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  1. Hello All On the cache list that comes up after a search there is a tick box on the left of the table next to the distance icon. What's it for and how is it of use to me, I have yet to find an answer. Please help as I feel I'm missing out! munch
  2. Cheers Dfx I've had this happen on my phone. I'll try it out.
  3. Hello All I've been working on solving 40 local puzzle caches and am about to plan routes to get 27 of them (the other 13 are eluding me as they are TOO difficult) So, I throw the solution coords into Google Maps and it gives me 2 options. An orange circle (A) with an arrow or a green arrow. Which one do I want? (please don't think I'm a thicko!) I am thinking the green arrow but a lot of the others seem plausible. Thanks Munch
  4. Hello All I had a similar thing 206 finds on 205 unique Geocaches. I trawled through my finds and realised that when I dipped a geocoin in and out I posted a "found" log not a "write note" log. I edited the post and my finds read 205 out of 205. I have noticed this happen on 2 of my caches and have always emailed the cacher to tell them. I suspect you may have 2 found logs on a cache. Munch
  5. I have logged all my DNF's if I have searched for the cache. I have had to log 6 since the 27/09/10 too! Munch
  6. remember to set the correct dress code Trust me, on the day; I will not be the only one! Thx to Mrs B and Munkeh Munch
  7. Hello Good People Are there any rules and regulations I need to know before I list an event. I have looked through the site but came up blank. Regards Munch
  8. Hi Pippa's Crew You will probably find that each of these Cachers has pocket queries set up to tell them of each new published cache. They will get an email telling them immediatley it's published. If they have a smart phone they will have set it up to go straight to their handset, so they'll be out as soon as it beeps. Munch
  9. Ross it's time to get creative. Wire mesh, plaster of paris, spray paint, varnish. B & Q / Hobbycraft will be you new home. See link for inspiration http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62421 Munch
  10. Ouch! If it was 3" higher you could have changed your name to Harry Potter! Munch
  11. Thanks for the replies! Absolutley Brilliant!! Outfit sourced and ordered! http://www.clothestopose.co.uk/camo-mankini-thong-53-p.asp Munch
  12. Hello All I'm going to the event at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry; a week on Saturday. This will be my first event and I am really looking forward to it. I was telling my wife about this when she asked me what I was going to wear!! She says as I have never met another cacher, first impressions count! This never crossed my mind (obviously as I am a male) So walking boots, wooly socks. shorts etc or suit, tie and bowler hat? ;-) I love my Wife but will never understand her........................ Munch
  13. Morning All! I was out in the garden watching the meteor shower last night. (saw 37!) I also saw what is maybe the ISS going over. Now, I appreciate it could have been a UFO or bloomin' big sattelite but when I first started looking around the forums I am sure I came a cross a Virtual for the ISS. Or am I wrong? Munch
  14. Hello Good People I am hiding a series of 12 caches. I have seen in caches, laminated notices saying "Congratulations, you have found a Geocacahe, intentionally or not.............. etc. Some very professional, some not so. I want to produce my own as I have ran out of money spending over £ 100.00 on the series. Is there a site with the words that I'm looking for? Thanks Munch
  15. I suggest you point them to the post "Not a geocacher, just joined to find something out" posted earlier. It should give them a real insight! At least it will keep them away from the forums. Apologies or not; some of you SHOULD be ashamed. You all need to get over Ashnikes. I am disgusted! On topic again. I seriously would show them the thread! Roy (munchime)
  16. Hello All I have been using Pocket Queries with Bcaching which is working brilliantly! My questions are can I delete older pocket queries from Bcaching? When I upload a new query to Bcaching is it the new query that is sent to my phone when I sync? And, does the my finds query overwrite the previous my finds query when uploaded? Your help is appreciated Regards Munch
  17. Hello Has the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit ever been in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK)? Regards Munch
  18. Thanks for your replies Everyone! I have read the topics on "bringing back virtuals" which has also gone the way of Waymarking as well as Locationless caches. I have looked at Waymarking I loved doing the one and only Virtual I've done and was going to look at doing a Locationless cache to "experience" one of those. I appreciate it may not have lived upto my expectations!! Plus, I am trying to get a couple more different icons on my Geocaches Found List! Munch
  19. Hello Are there any Locationless (Reverse) Caches still active in the UK? Regards Munch
  20. Thanks Mark I will take you up on that offer! I'll message you next week Regards Roy
  21. Hello Anyone out there? RE: above post I have just ran the cartridge on the emulator and I can tell that the it is not loading the information onto WhereYouGo as it does on the emulator. Is this a problem with the Wherigo app? When I download a cartridge it offers me 4 choices, Garmin Colorado, Oregon, Nuvi and pocket PC. Which one should I download for WhereYouGo on android? I have downloaded the Pocket PC version. Munch
  22. Hi, when you plug in phone as Mass storage device, SD Card is not available for appliacions, so WhereYouGo says that cannot connect to SD Card correctly. Just unplug you cable or select "Charge only" connection type ... cartridge *.gwc, place directly into WhereYouGo folder, not in any subfolder Thanks menion.asamm
  23. Hello Downloaded and installed my first cartridge to my Android phone running WhereYouGo and off I went to my nearest one which is GC1B9MZ Brueton Park. Parked up and started app, chose cartridge. I have 2 options on screen START & NAVIGATE. I pressed navigate and it took me to the start point for the park. If I press start I get the following 4 options. Locations / You See / Inventory / Tasks all of which have a (0) after them. I wandered aimlessly around the park hoping for something to happen but nothing did. Am I missing something really obvious? How do I know what to do at the park? The info on the GC.com page says it does not matter where I start from in the park. I am confused but want to try again Any suggestions? Munch
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