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  1. Do you really mean a GPSMap 60 or a 60C, Cx, CSx? If you really do mean a plain 60, go for the Legend HCx for sure. Oops, 60CSx is what I meant. Sorry for that!
  2. I am considering buying a new Garmin etrex Legend HCx or a Garmin gpsmap 60. Can someone who has used both, give their input as to which would be better. I will be using it mostly for geocaching and hiking. Thanks, Troy
  3. I haven't been caching for very long, but the best one I have seen yet was an old telephone box (the kind you see on the side of the road) that was placed near a road right of way, with a cache inside. My wife sat down on it after we had been looking for the cache for some time! It looked as though it was supposed to be there!
  4. If it has a usb socket, you can probably use this? ---> http://www8.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=591 And if you have a mini-usb cable lying around, it'll probably fit. My camera cable does. I'm not responsible if these ideas break everything. I'd enjoy hearing about it, though. This is the original Legend and it doesn't have a usb port. I appreciate your help though!
  5. The cable is definitely worth it! Punching in coordinates by hand using the thumb stick will get old, and quick. The good news is you don't need to go through Garmin to buy the cable as they are going to charge top dollar for it. Ebay has all sorts of knock off cables for cheap. Here is one for you: Etrex Legend Cable - $10.98 On the software side, all you will need is either EasyGPS or GSAK to transfer caches to the unit. Both are free and EasyGPS is easy to use. I believe another free program, GPSBabel also allows you to transfer custom waypoints to the unit. Another reason why you want a cable is to download and install the latest firmware for your etrex (it is free as well). PS. serial-usb converter - $1.26. All together you're looking at less than $20. It is still worth it in my opinion. I thank you so much! You have answered all my questions!
  6. I have a Garmin etrex Legend that a friend gave me. All he had was the unit itself, no cables or anything. My question is this, is it worth my trouble to buy a cable and serial to usb adapter for this thing. I want to be able to send cache info to my gps, but I am unsure as to how hard it will be to install drivers and such to my Win 7 pc since this unit is so old. Any and all advice is much appreciated!! Thanks, Troy
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