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  1. Did you ever get to try to find this one? If anyone else wants to try then send me an email. From the logs it looks like the landowner is happy for cachers to find it but it is your decision to go and look. Hi phantom_cyclist I would love to help you with the cache! Unfortunately the Living Art Wildlife park closed about a year ago. They didn't have enough funding to keep open so the animals got split up and given to new homes. I think it's just private property now. However, looking at the log I can see other people have managed to get in there recently and log the cache. I can have a go this weekend if you'd like? 2Princes
  2. Hi!, I have found the UK part of GCMYD6 Over the Pole (North to South) and so have the co-ordinates for the main cache location which is in Greerton, Tauranga, New Zealand. If you live nearby and fancy taking part in international caching then please contact me and I'll send the location and the cache can be claimed. This is an unusual type of cache and it would be fun to complete it. Let me know if you can help! If the GCMYWH Over The Pole, South to North (Bay of Plenty) becomes unarchived then I am happy to find its UK main cache in return. (Just in case there is a speedy reply, please note that I will be abroad until 10 December)
  3. I found a gap in the geocaching map which has a lovely abandoned road through it. Ideal I thought for a cache. Looking around I found a branched tree which would make an ideal hide. I noted its co-ordinates and submitted the cache for review. After some discussion with the reviewer about whether the tree was actually on public land I went out to place the actual cache. I picked up some leaves to give it additional cover and spotted, lying on the ground another cache! I opened it and found its identity. Returning home I found that this was a puzzle cache solution. I returned to the road and found another cache location and ensured that it was more than the minimum distance from the original site. I resubmitted the new location. Now the site is too close to the solutions of two different puzzle caches! Given that I can't solve any of these puzzle caches I have no idea where thier solutions are so am unable to move my cache to a safe distance. I have now archived the listing before it was even published. So a nice location for a conventional cache has been abandoned. I now have no idea how I set a new cache as unless I solve all the puzzle caches in the surrounding 2-3 miles - which, given the puzzles set in my area, is extremely unlikely
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I deleted the log and when reviewing the rest I found one in a series that I had logged twice rather than one of the others in the series.
  5. In my statiscs page it says that I have found 149 caches and 147 distinct caches. I thought this would menat that I hade found 147 different caches. I know that I logged one cache twice as I wanted to get a geocoin back in play but I wonder which other cache I have logged twice. I have logged more than one cache as DNF so it is not that. Is there a way of finding out (except for trawling through all my logs)? Thanks for any information.
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