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  1. Ditto, There are two caches within 10 miles that state they have the Jeep TB, I went out of my way to go to both of them only to come up empty. It would have been nice to see one and send it on it's way. Dave
  2. As you can see, I've protected the identity of this young cacher, but when I checked her profile, I couldn't resist posting this laundered photo: BTW, I purposefully did not respond to the email; it's obvious to me that Ashley is a responsible geocacher who can make her own good decisions (even when she's grounded). Man, your a sucker for believing that 9 year old. Last I saw she was heading out of state and keeping the bug hostage. Your bug is heading towards Mexico! It will never be logged again! ..sorry, I needed to bust out with some silliness. Dave
  3. How full is the memory on the Sports Trak pro? I'm wondering if that could effect the download. Does it keep tracks? If you don't need them, delete them and then try to download the waypoints again. (just throwing this out there just in case) Dave
  4. Actually, I just picked one up. Sorry. Dave
  5. okay, so I will add an extra one here now since you are going to post twice in the NW. Good thing they don't have a NS group... err, never mind. Dave
  6. I was wondering why no one was caching lately, everyone here trying to get more posts than the rest of the country. I can't believe we are going to get more snow! This weekend was going to hit the Garden City caches. Now that I talked about Geocaching, add 1 for NE! Dave
  7. Can you tell me the hardware version on the GPS? Thanks, Dave
  8. I asked this same question two weeks ago. I received an email from Garmin stating this was the latest version but they didn't answer my question about the site being updated. Thanks, Dave
  9. I've done a ton of research so I thank you guys for the information you provided. I will research a bit more tonight with the information you gave me. Thanks, Dave
  10. I have a Garmin Extrex and am looking to upgrade. Recently I purchased MS Streets and Maps with the GPS receiver as I was thinking about getting a PDA. What I am looking for is something that will allow me to Geocache and at the same time I want something for the car so when I go on trips I will have the GPS/Maps to find my way. I don't need all the fancy gadgets that come with a PDA such as an MP3 player but some of the standard utilities on it I could use. I also thought about dumping the PDA idea and going with a GPS that will allow me to use it for travel and for geocaching. I'm looking to keep it under $500, What would you guys reccommend? What do you guys use? Thanks, Dave
  11. I was able to use this to download by tracks from my Garmin Etrex. I downloaded my tracks to a CSV file and imported it into Microsoft Streets & Trips and it worked like a charm. Thanks! Dave
  12. Real Names "None of your bee's wax", meet "none of your business", "None of your business" meet "wouldn't you like to know" It's a privacy thing. Dave (I mean, GPS_DAVE_11735)
  13. I'll add my post in support of the NE! Dave
  14. What's the latest? I haven't seen any updates. Thanks, Dave
  15. TeamPez I sent mine in on Saturday, you should be receiving it today or tomorrow. Let me know when it is received. Dave
  16. Mine will be in the mail this AM! I uploaded a picture for my bug as well. I can't wait for this race to get started. Dave
  17. Thanks for your responses. I emailed Garmin tonight to see if they can shed some light on the issue but in the meantime, if anyone has any additional info, I would appreciate it. I will post what I hear from Garmin. Dave
  18. I went to the Garmin website to see if my (Yellow) Garman Etrex needs updating. I noticed that they are offering v2.14 as an update but when I went into setup on the Etrex it showed I had version 3.00. I checked the website but did not see any information on version 3.00. I'm wiery of installing version 2.14 over 3.00.... anyone have any clue as to what is going on? Thanks, Dave
  19. Try this one on for size Dave. JMB'S CENTENNIAL CACHE JMBella, Great to see you on the forums. For those who want to get an idea of the 3rd cache I went to (It's JMBella's), here it is: JMB's Double Wammy Web Cammy Multi Cache Although it seems like a lot of work, it's rather simple but I just ran into a "Comedy Of Errors" with it. First step you have to stand in front of the webcam, call someone and have them do a print screen. My wife hit "Print Screen" and as I was walking away from it she hit "Print Screen" again because it didn't "print" Then I knew where the Micro was but I just couldn't see it. Without giving it away it was actually pushed back a bit too much and I couldn't get it, my wife couldn't get it, I ended up scraping my knuckles to get at it. I picked a day when it was a total muggle zone so I had my son with me and I pretended something dropped where the micro should be. When two cars pulled up with a boat load of people, I exclaimed "Is this what you dropped???" I finally pulled out the micro and got the clue to the main cache.... Finding the main cache was easy!... well, it was hidden quite well but the coords were right on and I found it. I am heading out to the Calverton area when the weather gets a bit warmer so that will definately be one on my list. Currently I am keeping things local. Tomorrow me and my son are hiking on the local trail in hopes we can visit atleast 2 of the caches in the area. I also want to check on my own. Dave
  20. My first cache... as I was walking towards it, It was a bit uncovered and that gave it away. My second cash I saw it from about 50 feet away! My third cache was a multi with a micro and a regular cache. The micro was the hardest part. After getting a few under your belt, it seems easy... watch, my next one is going to be rough! Dave
  21. I have a Garmin Etrex and it has worked fine for me in wooded areas with exception to the times that I slow my pace down, stop or walk in circles, The GPS does not know the direction I am heading in. Usually I back track about 25-50 feet and then start my search again. I agree with one of the other posters, it is basically line of sight. If you had a Sat Dish and there was a tree in the way, your often not going to get a good signal. When I hid my first cache, I had create 10 different wavepoints just to make sure the coordinates were right on target. Even then, the next time I went to visit it, it showed I was about 15 feet off when I was right on top of it. It's a great device but not a perfect science. Dave
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