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  1. Prior to the past weekend I downloaded most of Southern Vancouver Island from Mapsend Canada onto my Sportrak Map. I do not have a Garmin to compare it to but I was quite impressed with the road data. It included many of the logging roads that traverse our terrain. They seemed right-on from what little use I put it to in the last few days. Label streets were great. Coastal features seemed accurate. Ponds and Lakes were fairly close. Rivers I'm not to sure on. Time will tell.

  2. We're all saddened (at least most of us) at the loss of Team KFWB Caches in our area but blaming, sulking and squabbling aren't going to get us anywhere. Unfortunately our importance in fixing the blame before fixing the problem is the way of Western Culture and it will just have to run its course. Let's put aside our differences. We are all friends just playing a GAME.


    We have learned but let's not dwell on the negatives of the past. Let's remember the joyful things, the people; Zuuk, for his giddy excitement in the chase, Daggette's laughter, CDMS/FWS/JRAV's consideration, Dagg's determination and free spirit, JJ's pleasant manners, hilarious logs...the list goes on!


    CHINS UP! and look to the future. No one died here. Team KFWB's original intentions were,"To take Geocaching to a new level". THEY DID! JOB DONE! They've moved on. Read through some of their once confusing cache names, it kind of all makes sense now.


    Look at the Team's legacy. We now have teams and individuals that are very capable of putting out these complex caches. LET'S DO IT! We can add our own little twists. There is lots of new ideas floating around.




    Thanks Team KFWB GPS, you should be proud of a job well done.

  3. I've seen the Sportrak Map available at a few retailers for $299 cdn. Gonefish'n on Vancouver Island for one sells them for that and will sell it with the Mapsend Canada CD for $399. The Sportrak is listed in the gpscentral web catalog for $294.95. They out of Alberta which means you can avoid P.S.T


    Try to support your local business's first. See if they'll match prices or at least come close.

  4. I recently aquired a New Sportrak Map from a Cache. (Watchers Point of View).


    I really like the 'feel' of the package and so far have been quite impressed with it's capabilities even under forest canopy or within my home. My previous GPS was a Mag 315 so I'm still stumbling over the new button config.


    If I was to go out and by a new GPS I think I'd go for the PRo for it's larger memory might come in useful. The meridians use of auxiliary memory cards is a good idea but I find the unit physically bulky. And no lanyard loop?


    My only complaint about the Sportrak Map would be in it's Base Map. In my region it only shows the very major hwy's and a rough coast. Basically useless! Unfortunately, according to the manual this can not be deleted to free up some memory for a better base map.

  5. Sorry Loonie, I ment to mention having seen this previously in your thread. I'd heard this idea a few times before off-line and thought it was a good idea worth repeating.


    How about putting the bogus coord's off-shore, but do it in a way so that when they are all plotted on a chart they make some sort of pattern which in itself could be a clue to a puzzle. Or how about just a connect the dots puzzle for my kids to do.


    As for cash and prizes being the reason for geocaching. Certainly not on it's own. Yellowcodes list definately covers many of my other motivations but the cash and prises sure act as a kick in the pants to get out that door in a hurry.


    Case in point:


    "LOOK ALIVE GEOCACHE" had 7 visits within hours of being posted. On a work day! (And Plantman wasn't one of them?)


    "Metchosin Pit Stop" posted on the same day had none.


    The main thing that distinguishes this activity from any other, is the use of these little thingys called the GPS receiver. If I can park at one spot be it at McCauley Pt., Saxe Pt., Mount Doug or San Juan Ridge and visit several unique caches, placed by different individuals, ALL THE BETTER.

  6. In regards to caches with bogus coordinates. ie. "to tell you the cache is located somewhere on Vancouver Island."


    It would make it a lot easier for myself and others to navigate around the cache pages, using "nearest caches" etc. if these particular caches were given an offshore set of coordinates. Where one could go looking for them (not physically) when desired. Perhaps a whole new catagory could be developed for these puzzle-project type caches.


    As for caches being close to others. I like the idea of parking in one place and having a few caches to find.

  7. As I near my first full year of caching I thought I'd take a look back. A year ago there was only a hand full of caches. It's amazing how this activity has exploded over the last year. Some of the original names have changed or disappeared. I still haven't gotten to a few.


    This time last year:


    - White Collection

    - Waterfalls of Rain

    - Teddy Bears Picnic

    - Peaceful Waters

    - Lone Tree

    - John Dean

    - Horth-

    - Christmas in July

    - Building 42s


    and of course Plantmans established run of caches running up the west coast from East Sooke Park to Just South of Port Renfrew.


    Hope I haven't missed any.


    I can still remember the excitement of finding my first two caches on 'a little side trip' I took last Christmas day while supposedly delivering parcels among family and friends. (Building42 and Lonetree). I still remember the little impatient,"Where the heck have you been", look I received on my arrival home.


    And so it began.

  8. My friends and family that live near the remote destination type area's of Vancouver Island and BC coast get a chuckle out of some of the urbanites that visit. Bears have been know to come out and meet kayakers as they come ashore.


    It seems the bears have associated the smell of Gortex(?) and the tinkle of 'bear bells' with a free meal. Some have even aquired a taste for pepper spray.


    If you encounter a bear, cougar or wolf, please stay cool and access the situation. 99.9% of the time you are in no danger. Even if the encounter is close. Instead of freaking out, enjoy what may be a rare encounter.(especially wolf and cougar)


    The critters you have to worry about are the ones you don't see first. If they REALLY want you, your toast!

  9. Hey Mariner,


    Thanks for killing my little fantasy icon_wink.gif Turns out Elly May was born the same year as my mom.(1939)YIKEE'S. I understand that she's a Gospel Singer, residing back in Bug Tussle (Ozarks). Probably still raising her critters. Perhaps Granny's nack for creat'n potions and curin ailments and Elly's Wrasslin' with Jethro kept her in shape. Bet she could still come up with some purdy innerestin' cache locals.


    The Lanyard thing, I put that to the test in another forum. I loose! icon_wink.gif With my recent performance I should have a lanyard on everything. I think Cachewidow would like to put me on a realy short one.

  10. Betcha that lost GPS is lost somewhere in that cache cruiser. My inlaws lost one of there 8! kids in a similar car for several hours. And not on purpose. (I think)


    I would carry my GPS on a lanyard around my neck if it was long enough (or my head smaller). And then tuck it into my coat along with my compass bino's


    Carrying a pistol on a lanyard might be part of the uniform but would be suicide in a firefight. But that friendly debate is best left on other forum's.

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