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  1. All the ones I have seen have been next to the bridge or like in the middle of nowhere, I have only done a few but I just thought it was strange that it was actually in the bridge and not next to it.
  2. I don't have DDM corrds as I did not think to take them. I went on google and took those cords where the bridge was. 37.819963, -83.574948
  3. So, I found this bench mark in a really strange spot and took a picture of it, thinking nothing of it. Well a few weeks later I try to log it and could not, I tried to find it on Waymarking and could not find it, So I asked the Facebook Group for some help and someone said it was in Washington DC but I am like now I found it in Frenchburg Kentucky according to my Apple Photos pinging my location, well they could not find it as well and then I found a really weird article online and when they read it, they said it looked odd, I am not great at Benchmarks or Waymarks, Just started to get into them but its bizzare location and all this made want to post one here and see what you guys think. Here is the PDF I found they said looked odd LINK . It also its a Highway design map? Anyways I guess I cant log it or anything but its cool none the less. I also uploaded a Picture of it.
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