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  1. Caches left out in the open is a problem here in South Carolina too. I have had several post in the last few months where a log entry stated that one of my caches was found just sitting out in the open. I believe Team Rampant Lion's theory about cachers trying to fill some number quota of caches in a day and in their haste to move on not rehiding the cache back properly is right on the money. If finding a huge number of caches in a day is what a cacher likes to do, then that is great. However, please be responsible enough to rehide the cache back as it was found. It couldn't possibly delay anyone that much to rehide a cache. TRL is also correct in stating that finding a good location, getting permission, purchasing a container, putting contents in a container, spending time creating the web page for the cache and going out and actually placing the cache all take time and a little money. So please be courteous to all the members who take the time to give you something to hunt and leave a cache like you found it, that is unless you find it out in the open.
  2. An IDIOT with a computer who unfortunately found the Geocaching Web Site is not limited to your fine area. Here in South Carolina for half the year of 2002 and most of 2003 we were plagued with a misguided individual who called himself "The Pigman" who went on a spree of theft and destruction of caches. He first started by stealing Travel Bugs and leaving a "ransom" note saying he had done so. I have 3 TB Depot type caches and from them alone he stole 14 TB's. He also took countless other TB's from caches in the area and none of these were ever returned. Apparently he became bored with this activity and decided it would be more to his liking to defecate and/or urinate in caches and then leave a note saying he couldn't find any other facilities close by. After many caches fell victim to this sickness he started just stealing the entire contents from caches and leaving his ransom notes. Feeling the need to do even more he finally started taking caches, container and all and leaving a note in a ziplock where the cache use to be saying he had removed the cache for relocation, and of coarse none were ever found. The authorities at Geocaching.com terminated his account and traced his terminal to a college library in North Carolina. They said that was the limit of what they were able to do because the computer he was operating from was public access. Fortunately we haven't heard from him for quite a while now and hopefully we never will again. I hope your problem goes away soon. It only takes one idiot to ruin the fun for so many others.
  3. I was wondering if becoming a Premium Member would change my "Member Since" status? I would like to become a Premium Member and support geocaching, but do not want it change my Member Since December 2001 notation in my profile to a new later date.
  4. Yes, it was an actual travel bug complete with tag and traveller. On it's TB page it is showing not released yet by the owner. Owner says administration will not activate it because it is an old tag. Doesn't reallty add up in my opinion.
  5. I love to seek out caches with Travel Bugs in them. At the time of this post I have found 59 of them, but have only been credited with finding 58. I believe the TB not being credited is one titled Generic Bug. I thought maybe if the owner gave it name it would be credited. I emailed him and talked with him about this, but he said he was not able to name the bug because it was an old bug. Does anyone have any insight on this problem or know why it is not being credited?
  6. We dont seem to have too much trouble with False Logs in South Carolina, but if you are concerned about it turn the tag around before making the Traveler Photo.
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