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  1. Came in earlier today. 1 Canadian Forces Geocachers #5 1 Canadian Forces Geocachers #6 1 Vancouver Island 2007 Event coin
  2. Try putting these at the top of the page in Geocoin Trading.
  3. Congrats Thorny... Hey there, young fella, I read too fast and had'nt noticed the last part. Happy Birthday.
  4. 1 Laptop 2 Ellandel Australia 3 Nickel Handcuffs
  5. 1 Laptop 2 Ellandel Australia 3 Blue Laptop
  6. 1 Laptop 2 Ellandel Snake 3 Australia 2006 Kangaroo
  7. 1 Laptop 2 GeoBug 3 Red Swiss Army Knife
  8. Only one coin today, but a nice one. Cacher Needs Maintenance Gold Hope I never have to use it.
  9. Last week, I found a Support our Troops Yellow Ribbon coin in a cache. This one has special meaning for me. My nephew is in Kandahar, Afghanistan with the troops.
  10. Congratulations to Team FIREBOY.
  11. Hey Chris! Congratulations on finding the coin. Now, will you slow down before you hurt yourself worse. Take some R&R... I think the coin you should be after is the Cacher Needs Maintenance.......
  12. Very nice, Glenn. Congrats on your trade.
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