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  1. Agree entirely - my newsletter includes caches close to me, but the listed events are generally 100 miles away. Occasionally a local one, but only rarely. I wrote to Groundspeak about a year ago, and they replied that they knew about the problem and were working on it. But no change. I am hosting my first event next week, and crossing my fingers that it may be one of the lucky ones that makes the list sent to the local folks! Pocahontas FW
  2. I requested 4 PQs this morning, and according to the right-hand column of the list of queries, they all ran promptly, but only one showed up in my e-mail. It is now many hours later. All are less than 500 caches. The one that DID show up is only 46 caches. Is there any reason the larger ones should take longer between the running and the e-mailing? Also,for future reference, if one does go over 500 caches, where do I go to download it? Thank you for advice!
  3. (Just found this post when googling "geocaching cruising.") We are sailing out of San Juan a week later and have found several cachers on the roll call at Cruise Critic. Go to cruisecritic.com, set up a login, and then find the roll call for your sailing: Search something like "Golden Princess roll call" and then look for your specific date. Once there, there's an option to "Search this thread," and if you put in "geocach" you may find that some have already identified themselves as cachers. If not, just chime in with the question. (In three cruises, this is the first time any other cachers have turned up on the roll call, but this time I found three other couples plus several who are interested in meeting us to learn about it. We'll be meeting onboard the day we board.) Good luck!
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