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  1. Ok. thanks for the advice. Yes I’m aware it’s a verified email address. Same thing we’ve all been through. Cheers
  2. I’m loathe to change my geocaches to PMO as I’m keen for everybody to be able to play our game; ordinary member and premium; young and able, older and less abled, and disabled; I’d love to create a cache for the blind if I could pull it together, but that’s not the point. Its about apparently Verified members being the possible culprits.
  3. Hi guys, this is about something that concerns me sufficiently to cause me to seek assistance. How do I ask for investigation by GCHQ? I’ve asked my Reviewer who couldn’t help. The first instance has occurred to one of my geocaches, *Pining for Pandas*. A new geocacher joined 11 Nov 2019. The next day ‘they’ found *Pining for Pandas* logging the find with, “haha”. That was the last find of that cache, and the last log of that cache, and it’s missing, goneburger. My next concerns another of my geocachers *BOT Te Henui*... **Another** new member joined 28 Dec 2019, and the following day found my cache with the log of a smiley emoji only. That cache is also missing with no finds or DNFs since. **Both these new geocachers have not cached again!** To me this is not a coincidence. I suspect there may have been a third attempt - on another of my more difficult Trads, *Titanic Error*. Yet another new member signed up 3 Jan 2020. On 9th February they DNF’d *Titanic Error*. That’s their ONLY attempted geocache. I’ve checked and the cache is still there, so I guess their inexperience hindered them on that occasion. I’m concerned because these new geocachers all appear to be Verified with valid emails. The obvious question is, “perhaps they don’t know how to play the game, and are removing it instead of just logging it.” The corresponding answer is this was each their only geocache. Thanks for any help, Phronimos
  4. Please note my newly published event is a North Island, New Zealand event, but the only way I could save changes to the cache listing under the fancy new cache edit page was to change the location to somewhere in USA. So I’ve made my changes as an American cache, and now can’t change it back to NZ NI. Fortunately the cache title says the event is being held in Hawke’s Bay, although apparently that’s in AL USA. I posted an Announcement to remove doubt. Sorry I have nothing positive to say about your new cache edit process
  5. Personally I’m VERY disappointed with the whole new cache listing changes. I always create, then review the finished product, and finally Submit. But now I am not able to edit my newly created cache listing. Yes, I’ve checked the Conditions checkbox, clicked Save and Preview, and my changes are not reflected in the listing. I’ve submitted the cache. Then cancelled the submission, edited, saved and resubmitted - another three times. Now it’s in the Reviewer’s queue again and the listing does not reflect my changes. After 108 hides I am reticent to hide any more. This is SO FRUSTRATING! Also why does an event have to be a T1? I’ve held events with D1/T4 in the past - on the summit of a mountain!
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