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  1. I love it, but I just wish I could zoom on maps. Oh well, next phone or gps i buy will be expensive and make up the difference. I'm thinking oregon or iphone, but i have been with verizon forever, they are so geocacher unfriendly, but i get by
  2. I too use verizon, and my phone died today. I was looking into the phones that will support Geocache Navigator, but I need a phone now so I am sticking with verizon. I then thought I might get the phone with web access so i can look up my location, I already know from my GPS reciever, on geocaching.com. So I tested the new voyager model in the store but I had a lot of trouble viewing the website and I wasn't getting any assistance. I think I am just going to get whatever cheap phone is available and look forward to a good internet accessing phone in the next couple of years. Maybe the geocache navigator will have improvements by then too, even though it looks awesome already!
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