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  1. Rant On: One of the things that irritates me is someone finding a FTF and then waiting several days to post their find. On more than one occasion I have been second to find and can understand the logs not being updated for an hour or so, but for the find not to posted as found in a timely manner even days later and in one case over 2 weeks before the finder posted his FTF log is inconsiderate of other cachers. Ok Rant OFF.
  2. That cache page is written very well! Maybe that is the format more people should use when setting up a TB Hotel. Ok here is my stupid question. What is a travel bug Hotel? A travel bug hotel is simply a cache that is used as a point to drop off/pick up travel bugs to help keep them moving. Usually placed in a well traveled location so that the TBs move through quickly. You can go online and see what TBs are supposed to be in the cache and check out their missions. If one says it's mission is to go to mountain caches, and you happen to be going skiing the next weekend, it would be one you could pick up and take to the mountains and drop in a cache there, helping it along on its travels.
  3. U.S Army June 1977 - Aug 1981 24L Improved Hawk Launcher Mechanical/Electrical Systems Repairman Stationed in: Redstone Arsenal, AL Homestead AFB, FL Camp Humphreys, Korea Ft Riley, KS Aug 1981 - Jan 1986 25L AN/TSQ-73 (Missile Minder) Operator/Repairman Stationed in: Ft. Bliss, TX Ft. Bragg, NC Got out as a SGT E5.
  4. I stumbled over it while surfing the WWW a couple years ago and thought it was a neat concept but finances at the time precluded me buying a GPS unit. In May of this year my cell phone gave up the ghost so I needed a new one. I wanted a smartphone and settled on the HTC Touch Pro2. While looking for apps for it I found CGzII. Installed it and found when I ran a search for caches in the area I found that there was an event listed for the next day. Went to the event and was hooked. In the last month and a half, along with my grandsons, we have found 114 caches of differing types, have 5 FTFs and hid our first cache. And to go along with the thread title, my son called one day and asked what we were doing, I told him we were out caching... he laughed and said, "OMG you are obsessed!"
  5. This is also how I work. If I have ANY doubts that I have figured out the hide, I just don't log anything and return on another occasion to try again. A couple of times I have returned to the cache page a couple days later and it has been logged as found by someone else so I know I just didn't get it. In one instance there were 2 prior DNFs (it was a spur of the moment cache looked up with my smartphone and I didn't read the logs) if I had of logged my DNF it might of kept someone from looking for it, however it WAS found just 2 days later by someone so it was still there, just very well hidden.
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