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  1. I'm Brian and I live in Illinois. I have been caching since 2010. Just started using the forum.
  2. I completed a 10 stage Lab cache a few months ago. It is in central Illinois and went from north of Bloomington to Springfield with several stops in between. This was over 80 miles. I have not seen a Multi cache that spread out. Based on the different locations that it took me to and the history or scenic area I was brought to they could have each been a virtual. So I looked at this series of Lab caches worth the 10 lab credits. Yesterday I stumbled upon the Project-GC lab cache series that took you through their website to find code words. This series took you to information pages about the website. I have been debating on removing those logs. I did not have to travel, I learned some about their website, however there was not a physical location to go to and see or learn about. When I got up this morning I saw on a geocaching Facebook group about another web based lab cache. I have more concern over the web based lab caches then I do getting a credit for each physical one.
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