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  1. Congratulations GeekBoy and CinemaBoxers.
  2. Congratulations to both of you, Ryder3 & Better Half and ModelCitizen.
  3. Congrats to you jAY. Hey Dennis, why would you want to be UCKY ?..............
  4. That's a beautiful picture!! What they said.
  5. The first two coins I found in caches were an Oregon 2003 and a Canada coin. For the Oregon, it was in a woodlot near the Bell helicopter plant in Mirabel, Quebec. I had to fight my way waist deep in snow for 150 yards. I had forgotten my snowshoes. But hey, I was'nt going to let go of a coin in a cache.
  6. Today I got 1Geocash II Event Nickel geotag 1 Geocash II Sig item Thanks Pete.
  7. Congratulations PengoFamily. Reading the rest of the posts, I seem to have missed a few people. Hockeyhick and KarelKraak, congrats to both of you also....
  8. Congrats to LadyBee4T, Billy H. and Pepper.
  9. Well, I can let you see mine, but I'm not sure I'll let you hold it. I might not get it back... I'll show you mine if you show me yours... This is getting to be up close and personal........ Congrats to all the new finders.
  10. Congrats to you, 57chevy. Hope the sting did'nt hurt too bad.
  11. I would still do an overnighter on a mountain top for a Moun10Bike V.1 or v.2........Maybe some day, I'll get a chance.
  12. Congrats to you also D@nim@l. You guys are such a tease....
  13. But the sparkle in their eyes when they found it was priceless. Here they are after playing in the creek for a while. Hot and tired but they had the GOLD Must be a riot to see that bunch of kids coming down the trail to a cache... What do you use as a cachemobile? A school bus?......
  14. Last night, could'nt wait for the mail. Picked these up myself. A full set of Quebec 2007 Copper, Gold and Silver and from the hands of our Association President. 1 Avalanche 2007 Satin Gold XLE
  15. Congratulations to all the lucky finders. Tip of me hat to all of you.
  16. Looks like binary code of some sort.....
  17. Congratulations to you Crowesfeat30. Nice little bug, is'nt it?
  18. That's OK. We could have split the coin. You could have taken the lid and I take the bottom or vice-versa... Congrats to Vegas Gamblers and thanks to Anthus for the cointest.
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