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  1. The person who was logging mine said it was a "Glitch" that Geocaching knows about but I could delete the logs. I was like "You entered them, you delete them"... I ended up deleting them and looking at the account again, they are STILL logging dozens a day. I guess if that's the way some people want to play the game.... zzz
  2. Diggin' Up Bones: https://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?tx=9329bc43-04e7-4121-9a25-2b2e4e14b0fc&uid=a98215af-dfff-4725-a328-3137e7a132d6 I noticed one of my trackables that hasn't been logged in 4 years was found! WOOT WOOT... I emailed the owner to find out where they found it. Then I looked at my other lost trackables including one that is sitting right in front of me on my keychain and it has been "discovered" by "Diggin' Up Bones" as well. I checked out her profile and dang, she already has about two dozen logged today! I'm going to delete the logs as I know they are fictitious.
  3. I asked "familiejansen" why he logged them and they replied it was in error. But then they logged two more of my travel bugs. It looks like they have already logged 3,000 trackables, lol. I'd bet they are mining for the Travel Bug icons. Any word from Groundspeak on this practice or is it business as usual?
  4. A few weeks ago, someone from Germany discovered a travel bug of mine that has been missing for 5 years. When I asked them about it, apparently there is a "picture" of it. and just today someone from Germany discovered 3 of my travel bugs that also have been missing for years. Apparently there is a list of travel bugs that haven't been discovered?? I am waiting on feedback from the user to determine where they found this list. Has anyone hear of such a thing?
  5. I'm heading to NY in a week, if your in the Michiana area and have a traveler heading that way, let me know. I'm most likely going to be busy up until the trip so we would have to arrange a drop off location. Thanks, GPS_David
  6. aww heck, i'll add my two cents too! In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter. Everyone has a different idea of what is correct and what is not correct. Personally, I don't like sitting around doing puzzles when I can be out searching for caches. Since the puzzles come up on my list, I will do the puzzles and find the cache. I'd rather not go through the trouble of solving a puzzle to find out there is a film canister under the skirt of a parking lot light but my biggest pet peeve (not just puzzles) is hiking into the woods to find a film canister tucked into the crotch of a tree when there is a huge stump, or a hollow fallen that is crying out for a larger geocache. But we all have our different opinions so I just play along and hope I can find that needle in a haystack.
  7. Back in 2005, I released a series of 13 travel bugs attached to small matchbox size yellow school buses, at this point I believe only 3 remain. These are not the Jeep Travel bugs, no one gets a Yellow School Bus icon on their profile when they log it! I may re-release the Copy Tags but I was hoping if anyone has seen one or is still holding one, that they release it. I've had a many Travel Bugs go missing, some go missing because a problem with the cache and other times people hold on to them, lose them or never go Geocaching again. I understand it but I figured I would send a shout out to everyone in hopes we can get a few of them going again. In fact, if you are holding onto a Travel Bug as we speak, release it back into a Geocache! Let the owner of the bug know it is well! GPS_David
  8. All I can say is... anytime I go hiking, even if it doesn't involve Geocaching, I bring my GPS. I always make a waypoint of where I parked, maybe the trail head and spots along the way... just in case. I once got somewhat lost as it was getting dark and I could not find the trail. I started to panic a bit but reminded myself that I took a waypoint to my car and an hour later, I was back in the car. A bit scratched up but safe and sound :-) Dave
  9. www.magellangps.com After registering, when you log into the site, it will tell you if the unit has an update. Too bad customer service is horrible :-)
  10. Well, that's where it gets interesting. When I purchased the unit, I had just moved half way across the country. The Reciept could be anywhere! I checked every place I could think of including the box the GPS came in. I checked my banking statements online and tracked down a date and the place of purchase. Now... Did I put it under my NY Cell phone #, my wife's? My Indy Cell, my wife's? Did I use my land line, VoIP? We are heading to Circuit City to see if they can print up a receipt. This has been such a pain in the ...gps. The funny thing, it's something I could have fixed but didn't want to take apart the unit and void the warranty. Thanks everyone for your moral support! :-)
  11. Thanks everyone, I actually called support tonight and got someone right away. However, the guy wants me to provide a proof of purchase... I purchased it 10 months ago and I'll be pretty hard pressed to find the receipt. It's kind of a pain in the butt. I asked the guy if I could not find it, am I out of luck for Warranty repair... apparently yes. Argh! GPS_David
  12. Does anyone know who I can contact at Magellan? Here's the story and I'd love to report back here that it has a happy ending but... In October one of my Magellan units had a pin break off. I filled out the online support request form including all the information such as my contact info, serial number...etc. Two weeks go by and I finally get a response telling me to respond with my info and serial number so they can give me an RMA. I respond back right away and.... and.... nothing. I send another email with my info and .... nothing. I entered a new support request online and have not heard anything. If anyone knows someone on the inside, I would appreciate it, I just want to get the thing fixed. GPS_David
  13. I never followed up with you, sorry but I received mine a few weeks ago. Great Bumper Stickers! Dave
  14. GPS_David

    Cache Cash?

    One time while caching, I found $20 on the trail. I figured my good fortune was the next cachers good fortune and left $10 in the cache. Dave
  15. I swear I Google'd it! or maybe Yahoo'd but I kept coming up with state plates and other various websites. I was hoping someone already had a market in Geocaching related plates. I did use one of the links, Thank You! and have emailed the company about making a custom plate. Dave
  16. My state only requires a license plate for the back of my car, leaving the front of the car bare! Does anyone know anyone who makes custom plates? Obviously I am looking for a "geocaching" plate. Thanks Dave
  17. I was going to set off the troll alert :-) but let me tell you what it means to me. Now, your profile says "Student" so my definition might be different than the definition you are looking for. Geocaching means different things to different people. I geocache because I find that it is fun and an excellent way to knock off some time. It is healthy -> I have gone hiking more thanks to Geocaching than I have my whole life. I have seen Box Turtles, Frogs, snakes, foxes, deer, horses, fish (in the water).... after a stressful week of work, I hiked for 4 hours (8 caches) listened to the birds, relaxed, got some exercise. There are events you can meet people, especially people with the same interests as you. It's not just about the crap in the box (that sounded weird) but I do enjoy taking out some junk and placing better items in a cache (such as a compass/keychain) My son who is 4 years old loves to find stuff from Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc...etc. I like to fact that my son is not sitting by a computer, watching TV, getting cranky etc.. There are travel bugs, geocoins, film cannisters, tupperware, ammo boxes.... sometime it is the thrill of the hunt. On two occasions I went along with groups after sunset for some awesome caches. My brother in law explained to me why he loves reading Sci-Fi the other night by saying "with a day full of reality, it's nice to sit back and take your mind for an adventure"... or something like that. Dave
  18. Don't dispair my friend. Some caches still get the best of me. One sounds like it is inside a pipe or somewhere metal. Another one sounds like there is a fallen tree and it is hidden inside the hollow of it - one of the notes states it is not as well hidden so, it might just take some looking around for something out of the ordinary. The 3rd, the hint really doesn't give me anything to go by. There are so many times in which my GPS is pointing me to one spot , I look around thinking "I think the cache is over there..." and although it is 25 feet away, chances are it is at that location. If you look at your GPS, what does the accuracy state? If it shows you are within 10 feet it doesn't mean you are within 10 feet of the cache. The other person's gps might have shown an accuracy of 20 feet... which leaves you with a 30 foot radius (I'm not sure if I used the correct calculation) Sometimes if you walk 50-100 feet away and then walk back, your gps will place you at a different location for Ground Zero. Read through the logs- sometimes there are hints in the logs that will give you more information. If you get stuck, read the hint or re-read the hint. Walk away, come back, look everywhere within a 10 foot radius, then do a 20 foot radius. If you see a hollowed out tree or log, check there. Eventually your own intuition will kick in.... and still... there will be times when you are looking for an hour and just need to come back another day and take another crack at it. Good Luck! Don't give up! Dave
  19. I took a picture of it but will not post it here (unless I can get a 75% yes vote) I like to take my son to many of the caches with me. I lived in NY and now I'm in the midwest. There always seems to be a playground with graffiti sprawled across it. The graffiti is bad enough but sometimes it is the content of the graffiti that bothers me the most. At one park, I tried to "Wash" it off but ended up using a marker to "clean" it up. Should I just be so inclinded to add "paint thinner" to the list of things to bring with me? Dave
  20. Give it up, man. Jeremy, My membership is now due and this thread has served as a reminder to send in the payment. I have to thank you guys for making my first year Geocaching great. I will proudly support all the ventures and if you can stretch my money further, put my membership fees towards some donuts and coffee for the staff. Dave
  21. There, I gave it a nice shove for ya Thanks. You can go up to $199.99 if you want :-) Dave
  22. come on guys, only about a half hour to go, bid it up! Dave I hope I linked it right....
  23. Hey Mark, just have someone bid the LIGO coin up to $190 and I will take care of the rest. :-) Dave
  24. Well... if anyone from the race comes across this, drop me a line. My bug didn't move for 4 months and now it looks like it hasn't moved in 2 months... so... I'm probably way behind the leaders at this point. GPS_David
  25. What ever happened with the race? The website has not been updated in some time. Dave
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