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  1. Well, I do happen to know the owner of this trackable quite good. She's a very active geocacher who is very keen on coins and visits events frequently. As most of the discoverers names are among her geofriends I believe she has given her consent for logging this trackable.
  2. Guess what: Tried the *.kml today. At first there ws a message about an error in line soandso... Boldly clicked on "ignore" and waited. Took some time but at last the Waymarking.kml did load waymarks located in the current view. I have no idea whether there has been any change or fix, but at the moment it is working for me.
  3. Well this is strange, did like you suggested but the error still remains. Told GoogelEarth to be more verbose about errors and it says Error while parsing file "***.kml" at line 13, column 4: Unknown element <RefreshMode> This is weird, since RefreshMode should work. My version of GoogleEarth is (64-bit), perhaps there is a bug with that version. Which version do you run? Edit: Tried to revert to 7.3.1 but without success.
  4. Unfortunately there are no lines with coordinates in the kml, see code below. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.0"> <NetworkLink> <open>1</open> <name>Waymarking Network KML</name> <description>Waymarking.com waymarks located in the view window of Google Earth.</description> <open>1</open> <visibility>1</visibility> <refreshVisibility>0</refreshVisibility> <Link> <href>http://www.Waymarking.com/kml/kml.aspx?key=7RzjI%2FrGQIjzMpPIenKZMQkb%2Bsh5kLla6wDwL3IG2edlAxS4batSec5Q5DyqTKQoRScVzgYLIpm8dbfbOKZ0Nw%3D%3D&amp;</href> <RefreshMode>onChange</RefreshMode> <viewRefreshTime>1</viewRefreshTime> <viewRefreshMode>onStop</viewRefreshMode> <viewBoundScale>0.8</viewBoundScale> </Link> </NetworkLink></kml> Perhaps there's something wrong with the key?
  5. Quite some time since I used this feature for the last time. Today I tried to use the Waymarking kml in Google Earth. Much to my dissappointment it only produces this message: Well, obviously there is an error, but how to fix it? As the search for waymarks on the site itself is more than -insert impolite words here- the GE overlay was my primary source for looking after them. Anyone got any idea on how to fix this?
  6. It seems the whole site is going to be changed into some mobile device friendly style, annoying the users of traditional personal computers more and more. Lots of empty space, big fonts renders the so calles dashboard useless in my opinion. Looks like it should resemble some kind of social network, keeping in mind the prominent placement of your geofriends acitvities. Well, absolutely not my cup of tea, like the old profile page much better.
  7. First I thought of a late April Fools' Day joke, but sadly it seems to be serious. Cache types are hard to distinguish "thanks" to the new colour scheme. On the old map I was able to see whether a cache was PMO by a glance, this feature has now been eliminated. Please stop breaking things which are totally working just for the sake of fancy web design.
  8. Add me to the list of users wanting the plain text mails back.
  9. Easy. Don't use opera. It's 2013. Not helping. Opera Mini uses data compression, thus minimizing data usage on mobile connections. In addition it worked perfectly until the update of June 11
  10. Whatever this release was about, it did not fix the Opera Mini bug. I still get the 403.6-Error when trying to access any cache listing from my mobile.
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