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  1. i shipped a coin to germany today - it costs $9.45 cents. that's about the cost of the coin. probably not worth it unless you REALLY want the coin. yes, i really would like to have that coin. Do you have other coins you would like to sell or maybe trade? My tradelist is on www.mygeodb.de (DNH7280). I don't have any of the coins you seek but maybe you will find some you would like to trade...
  2. Hi, i would like to have the Letterboxing AB, but it would be shipping to Germany. How much would it be? Do you ship to Germany? Regards Daniel
  3. Hi, i would also like to buy * Eye of the Tribal Flower * Journey Thank you... P.S.: Could you please PM me for costs incl. shipping to Germany?
  4. If you sell them separately, I would like to buy the Black Rose 2011 and the Wolf Pack Coins. Thank you. DNH7280
  5. Hi, i'm desperately seeking the following geocoins. Can anyone help me? Celtic Tree of Life Geocoin (Black Nickel & Mystery V1) Snoopy Geocoin Egyptian Scarab Geocoin in Antique or Shiny Silver / Blue My Tradelist: http://www.mygeodb.d...0f4beda264.html Contact me via GC or mygeodb.de (no PM, please) Regards Daniel (DNH7280)
  6. Sorry for opening this old thread, but i'm desperately seeking one of the Snoopy Geocoins. Can anyone help me? Tradelist: http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/98fab18c7c1931fcbee6000f4beda264.html Contact me via GC or mygeodb.de Regards Daniel
  7. If you're living in US your're right, but to Germany you have to pay $17 shipping costs for 20 stands ($7!)!
  8. Hi, i brought mine here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Black-DISPLAY-STAND-EASELS-SILVER-DOLLARS-/370479535348?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item56424d14f4 Top quality and fast delivery... Greets Daniel (DNH7280)
  9. Send message two days ago and didn't get a answer. Now coin is gone...
  10. Name of coin: Tree of Life Geocoin Red on Silver Name of Vendor: TC+12 at GC.com/in this forum Date Ordered: 2013, 24 February Shipment Due Date: No further informations Ordered and paid ($50) via paypal, then no answers to my mails till i wrote here in the forum. Allegedly package "lost in the mail" but he sent me no proof that he truly sent it (USPS receipt?). I asked him for refund but no answer again (Paypal refund will not work because the 45 days are over). He shows no effort to resolve the problem! Seems to me like a fraud! Beware!
  11. You are really not a lucky guy, are you? How often the mail from or for you get lost seems to me like a conspiracy! Do you believe the fairytales you are telling! By the way, what replacement do YOU send ME for the geocoin i purchase from you and which is allegedly "lost in the mail"??? Or will i get my $50 back from you!!! By the way, because you didn't answer to my mails, did you find any proof that you really have sent the coin to me? I'm really curious.
  12. Laval K-9, beware, TC+12 is a fraudster, i paid him alot money to buy a coin from him and never get one !!! He didn't reply to my emails since i transferred the money. Maybe someone here knows him personally and could appeal to his conscience to send me the coin. $50 is much money to me!!!
  13. Do you really have deleted (censored) my posting??? I can't believe it. I thought we/you live in a democracy with free speech for everyone?! Who do you think you are? Kim Jong-un? Did you delete my posting because you didn't like what i wrote? Do i voilated your "Forum Guidelines"? Part of your guidelines: "2. Forum courtesy: Please treat Groundspeak, its employees, volunteers, fellow community members, and guests in these forums with courtesy and respect. Whether a community member has one post or 5,000 posts, everyone should be treated respectfully." Please start to practice what you preach !!! Do you think you treated me respectfully by censoring/deleting my post? Do you think the way you treat paying customers is conducive? Think about it. Greets DNH7280
  14. Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Celtic Tree of Life Geocoin. Hat jemand noch einen über? Angebote bitte zu einem vernünftigen Preis, alternativ biete ich dafür einen Hedgehog Geocoin (5th batch) in der Version Antelope Canyon Edition (=N) oder Pyrenees Edition (=Q). Gruß DNH7280
  15. Hi Forum, looking desperately for a "Celtic Tree of Life" geocoin? Will buy for a good price or trade (Hedghog Geocoin 5th batch N (Antelope Canyon Edition) or Q (Pyrenees Edition)). Thank you Regards DNH7280
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