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  1. Looks like cachewidow's already accepted the invite on my behalf. Thanks! How come I'm always the last to find out about these things. Wonder where I'm booked this weekend? Where? Huh? icon_confused.gif


    Cachewidow's got a B-Day coming up and (for the record) she ain't no 36. Can't remember on what day exactly. Maybe she'll get a slightly used magellan for a gift. Wouldn't that compliment the new etrex santa's bringing me? icon_biggrin.gif

  2. Garmin's must come with longer lanyards than Magellans cause no matter how hard I try and try, I can not get this blasted thing around my neck. Could it be that I have a big head. Now my ears hurt. I can barely get this thing around my wrist never mind any other appendage.

  3. Magellan 315's are a very good basic unit, the 320's the same unit with some nautical features. No maps or noth'n. Plantmans got the 320 I think. I've got a tired scratched up 315. I'd pass on the 310, you'd get less frustration out of the FREE GPS at 'Wye Frogs'. You can play with my toy if you want....GPS that is. icon_wink.gif

  4. What's the point of having any toy and not using it. Your's got used a lot. Things break and go missing, especially when your distracted by having fun. Everyones got there stories to tell. ie, broken vehicles, tires, lost blood and tears etc.


    I really hope you recover from this set back and get back into the Game.


    PS. anyone find a Silva Ranger Compass near witches hat.

  5. My usual technique is to make sure my GOTO is going as directly as possible to the cache as I get within about 60m's. Doing this I am able to look ahead (shoot a bearing) on where the cache should be. I find the directional arrow gets confusing when I get too near the coord's.


    Often when my 30m proximity alarm goes off the cache is actually closer do to lag time. Within 20 meters of a cache my GOTO directional arrow often does a confusing flip-flop. If my GPS say '0' m's and I can't find the cache I will back off to a place with good satellite reception, let the unit average for a while to give a good bearing/distance and then go in with a compass.


    I always like to make sure that I'm at least on the given coord's according to my GPS before starting to dig or giving up.


    Using the clue, if all else fails usually requires a second trip.

  6. Didn't know locationless caches counted in the "Big Score". There definately a different game as are virtuals, but a lot more fun than reading signs. Both have there place.


    How can you tell who just got a new digital camera? I'm still having fun.


    Hope to see more different folks out there this weekend on the front. Perhaps I should make more effort to join up with others.

  7. I'm looking forward to the new demension winter will bring to caching.


    In my local, on the mountainous coast we rarely get snow down along the shore, lots of rain though. A little higher up we get tons of snow. Perhaps some snowshoes are in order.

  8. From what I've seen, many of there caches are in places of development (for lack of a better word). ie. along new roads, edges of forestry cutblocks (past,present and future), near new subdivisions or near benchmarks. This would suggest to me that they are surveyors. They are obviously having a lot of fun doing it and I say all the power to them.


    The other day, near "Steel Beach", I saw a guy with a yellow "Trimble" on a pole next to a unmarked white van. Hmmm...?

  9. Recently I felt the same frustration about KFWB GPS caches as Mariners does,but after a friend said "If you don't think the game is fair, don't play" I did some pondering. So, over a weekend while traipsing down some wet, lonely logging

    road I surrendered to the conclusion that, no, I can not compete with those who have the technology, the knowhow and the time, or those living in more flexible situations. Heck, I don't even own a computer. I also realize that some of these caches are far beyond my capabilities and I may never visit them. But that's OK. I'm not going to give up without trying.


    To my delight, after doing a little wrestling with my brain, I discovered I could figure some of them out. It was a lot of hard work but I could do it! I can't express the great thrill when all that work comes together and the cache is discovered. Firing a few sparks into my stagnant grey matter didn’t hurt that much after all. These caches are still out there, perhaps without the icing but still exceptionally satisfying to find.


    This type of caching has rekindled my interest in an activity which for myself ,(with exceptions) has become, routine. With Mariners above noted no. of finds he must surely appreciate this.


    Yes, this has been a very big, uncomfortable step for some of us, but a step forward for geocaching.


    "Old" Geocaching is still alive and well. Some of us were content to race about to boost our numbers (myself included), or do some pretty desperate things to see our names go up on the ratings. Others are happy to spend hours, days or weeks to figure out one cache.


    Pick your flavour. Vanilla, if you prefer, was never taken off the menu.


    Quitting is not the same as retiring.

  10. I have to admitt, I had part in taking the whole thing (most of the cash anyways) in one of the smaller caches and I payed for it in guilt. Sorry.


    The money will be redirected into caching and some has already been donated to a childrens charity.


    As for the future, 'IF' I ever find another I'll take half/leave half.


    I am enjoying (and struggling) with the math involved. Sure wish I'd payed better attention to my high school Trig. teacher. I guess, like most young men I was pre-occupied by other things. ie. Tight Jeans and gaping blouses.

  11. I really like my Sony P51. Its got all the basic desirable options. Seems most camera's with same options are all priced competetively. Next jump up in price is for macro which is over a hundred bucks. With high res. on the p51 you can crop in for close ups anyway. The Sonys are a nice flat package as compared to a box. Can't give you a long term opinion, haven't had it long enough.

  12. Here's a twist.


    I often hunt while geocaching in remote areas when legal to do so. I make a reasonable attempt to pick up bits of trash I come accross. The funny thing is, in some recent occasions, is that the place I picked up most of garbage was around Geocaches.


    It's a people problem. Where ever you get a concentration of people your going to get more trash. It's mathmatical. Whether it be opening day of deer season or a outdoor rock concert.


    Still, as a hunter I get frustrated with slobs and would of liked to of thought hunters as being more environmentally conscience.

  13. In second thought after re-reviewing the grandparents message and noticing the angry face icon. I assume they are being nasty.


    What's the big deal about nuclear power? It's a lot cleaner and safer than the realistic alternatives.


    I think I better go put my flame proof suit on.

  14. I am a Canadian from Victoria. I think most folks around here were thrilled by the visits of those U.S. carriers. Our Navys work closely together so therefore we treat those U.S. sailors as if our own.

    We look forward to the returns of the USS Nimitz, Abraham Lincoln, Stenous and others.(Forgive me if I mispelled any)


    When checking out those ominous vessels parked off our waterfront, I found myself waiting for them to do something. Toot the horn,launch a jet or a missile (I'll help pick a target). A show sort of speak. Not something hostile. Those mighty warships that are capable of so many amazing things are really kinda of boring to look at. Perhaps thats what the Grandparents ment.


    One note on those Gun's of Mccaulley, They pre-date WWI and were actually placed to defend our coast from Russian Invasion.

  15. If every Geocacher in Canada placed five caches in the next week as suggested, we'd probably end up with a country full of cheap, crappy, unthoughtout caches. That's no way to become first in my opinion. Quality over quantity please.

  16. Are we on page 8 yet!


    I'd like to thank the unknown couple (cachers or not) for patching up my daughter wound after she fell on some broken beer bottles while out caching. I have to admitt I was more in shock than she was.

    This couple had a well supplied first aid kit which even included a dolly. They never even flinched when they got blood on themselves which is unusual considering the times we are in.


    THANKS for showing me that there are some good people out there.


    ps. The glass was no where near the cache.



    Oh yeh! Thanks for this great website.

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