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  1. No, it's not. I agree. It borders on ridiculous. I do not need a gps to find a "McDonalds" seems like a commercial promotion, hmm...I thought that was a "no-no". Maybe TPTB struck some sort of deal.
  2. Yeah, before you didn't want people to log your caches to win a coin, now you do.
  3. We are. My point was it wasn't this forum that spilled the beans, it was the coin holders who failed at "mum's the word". I also think it was very nice of them to do that for you guys especially for all the nonsense you have to put with, me not whithstanding.
  4. Maybe this should be posted in super secret the moderators fourm then .
  5. I was bored and I came across these, some new and some for which we have been waiting. ND
  6. Oh great, now look whats for sale in before the lock
  7. I can think of something even stoopider http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=280937
  8. I see that it is sold out, perhaps some where helped by it and perhaps the rest bought some so they could sell them for $62, the market will always get the last word and I have no problem with that. I was just getting people the sweet hook ups. Closing thread
  9. Scam? If I go to the "Ma and Pa" store on the street corner and notice that the prices are higher than the prices at Wal-Mart, does that make everything in the "Ma and Pa" store a scam? No, but if a store was selling say a Garmin 60CS or a Meridian Color at a super low price for like $100, dont you think that you would tell some of your friends?
  10. Do you have any cache finds? This thread isnt about me.
  11. Congrats to ditchdoctor, you could have gotten 7 coins for that price .
  12. I'm sick of people getting ripped off. Out of production coins are one thing, but this coin is still available to the masses so its not necessary to pay excessive prices or get in a bidding war.
  13. I was floored to see a Compass Rose coin for a buy it now price of $50 when you can order one from CnP for $8 here:http://coinsandpins.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=ACP&Category_Code=Comp-rose Unbelievable
  14. I will tell you that dogs make good diversions for muggles. If you're near a cache when one comes by blame the dog. Say she lost her favorite ball or stick and we're looking for it etc. Dogs are also good for sholdering the blame on a DNF or a lost TB. Post a note like "I had to go before finding the cache because my dog started chasing a groundhog" or "sorry my dog ate your geocoin". Those without dogs can interchange "dogs" with the word "kid" with similar results.
  15. I would consider this extreme: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...80-9bdce718c44f And it is a micro?!? I don't know how this got approved. Idiots! ND
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