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  1. Just make sure that there's no chance of some unlucky logger or mill worker getting hurt by a nail breaking a chain or blade. Use very light nails or ones made of a softer material. ie. copper, aluminum, brass. Putting spikes in tree's is a major no no and is an act of eco-terrorism. Get caught doing that by a forestry worker and you'd be lucky to get out of the woods to face the authorities.

  2. It's pretty sad when grown men intimently know the house wears sections of department stores. icon_wink.gif I find myself detouring through the Rubber Maid aisle on the way to sporting goods. frog.gif

  3. There's no prize in the end for the one with the most caches so really, WHO CARES! Just have fun and enjoy the activity, playing it anyway you like it. In fact, if you think about it, having hundreds of finds may suggest something about ones life, (or lack of),(or neglect of) that may not be something to be proud of. Myself included.


    Most TEAM members have their own individual accounts but unless the member was there, I don't think a TEAM find should be logged as an individual find.


    Is it just me or does this thread make for hard reading?


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  4. Well somebody had to do it. At lunch I went out and braved the bright sun light and warm temperatures and drove over to Beacon Drive in and YES, there ice cream machine is in flawless operation. I then felt obligated to take a quick stroll out on Ogden Pt., being forced to breath in the fresh sea air. Life's real tough here in Victoria.


    Is there a cacher around here who hasn't considered putting a cache on Ogden Point?


    PS. Is somebody's Birthday coming up? icon_wink.gif

  5. Being that your from Oregon you've probably already been awed by big trees and wild coastlines. We definitely have our share of that but it sounds like your into a more leisurely cruise rather than some serious trekking.

    One thing most visitors or guests end up doing is taking a scenic tour along Greater Victoria's waterfront. It's one way we as hosts show off our town. Usually starting near the downtown inner harbour and working counter clockwise along the shore utilizing Dallas Road and others and eventually ending up in the Mt Douglas Park, Cordova Bay areas.

    There are dozens of lookouts and beach accesses along the way, most of which sport at least one cache. An occasional jaunt inland to high ground along this route would also be a nice idea.ie.Witches Hat geocache, Smiles on Mt. Tolmie and the Mt. Douglas ones.

    Just download a whole bunch in our general area and pick them off as they come into your screen. Renting Mopeds would be a fun Idea if that's running by then.


    Have fun!

  6. Besides Geocaching we've found several good uses for our BFL.


    Cooking, Tanning.


    Drying the childrens hair.


    Checking under beds for monsters.


    Blinding Raccoons.


    Searching under our trailer for Grampa's jug of medicine.


    Signalling the orbiting mother ship.


    Illuminating neighbour's daughters 3 am arrival home.


    Spotting submerged Iraqi submarines. (they're out there man!)


    Illuminating neighbours wife's 5 am arrival home.


    Checking the outhouse for monsters.


    Waking up Cachewidow before 8 am. (actually that requires two BFLs and blast of Led Zepplin IV)


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  7. I will make an extra effort to pick up trash on that day but I will not EVER AGAIN pick up one of those small, tied off white baggies that are tossed into the bushes by certain dog owners. Yick! I'd rather step in it than wear it.

  8. Them BFLs become dead weight pretty quickly. Best leave it in the truck where it might be of some use and not annoy anyone.


    So is the idea of the trash thing to target a particular park in mass or is it a day we make extra effort to pick-up where ever we might be.

  9. I wouldn't leave fish hooks loose in a cache container but if they were in packaging or in a case that should be safe enough. Wouldn't be much of a fishing cache without hooks, besides I haven't heard of anyone gaffing themselves in the sporting goods section of Walmart lately.


    On the otherhand, some convict might turn one of those multi-pronged pike lures into a nasty weapon and hi-jack a school bus, but then thats my grade eight mentality working again. icon_wink.gif

  10. How can one be charged for a felony if they "accidently or unknowingly" did something. In most FREE countries doesn't intent have to be proven.


    The inmate angle, at least in my neck of the woods is extremely remote. The onus should be on the cacher as to what he puts in the cache. A small pocket knife (for example) would be appropriate for a wilderness cache but may be not for an urban one.


    What if friendly alien visitors find a cache with a knife, lighter, magnifying glass, piece of string and a rotten can of sardines. Are they going to consider us hostile and incinerate us.


    Yes! That is silly! icon_rolleyes.gif

  11. Banning Knives eh! Maybe we should ban rope and shoe laces, we wouldn't want someone to hang themselves. How many people have been killed with a plastic bag and an elastic band? Better ban them too!


    Kids aren't stupid. Mine are even allowed to use . . . scissors. eek!

  12. Goldstream is about the nearest camping spot to Victoria. It has two huge open group areas plus a very nicely laid out typical type with single sights and smaller group sights. It is very popular but reservations can be made. It's not free.


    Don't know how to do that webby link thing but I did a quick search using BC Parks Goldstream and made a direct hit.


    As for our multitude of caches. After doing an initial easy counter clockwise sweep of the Victoria area shore and then cleaning up on that BIG BLOTCH in the Gordon Head area you may start to find yourself getting bogged down by forests and hills. It would be an interesting wager to see how many could be gotten.

  13. I'm one of the suckers, got excited about the possibilty of being first to one, before the usual compulsive types. The prison guards only shot at me a couple of times but missed. Think they'd be better shots after picking off those college folk that travel through there. Not sure what the actual status of Mary Hill is. Public trespassing used to be tolerated. Especially young female joggers.

  14. I plugged mine into the dash lighter and was suddenly struck by a bright blue light. I found myself travelling through an intergallactic worm hole at the speed of light. When I stopped I found myself paralized laying on what appeared to be a surgical table. Some bug eye'd humanoids with KFWB enscribed on there uniforms stood above me looking at each other with confusion. They shrugged their shoulders and woosh! I was back in my car apparently unharmed, except for my left ear being the bigger one now. Hey who lifted my 20 bucks. icon_eek.gif

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