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  1. Ah well I need to know how to do it on the ground .. in a 40 acre field Google maps isnt going to help much there Still hoping there is a way
  2. Is it possible to mark two points and then find a point that is on a straight line between those two points? (Garmin Dakota 20) Thanks
  3. You could come north from Chch to beautiful sunny Marlborough Stop at Kaikoura on the way to see the whales Stop again at Kekerengu to enjoy the beautiful beach .. or if the wind is in the wrong direction you could take photos of the impressive waves When you get to Blenheim (we have camping ggrounds and backpackers) tour the vineyards by bicycle or in a mini bus (organised) The travel on up to Picton (only 26km) to explore the sounds. There is good walking. Yes Marlborough has some caches too :-)
  4. I would have assumed [before looking] that it was double blind stuff and that it had to be under the fake rock ... then would have felt like banging my head on the rock I'm new at this so dont have any opinions based on tradition I'd rather find a dummy container than a wet soggy useless unattended 'normal' cache.
  5. Please contact me by email and I will help ... you could send some flat travellers for the kids to track as well
  6. After an abortive start 3+ yrs ago and then a very long gap I have a new toy and I am ready to start again I'd like to know what happens if I change the name we use. Does it go back and change all the records so our totals will accumulate or is it a fresh start?
  7. Hi there 2 more of us down here on south island team canajanz and farmer bill we have not been playing lately due to need for new GPS but we ARE here
  8. I am a very inexperienced geocacher who operated for a while with a borrowed GPS. Now I am going to buy my own but dont really know what to look for. I'd welcome input on the relative merits (or not) of teh following Garmin Etrex GPAMAP60CSX GPS60 eTrex Legend eTrex Vista cx eTrex Vista I'm new at using this forum so will accept email also at canajanz at xtra dot co dot nz Thanks for any help you all can give me
  9. I seem to have a problem The wee direction indicators which show where the caches are in relation to home co-ordinates are pointing the wrong way. I entered my home coordinates ... .. I think the problem could be with format The ones I used are degrees minutes seconds and the ones that now show are degrees minutes/seconds decimalised ... How do I deal with that??
  10. OK I *think I get it 41* 30.347 = 41* 30' 21" because it means .347 x 60 which = 20.82 seconds How awkward
  11. If he gets as far north as Blenheim I will either take it off him or show him where to put it in a cache
  12. Possible problem .. still no solution I see that the cordinates I input have changed ... I used degrees, minutes, seconds and they now read as degrees, decimal minutes. How do I deal with that?
  13. I don't know if Iam on the "wrong" side of the planet but I am definitely on the far side
  14. So the map on this page accurately shows your home and surrounding neighborhood? NO it doesn't. From the little that shows on that map I think it is at least several blocks away. The direction indicators think that a nearby cache is SW .45km when it is actually NW about .2km. How will I ever find the difficult ones if I can't find home ? Still hoping to find an answer
  15. I put the coordinates in and as far as I know they are accurate. It occurred to me that there might be some sort of offset sytem in place (as in Minute War) and that I have just not discovered it yet.
  16. On the page which shows 'caches listed closest to home co-ordinates' ... I see that the wee direction indicators and matching NW/SE descriptors don't actually give accurate info. They seem to assume that I live north and west of my actual location. Can anyone help me sort this out?
  17. I see there are members from Nova Scotia to California so hope that someone has travelled with their GPS unit. I want to buy a GPS unit here in New Zealand ... but will it work when I come home to Canada?
  18. Is it legitimate for me to send a hitch-hiker on his way with someone else ... to be delivered to another geocacher farther up country? Or am I bound to place him in a new cache myself?
  19. As a resident alien I am not sure that I understand the local love of Pavlova ... much ado about nothing My daughter would like to second the hokey pokey vote and add chocolate fish!
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