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  1. I have the Garmin 478 (the marine/land version of the pilots 476) Yes it will work for hunting caches. I find that is is very bulky to carry on anything but a short walk to a cache. I have not found the abilty to track the caches as I can do on my 60Cs. All in all it will work but you will like (miss) the 60cs for hunting.
  2. Don't really agree with that. There are those of us who cross time zones with some regularity. Its nice to have a profile that is setup for the home time zone and one for the away time zone. For me its a feature, not a bug. JD I would like the unit to be on the same time zone and as you cross into a new time zone it should POP-UP and as if you want to update your TIME ZONE to the current ZONE!!!!
  3. I have used GPSDISCOUNT.COM and for 3 garmins now and they have great prices and quick shipments. I got my 400t for 504.oo with free 2 day shipping and I added 25 buck for overnite (was leaving on a trip in 2 days, couldn't wait).
  4. Yes I am talking about "City Navigator North America NT 2009"
  5. I was on the phone with Garmin software support for my GPS478 and learned from them the updated verson of city navigator 2009 will release in the next month. I also have a Colorado 400t and was told if I can hold off buying 2008 citynav, the new 2009 will release. If I recall though, on 2007 if you had it as a late relase, they did offer a free update to 2008 so this may be the case for 08 to update to 09. (dang forgot to ask them about that!!!!)
  6. I too had a V that replaced a III+. I then upgraded to the 60cs, I had a bad day and accidentily crushed the poor 60cs with a tire (forgot it was on hood of Jeep). So that brings me to my current unit of Colorado 400t. I find the color screen and autorouting as well as all of the other features to be of great help. I truley do love the V but the new is a better thing!
  7. In the discussions of the differences between the 300 and 400 series, I recall that the 300 has a better world base map than the 400 series does. If I use this replacement base map of version 4.1 from 2007 as described above will this give me a better world base map than the 300 has? As well I see that it will be routable which is not possibe in either the current 300 or 400 series correct....?
  8. I have the 400t, are the photo maps only avilable in the 400i or am I just missing finding them in my 400t? I am just a noob at the 400t
  9. [ Does Topo USA have street names? I have no problems seeing street names with Topo Canada. Yes on my 400t I can see the street names of both major roads as well as the small roads (ie; dirt roads in a subdivision) I figure the base map may have done an overlay for the major roads, but not the smaller ones.
  10. I have that too since the udate to 2.4... I hate it...... I would like the addition of an option for auto update to local time zone when you change locations from one time zone to another.... ie Pacific driving east and you enter Mountain, it will ask " do you want to use the local time zone?"
  11. I have a Colorado 400t and I am in Fullerton..... If you think it may work........I am willing to give it a try
  12. Many thanks Anders - I had not realized that each track was automatically archived as you started a new one and had been manually archiving and then deleting the current track as I moved to a new cache. I had used the Colo 400t on a trip from Los Angeles to Santa Fe NM 2 weeks ago using v 2.3. I had unit log trip in car to airport then off... once in air, unit on from LA to Albaqurque off befor landing. then on again in car from Albq to Santa Fe. I saved a track log next AM and did same each of 3 days I was out sight seeing. then same routine on trip home. Once home, I downloaded the tracks to Mapsource to view them there as well as on Google earth. But the catch is non of the flight was saved in any of the logs. Yet when I look on the zoomed out map screen of the Colo 400t I can see a track of the filights to and from. Any ideas as to how to export the flight tracks, I cant find them in any files though they are displayed on screen.???? I have ugraded my unit to 2.4 right after I got home, maybe this is the hitch...
  13. I too have been seeing this hapening. It seems to be kinda hit and miss when I pan across a map screen to look at another area it will leave a blank 1/4 to 1/2 right side of screen when panning to the right. I hpe this re-draw feature will get fixed in the next update!!!!
  14. I would like to see an option of updating the clock to the current time zone as you cross over zones. IE: form pacific time zone driving east and crossing into mountain time zone, the unit would prompt " would you like to use the current time zone of mountain time?" AND I second the request for a landscape display on the COLORADO
  15. Thanks, that will make the choice an easy one!!!
  16. I have mapsource v4 and v6 on my computer and have used them on older units (v4 with a GPS V and v6 on a quest and 60cs.) I have a Garmin 478 and now the Colorado 400t. On the 478 is City Nav CN and I have the update data CD of 2008. I have installed this on the 478, but I can not use this on my PC it only updated the 478 unit. Here is my reqest for help. I want City Nav 2008 NT on my PC for routing purposes and then to be able to put maps on the Colorado. I find that Garmin offers 2 media formats, the CD and the SD card with this map data on it. I know the data from the CD will work in this application. so the QUESTION will be: can I load the same data to my PC from the SD card ( I have a Card-reader), then can I use the SD card in my Colorado for maps as well.?????? I have a second question of how do I remove the old maps from my PC ( v=the V4 and V6) once I get the new 2008 NT version on there. I no longer have the old gps units that used that mapping software.
  17. I have had the opportunity to use a Radar Speed Gun along side of a Garmin GPS V and a Quest. Both Garmin units read the same speed as the gun while driving straight. I used them on the surface streets and the freeway. Speeds were accurate both at low speeds 15-35 as well as freeway speeds of 50-75MPH. I did find some error when turning on city streets, but this is more due to doppler shift causing an error in the Radar. Hope this helps.
  18. Thankd for the back-Up info. I have now done this and I am trying to get my old list of waypoints to go to the new colorado unit. Ihave saved them as a .GPX file and opened the "drive" of Garmin on my computer. I have pasted a copy of the waypoint file on an SD disc in the unit, safely disconected it and then power up the GPS. I went to waypoints in the menu and all that is there is the facotry 3 garmin locations. I then reconected the gps to the computer and saved the file in garmin-gpx-profiles as described in the owners manual. again upon repowering it up, all I can find is the factory 3 waypoints. I want to add my National Parks TOPOs as well but I am missing somthing here and cant get the unit to locate any added data. Just a COLORADO NUB..... Please help me!
  19. I am due to have my 400T delivered this morning, I have read all of the posts I can find on this new unit. I have owned the III+, V, 7200, 478, and 60CS. My request is for help on this new format of the Colorado unit. I have read some posts of users backing up the units data (Maps, POI and such) so as not to lose it while doing updates. What is the process to do the backup and what must be saved????? I as well wonder about the discussion on the base data from the 300 being more detailed in world maps vs the data of the 400 series. Could we obtain a copy of the map data from a 300 and put it into the 400 series, since we can save and possibley corupt or erase base data???
  20. Steve (source gps) I will be buying one of the Colorado 400T when available, I would be interested in the extended plan you offer.
  21. Apersson850 thanks for the repley. in the meantime I found this review with pictures.... enjoy... I can't wait to get the 400T http://www.gpsmagazine.com/2008/01/garmin_...400t_review.php
  22. Aperson850, I have a couple of questions as to the set up of this colorado, can you do both horizontal and vertical screen like the old GPS V, and is there a port in there maybe on the top? I see in the specs, there is a caribener included,where does it hook to? can you confirm the scale of the topos in the T model. 1:24 or 1;100 ? as well it says at garmin that the user will be able to customize the display, can you change the boxes like speed, elevation, direction, eta..... Thanks
  23. One more SOFTWARE feature I would like to see is the ability for the GPS unit to ask you to automaticly update to the current time zone as you move locations. IE: driving for say Pacific Time Zone to Mountain Time Zone the unit should prompt with "Would you like to updat to the current timezone?" the unit show a time zone line and this could be easily recognized. I too would like to have the option of a horizontal or vertical orientation of the unit like the V had. maybe with all of this discussion GARMIN will listen and include the features.
  24. There may be some usable parts.... I called Garmin and they will replace it for $150. I would have to send htem the broken unit to get this deal. I aske if i could upgrade and they said no it is replacement only. I did some searching on new GPS product and found Magellan has this comming out this month..... I bet Garmin wil be competitive.... GO GARMIN.... I have owned 6 of thier models , but I am seriously looking this magellan over.... touch screen and lots of features http://www.magellangps.com/products/produc...amp;prodID=1910
  25. I have just destroyed my trusy Garmin 60cs( I ran it over ) I am looking to replace it and I see Garmin is offering a $50 rebate on the 60csx I am wondering if Garmin will be releasing new/different units in this class at say maybe the Consumer Electronics Show in Jan 2008???? I as well am looking at the Rino 530hcx that seems to be the same GPS unit as the 60csx with the addition of the radio features. Any thoughts......???
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