bad, they were super nice. Big JohnP
  4. I would take 3 if trackable. Thanks.
  5. To Cav Scout, We were forgetting about you. Congratulations to you too, and you be careful out there. Our thoughts are with you guys. My sister's son, who is in the Canadian Military is also leaving soon for Afghanistan to disarm mines. Cheers. Big JohnP
  6. Hi! Just paypaled for 7, for three of us.
  7. Hi! AV Dezign may not have been finding too many new caches, but he sure as hell has been placing them. I know, I've been chasing them down . Lots of walking and bike riding. Has he ever mentionned he only uses public transport or a bike or his feet to go do his caching. And on top of that, he puts caches ready to go in quite a few of his own caches for the FTF or supplies a lot of them at cache events for new cachers. A real go getter. Cheers André. Keep em coming. Big JohnP
  8. Hi! I've been checking the post every once in a while, and I've noticed something. Althought it's interresting to get some info on how many caches there are in different provinces or how many caches per population density or how different areas rank with cachers, the important thing is that it should not convay the message that this is something of a race. Geocaching is a fun hobby and a healthy way of going out and communicate with nature. Look at all the new places we have come to visit that normally, we might have passed by. A lot of these places are actually close to our homes. We get to do a lot of hiking on foot or with our bikes, we get to meet new friends. It's O.K. to ask people to go out and add new caches, but not as a race with other provinces to see who has the most caches in Canada, but rather going out to find new places to visit so people can find these areas that we were so lucky have seen. I started geocaching early on this year in Quebec, the number of new cachers has gone up quite rapidly and the number of new caches has literally exploded everywhere in the province. I have been visiting new places everywhere. I have also been to Ontario, New-York and Vermont. And in the process, I have taken off over 50 lbs in weight. What more could I want? Keep those caches coming, no matter where they are, as long as I can go out to search for them and enjoy the great outdoors. Big JohnP
  9. If any come up for sale, I would take 2, or at least 1, Please.
  10. Hi! Put me down for 2 coins, please.
  11. Hi THRAK, Congratulations on winning the Dog Bone . Very sad story. I hope your son has found a new friend to replace Stinky. Now, go out and hug a dog. He will love you for it. Cheers. Big JohnP
  12. I'll take 2 silver and 2 bronze, please.Thanks Big JohnP
  13. Hi, I had an English Springer Spaniel named "Cash" for nearly two years before my daughter started develloping allergies and we had to get rid of the dog. I could not just get rid of the dog by taking it to the pound or something like that. So I took a few weeks to search for a better way. I found a lady who had lost her husband four month earlier to cancer. And it just so happened she had lost her dog also a month earlier. It was the same breed. Passed away at 15 years of age. So I went over to bring the dog to her. I left a 50lbs bag of dog food and all the toys and dog's personal belongings. The roughest part for me and the dog was when it was time for me to leave. I sat down on the porch and talked with "Cash" and it took me a while, with tears in my eyes, to finally let go. It was like leaving a part of my family. The lady saw what was happening and said that I could come back and visit anytime. I didn't want the dog to think she was only staying a few days, so I told her I would come back at a later time to see how things were going. It turns out that the dog finally adopted her and is giving back the love she is receiving. I go back to see them every once in a while. That lovable dog still goes nuts every time she sees me, but I can tell she will continue to have a wonderful life with her new owner. In the meantime, my wife and daughter still wanted a dog. So I went out and found two that do not cause allergies. A shiitzu/Laasa-apso mix and a miniature poodle. They are not my rough and tumble field dog, but they have become our two new kids and they have now taken a big place in the hearts of this family. People who have had dogs will understand the feelings that we get when our pets are happy and that they pay back what we do for them, with their unconditional love and affection. Big JohnP P.S. Looking at all the faces in the pictures on this post, you gotta love 'em.
  14. Hi there! Sign me up for 3, thank you.
  15. Hey! All I can say is you guys would not last very long with all the poison ivy we have in Quebec. Even being very careful , I caught the darn stuff twice this year . I would not even dream of trying to wear a kilt while geocaching, even thought my grandparents are Scots .
  16. Hi, if any of the orders fall through, I would like to get 3, if possible. Big JohnP
  17. Have you looked up U.S. Topo by Mapsource. Top Cop
  18. Rottweiler, I just joined up the other day, and when I did, they sent my activation code in my hotmail. There should be a number to activate your log in. Once you are activated, you can put in your name and password. Hope this can help. Top Cop
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