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  1. Check out this site . It will probably take some time before you get it (at least,that was the case with me) but once it works,it looks really cool and works like a charm!!! Good luck!!! (edit:scroll down to point 8)
  2. Raoul

    Across The Pond

    Be shure to turn your WAAS/EGNOS off because EGNOS will not be operational untill June!!! Check out this link.
  3. Raoul

    Garmin 60c Or 60cs

    Go for the 60c and spend 50 bucks on a normal compass, a couple of six-packs and a pack of smokes... (seriously.....you can't go wrong with either,but like I said before.....$50.- will get you a great "normal" compass and then some.....) Good luck!!
  4. We'll be right here!!! And you better get ready to do some hardcore reviewing!!
  5. Raoul

    60c Vs 60cs

    Allright, I guess which ever unit you would choose,you couldn't go wrong....so congratulations!!! Now....one thing you should do in a couple of months is trying to answer your own question!!! (is the compass worth it?) Have lots of fun with it,though!!
  6. As far as I know,(and I heard it from the great and wise Mr Robert Lipe),it goes up to 1gb and maybe even beyond!!
  7. Raoul

    So Happy

    $40.- ehh..... Go ahead....rub it in!!! And now......LET'S GO CACHING!!!!
  8. Actually, I think in her case the device was fine and the support team was faulty. --Marky Yes indeed.....I read the post from Escout yesterday...... It looks like there was nothing wrong with MysteryLady's explorist!! Seems like,at Magellan,they don't even know how their own product works!! I don't get it....How can you sell electronics without a manual and without properly instructing your helpdesk/employee's??? Anyway...I don't think this trick will work for UsuallyLost.....unfortunately!!
  9. This is what the Magellan site says:"Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery This Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack can keep your eXplorist continuously powered-up for up to 17 hours. Recharge your battery directly through your receiver again and again without reducing its performance." So it seems there would be no problems if you charge the battery when there's still juice in it!! (makes sense.....since it's a li-ion,you always want it to be nice and filled,even if you only used up half the charge the day before...)
  10. As far as I've heard:all current handhelds that are WAAS compatible will be EGNOS compatible......EGNOS is the European version of WAAS. Since we (I'm from Holland) can't use WAAS,Egnos will be our alternative and it will only be of use when you're in Europe (as WAAS will only work in the US of A).
  11. As I can recall,MysteryLady's explorist 500 didn't work to good when she got hers!! She had to send it back the same day she got it because it didn't communicate with her computer... Don't worry to much,though.....there are some people on this forum who have a 500 without the hassle!!! Good luck!!
  12. A master-reset won't change anything,since this is a firmware bug... The only thing we can do is wait for 3.80 to arrive and,untill then,use the "recent found" function! (how do you like your 60cs so far??)
  13. After all the things said here in this forum about the explorist,I must conclude that,even though it's got some very interesting features,this is still not the "holy grail" of GPSr's!! It has been said before,and I will say it again:"Why is it so difficult to put a GPS on the market,that has:TFT,USB,SD,AA(and long operating time on AA)" They both make nice GPS's (Garmin and Magellan),but it's just not quite what it could be!!! Hmmm.... .....I guess we'll have to wait for a long,long time untill they get it right......
  14. Like Marcie/Eric says......this doesn't make sense..... This is almost exactly the same thread as the link above!!! (maybe we should keep it organised...)
  15. Yes indeed....,I stand corrected......the batteries are a big deal....(I just thought:"if someone doesn't have a GPS and wants to buy one,why not buy the new kid in town??") But your right Nurse Dave.......,the meridian is a good device,and for now whe still know to little about the explorist 500/600.... Now someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Meridian and explorist both have a quad/helix antenna??
  16. Raoul

    Battery Saver Mode

    Use the search function!!
  17. Give us two reasons for buying a meridian over an explorist!! (apart for using batteries in the meridian!!) And don't get me wrong.....I used to have a mericolor,and liked it,but why buy last weeks bread if you can have crispy-fresh???
  18. Raoul

    60c Vs 60cs

    @sTeamTraen: so there you have it!!! I don't think we can make it any easier for you as it is,but in the end it's your descision... So.....choose wise,and may the force be with you...
  19. Raoul

    60c Vs 60cs

    Most people who have a compass on their GPS love it,and most people who don't have a compass on their GPS don't miss it!!! I have a Map 76c and it's great.....it also has about 10hrs more battery life,which is also cool (although 20 hrs typical for the 60/76cs isn't bad either!!) And besides that.....it's always wise to carry a backup compass and map with you!!! You can find a good recta/silva compass in any outdoor shop for a fraction of the price it is going to cost you to upgrade from a "c" to a "cs" (by the way....I have a suunto watch with all the bells and whistles so that's another reason I don't need a GPS with a compass)
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