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  1. I just found a new log for GCM5R6 in my inbox today. Read Timpat's May 21 log. It may fill your need.
  2. Oops. We seem to have had a "placard malfunction." Our apologies to anyone who was offended.
  3. Congrats, Rusty. Well done. Our crack photographer just happened to be on hand to record the happy day.
  4. We found our share of caches this winter. You gotta make the most of it. What's worse than Winter? Mud Season!
  5. Dirtfan115 has been told that no geocachers will be turned away from the campground. Extra space will be made available on the grounds. I presume this will mean these overflow tent spots will not have a picnic table or fireplace. See the event page for info.
  6. The New York Capital Region Geocachers (NYCRG) are pleased to announce their Fifth Annual Picnic. We hope you can attend. Please see the picnic page for info and periodic updates.
  7. My family had a red Rambler wagon. It was a late '50s model with electric push button select automatic transmission. We used to go camping in the Adirondacks with that lemon. My favorite memory is going to the ice cream store with the whole family jammed inside.
  8. You're right. Most sites are already gone. This morning is the time to book a site. Book early and often. Be advised that Fish Creek Ponds is a watercraft friendly location, so expect noise and wakes. Rollins Pond has a 20 HP motor limit and is the quieter, more friendly to non powered craft place to boat and camp. See you there!
  9. I'm glad everyone had a good time. Well, no one found North Point at the event, but Devbrain and Rockanrollrick found Aircrash 2 way up at Stoppel Point. It was Devbrain's 300th. Congrats!
  10. The campground says that campers who arrive after 9pm should check the reservation board for their name and pay in the morning. The weather is looking good.
  11. We are down to 21 sites left plus two walkup sites in loop 4. I finished visting all the new caches in the park, and had a great time taking in the many views.
  12. As of 9pm EST tonight, there are 49 sites left in the entire 219 site campground. Loop 1=2 Loop 2=7 loop 3=closed for construction Our loop 4=4 Loop 5=4 Loop 6=6 a few of us are here Loop 7=26 If you book a site, please let us know how many are coming with you.
  13. I would reccommend being hesitant on staying at any of these listed motels or hotels from the google search. Most of them aren't even the near the camp site and some require you to drive down the mountain road that has recently been washed away. I am a local and recently into the whole geocaching thing. I would reccommend staying at the Kaatskill Mountain Club or Liftside Condos if you want a nice place to stay and its just a short 8 - 10 minute drive away. Its great for couples or families because of all of the great amenities. The website is www.kaatskillmtnclub.com. Another bonus of staying there is they just launched a Geo Caching program right on Hunter Mountain and they are looking for any avid Geo Cacher to come and try it out and give some feedback. It is well worth it to at least check it out while you are in the area!! Certainly the first page of Google results in my earlier post are way closer to the campground than Hunter Mountain. Anything in or west of Haines Falls is not affected by the road closure, as that is the detour route. The road is closed immediately East of Haines Falls. Anything North, East, or South of Haines Falls will be further than Hunter. Compared to Hunter, these would be discount, low amenities motels, from my casual observations. Whether or not they will still be in business by the time the picnic rolls around is another matter.
  14. HERE is the NYS DOT detour info and status of the road closure. There are other shortcuts that may trim the trip for you. Peter0224 is keeping the event page updated with food, camping, and Google Earth links HERE. We hope you will be there.
  15. The heavy June rains have washed out NY Rt 23A in the Kaaterskill Clove, between Palenville and Haines Falls, the main route to the picnic. It is very likely to still be closed during the picnic. Detours are in place. From the South, take NY 28 West to NY 214 North, then NY 23A East to Haines Falls. A possible alternate for light vehicles not towing a trailer is steep Platte Clove Road (Greene Co. Rt 16) from West Saugerties. From the North, take NY 23 West to NY 296 South to NY 23A East to Haines Falls. There is still room for campers in loop 4.
  16. I saw a lot of damage along rt 28 in the Catskills this weekend. Same as last year.
  17. For the people who would rather not tent at the event, there are no cabins at North-South Lake. However, I googled "Motels in Tannersville, NY" and got THESE results. The closest results would be in "Haines Falls". Further away, but perhaps nicer accomodations may be in "Hunter, NY", as that is next to the ski resort. I have not stayed at any of the motels in the area, and cannot vouch for conditions or season at any of them. Driving by in the summer, some do appear to be seasonal. I would call ahead and ask. There are other places in Haines Falls that don't show up on line, for example, the Mountain Bike Inn. Good luck.
  18. That is the point of mounting on or above your head. Consider that under heavy tree cover you are getting poor coverage. Then stick your head in the way, and it is suddenly blocking 30-40% of the sky in addition to the tree cover. That makes it hard to keep a lock and a continuous track log.
  19. I have done this with good results. My external Titan III has 28dB gain. I have mounted it to a pole attached to my pack, or to my hat. I use a 4" diameter steel plate as a ground plane for improved performance. The antenna mounts to the plate with it's magnet. The key to getting a decent signal under the trees is to give the antenna it's best chance to see the sky. That means getting your body and head out of the way. Mount the antenna on or above your head. On your hat is better if you do any bushwhacking. Carefully evaluate the specifications of your GPSr and any candidate externals. Watch the voltage if you use NiMh batteries, lower current draw will help prolong battery life. Too much gain, as you mention could overload the input of your receiver.
  20. If there are several of us standing around with our GPSrs, we just say "We're waiting for the mother ship!"
  21. Just to sweeten the pot, I placed 4 new caches along the Escarpment Trail well ahead of the picnic. THERE
  22. National Forest and BLM campgrounds are inexpensive. Don't expect showers, though. National Parks are always nice to see, but you'll need reservations to camp, if you can get them. There were some nice state sites along the Big Sur coast. Remember, the National Forest Service motto is: "We want you to have fun."
  23. I'll post this on the NYCRG forum and see what we can come up with. Edit: DONE.
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