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  1. It must have been at the school dance.... the seventh person was always left dancing alone..... Congrats to the winner.
  2. Congratulations guys. The little pot-bellied porker seems to be enjoying herself also.
  3. Just came in today. 1 Geocoins Forum V. 2 Gold 1 Geocoins Forums V.2 Nickel 1 Around the World in 80 Caches Yellow 1 Around the World in 80 Caches Green
  4. Congrats on winning the coin.
  5. OK. If I find something, I'll get back to you.
  6. The coin is called Getting there geocoin. Have you tried geocoinclub.com ?
  7. Have you got a picture of the coin? Does it say trackable? Never mind. I found the pics of the coin. Just trying to find out where you can get the codes.
  8. Hope the little gal's feeling better today... And that cake sure looks good. Any leftovers?
  9. I do it the same way. When a new mystery coin comes out, I watch the account to see where they are dropped and also to see who finds them. It's fun to read the stories and see the pics.
  10. I had the Geocoin Fairy on my watchlist for a long time. I have the shortcut right on my desktop. Check it a few times every day. Yesterday, I was lucky, because our internet service konked out around suppertime and only came back on about an hour ago.
  11. Just got back home and finished logging my new geocoin. I had this one on my watchlist for quite a while now, and especially now with the new coin starting to travel. Today, I notice there has been a drop in a cache in Laval, Quebec. GCX0V0 A letterbox hybrid cache that I had found last year. I grab my stuff and head out the door. When I got to the cache, I parked my pick-em-up truck off the road near the ditch. Instead of using the bicycle path, I jumped the ditch. At the bottom of the container, I could see the coin. It turns out to be # 032. I left an unactivated Utah 2006 in trade for the next to find. Now I have both last year's and this year's version. . Thank you so much, little Fairy, whoever you are.
  12. Congrats to you paulandstacey.
  13. These just came in today. 1 Hungry Hobo Event coin 1 Spring Fling 2007 Sponsor Oups! Sorry, got the hiccups....
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