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    Well I went through all the models they had. I found one that fits, the CO-IQ. The fit is so close there isn't any room to grab onto the Oregon with your fingers, so to remove the GPS you need to first push up from the bottom.
  2. I may have found a tiny bug. When geocaching select GO (as in navigate to the geocache), then on the map scroll the screen to put the pin on the geocache your navigating too. Now select that geocache from the label that appears on top and the description will be blank. It's only blank on the geocache you're navigating too, and the description will show up if you look for it under the geocaching tab on the main screen. Otherwise this version continues to be very accurate; so much so that I turned WAAS off. One little bit of information I wish the cache description did have is the date it was originally placed.
  3. Wow that was fast! Shipping address and payment already received. I'll send it off tomorrow when the post office is open. Thank you
  4. I purchased it from Amazon.com in December 2006. I'm selling it because I now have an Oregon 300. I can't afford to keep both so the 60CSx is up for sale. I really like the 60CSx, but I now want to go paperless, and I don't have a PDA or iTouch/iPhone or such for geocaching.
  5. GPS and accessories package deal. One pre-owned Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx in excellent condition. Comes with owner's manual, belt clip, lanyard, and USB connection cable. You'll also get a Ripoffs brand clip-on belt holster and a Sandisk 2G microSD card with the SD adapter and case. Also included in the deal are: Garmin MapSource City Navigator North America NT v8. The unlocked code for this disk has been registered to work with the GPSMAP 60CSx included in this sale. I've also included a CD with the registration information. Garmin MapSource U.S. Topo 2008. This disk is not locked and works on any Garmin GPS receiver that supports mapping uploads. Garmin MapSource U.S. 24K National Parks West. This disk is not locked and works on any Garmin GPS receiver that supports mapping uploads. Garmin Suction Mount Kit. Included with this kit is a direct wire 12v power cable. To complete the package you'll need batteries so I've included those too. You'll get a new in unopened package compact travel charger (folding plug model) that has two new 2000 mAh NiMH AA batteries. Total package deal is $295 via PayPal. Shipping to any continental U.S. address is included. First person to post “I'll take it” initiates the sale.
  6. I take good care of my toys. The GPS stayed in a well padded case most of the time. When in use I handle with care. On the other topic I'm sorry to hear Garmin is announcing layoffs. I found a news article here. I hope we continue to get software updates.
  7. Went geocaching yesterday. In previous beta v2.86 the compass bounced around when standing still. Now in beta v2.93 the compass is very stable. Also while driving this past week with the Oregon 300 plugged into a non-Garmin cell phone charger I experienced no power shutdown problems with either this or the previous beta software versions.
  8. Glad you're happy with it. I once had a problem with an eTrex that I kept in like new condition. Garmin replaced it with a refurb that showed signs of use. I thought they were going to repair my original, or at least replace it with with a new one. Now I know, and now if I have an issue I'll go to the merchant first.
  9. The reversed battery profile (NiMH reading less bars than alkaline) present in the two previous beta versions seems to have been fixed.
  10. Finally a WAAS lock! In the previous beta versions the WAAS sat was visible, it just never locked on. It does however need a clear view of the sky or the green bar disappears. Funny, even when the green bar for WAAS disappears the other sats are still showing a "D". I guess it still needs some fine tuning. I'm glad Garmin continues to make improvements.
  11. I know what you mean, something is odd about it. If I scroll a little off shore out over the PacificOcean (8mi or lower) I get white patches that won't draw unless I scroll a bit more.
  12. Thanks HH for the link. I'm loading it up now.
  13. I'm using Duracell 2650mAh NiMH cells, but that's irrelevant. Whatever battery you're using, the profile for NiMH should always read more bars than the alkaline profile. Why, because NiMH AA cells are 1.2 volts whereas alkaline AA cells are 1.5 volts. The profile for two NiMH cells should read full at 2.4 volts, and two alkaline cells should read full at 3 volts. For example: say my two NiMH cells are partly depleted and putting out 2 volts total, and say the battery power meter shows this as 2 out of 4 bars. If I leave the NiMH cells in place and merely change the setting to the alkaline profile, the battery meter should show a decrease as it now thinks the cells are capable of putting out more voltage. Instead the battery meter shows an extra power bar (3 out of 4).
  14. Low Bat


    Oops, I see the OP meant one that allowed screen access while within the case. Foarm makes something like that and they say one will be released for the Oregon series soon. http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&search...ndtextbin=Foarm
  15. Low Bat


    I'm going to a camping store on Thursday (Redwood Trading Post) that carries many of the Ripoffs line as well as some other brands. I'll be testing the fit of the Oregon and hopefully find a good padded model with a velcro flap and spring steel belt clip. I'll report back here on my findings. Here's an online Ripoffs catalog: http://www.ripoffs.com/index.html
  16. I'm beginning to wonder if Garmin got the battery gauge profiles reversed for NiMH and alkaline. When using NiMH batteries the gauge shows less bars in the NiMH profile than when I set the profile to alkaline. Shouldn't the gauge show more bars on the NiMH profile when using NiMH batteries since NiMH cells are typically 1.2v and alkaline cells 1.5v? It's the same for beta 2.85 and 2.86. I'm currently using beta 2.86 on an Oregon 300, and now using the alkaline profile for NiMH batteries as it seems to be more accurate.
  17. It's weak on trails for all areas except national parks. Some places show a trail icon instead of having a trail, but usually you don't even see that. It's got good topo data and street data, just not much in the way of trails.
  18. I don't know anything about the TomTom, but if you can enter a coordinate and turn off the "lock on road" feature, I don't see why not.
  19. You can select from three different dashboards at the top of the trip computer page. One of them is for geocaching and it contains an arrow. http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Trip+Computer
  20. Yes it has POIs and you can look up addresses, and it covers the cities too. It autoroutes just like CN does with the added benefit of autorouting on trails too if you happen to have the trail showing on the map. What I really like about the mircoSD card is that the topo and roads are merged together so you don't have to hide or show maps to see one or the other. I also like that I can move the microSD card to any Garmin mapping unit that supports microSD cards. The card isn't locked to the unit, but a copied card will not work and that's how Garmin protects it from unauthorized duplication. The only real drawback of the microSD card is being limited to two states. For 99.999% of the time those two states are all I need. BTW, I just got an Oregon 300 which can display the shaded relief and 3D views of the microSD card that my 60CSx could not. The maps don't look as cartoonish either but in return you lose daylight visibility. I'm still comparing the two GPS models, but so far I'm really impressed with the mapping resolution when the microSD card is in the Oregon. If the Oregon series had better daylight visibility and the Topo 24K/CN9 had more extensive trail listings, then I think Garmin would clearly hold on to their lead in both hardward and software.
  21. I have the 24K Topo mircoSD and the roads are the same as CN2009. You'll enjoy the upgrade.
  22. I've had two eTrex models and the thick molded case worked well, although it was really designed for the earlier thinner eTrex model. http://www.compuplus.com/i-Garmin-GPS-Hols...e77jbh9b208o350
  23. More . . . roads and trails, just like the SD card version. Although early word is Garmin's 24K Topos are light on trails. The trails in national parks are well represented as I'm sure they're taken from the National Parks DVD. As for everywhere else, usually not so good. The other day while geocaching it occurred to me all of us geocachers could be collecting trail data on our hikes for uploading to a shared database.
  24. The post is blank. Perhaps this is one of the new devices you're talking about. http://www.slashphone.com/getac-introduces...-compass-024883
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