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  1. EricJD


    Yes, I would also be interested in trading mine off. Anyone want to make an offer?
  2. Those look awesome... Are there any left?
  3. EricJD


    Just for kicks... Here's a shot of the back.
  4. Nice, the Suncatcher coin looks awesome with the lights shining through it!
  5. I got the OakCoins Holiday Coin today; my very first Geocoin
  6. What an awesome idea; I have never thought to put Geocoins on the Christmas tree... But mine isn't even up yet this year
  7. EricJD


    Mine just came in today... Thank you very much! It's awesome! Too bad it's not trackable Oh well, it was free; I can't complain. Well, I just bought a tripod for my camera... Might as well give it a spin with my new geocoin
  8. EricJD


    Thank you very much for the free coin!!
  9. Hehe, Darth Maul looks funny on there...
  10. Yeah, I was thinking of just doing something simple for the back, like the compass rose coin as you mentioned.
  11. Hmm, definitely an interesting idea... But what's up with the strange looking "Geocaching"?
  12. Tracking number goes on the back...I haven't done the back yet
  13. Here's my idea for a geocoin: (I haven't designed a back yet ) Not sure if it could even be made, due to copyright and stuff like that, and I don't even have money to put toward something like this. But I think it would be neat
  14. Wow, that skull is a very creative container! I've never seen one quite like that before.
  15. EricJD

    Rss Feed?

    Hi, Does Geocaching.com have any sort of RSS feed to watch the cache lists and see when new ones are posted without actually visiting the website? If not, I think it would be cool if you guys could implement one.
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