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  1. These just came in today. 1 Hungry Hobo Event coin 1 Spring Fling 2007 Sponsor
  2. For some unknown reason, I seem to have missed this post. Gotta get me some new specks. Been reading up here and just want to congratulate all the finders. Beautiful coin. Can you imagine me, being half Irish and not be able to sniff out a pot of gold....
  3. Congrats Team chelmo. The little Fairy must have snuck on board a jetliner for this hop. It was a long ride.
  4. Wow! That's a nice set. The pics came out nice. Again, Congrats to you.
  5. I'm in also. I'll get things ready to go tomorrow.
  6. Hey! Looks like the little Fairy has started flying around again. One in Georgia and two in South Carolina. Congratulations on your find, Jen. Can hardly wait to see pics of the new one. The one that frivlas found must be one of last year's version. The Antique Gold? Congrats to you also. Like we always said, you have to believe...
  7. Yes BigJohn is a SUPER nice guy!! So are many others too!! Congrats to all the recent finders!! We have hidden all our bug spray, fly swatters, ant traps, etc. We are now a 'bug friendly' home. You guys stop that now....You're going to make me blush..... Hey Mark! Congratulations on getting bit.
  8. October will be full of mystery coins. Stupid Linus. There is no great pumpkin. I fell for that last year and won't again this year. Only to those who believe! Is this your way of asking me to sit in a dark lonely field with you all night waiting for the great Pumpkin to arrive? OOooooo! This is starting to sound like the Legend of Sleepy Hollow...............That headless horseman with the flaming pumpkin sure was creepy looking coming through the fog last Fall.
  9. Shhhhh... it's a secert Hey keewee, I can't keep a SECERT..... Just got mine ordered.
  10. A few more came in today. 2 Anthus Laptop Nickel 2 Anthus Laptop Black/Nickel
  11. Yep, it is kinda laid back, isn't it...... Congrats on getting bit.........
  12. What was the cache number? That would give us a bit of info.
  13. Like kealia says, maybe someone left an unactivated coin in the cache as a trade item, in which case, the coin is not activated. From the description, it could be the Caching the United States, One cache geocoin. If so, try http://www.oakcoins.com/activate
  14. Super day for me. 1 GeoWoodstock V 1 Atlanta Gal wooden nickel 1 Geocoin Bug Mystery coin 1 Signal the Frog April 2007
  15. YOOWWW! It's gotta be bug season. I also just got bit this morning when I opened my mail. There was this one mailer with my name in the centre and on the top left. I could'nt understand until I opened it and saw the coin inside. WOW. Even nicer than the pics. Nice clean looking coin. Thank you so much Geocoin Bug, whoever you are. This coin will be cherished.
  16. I'm only keeping one of each color. So I'll have one for you if you deicide it's what you'd like for one of our trades Thanks AG.
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