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  1. I have found a number of small caches.... the fact that you find them is great, even though in this area they are not as good and the caches have been almost forgotten about... but will still search and go further afield.. Found some great containers to use... and will maybe do more caches later.. certainly seems to be a need for new stuff in this sleepy village I live in...
  2. That looks a nifty piece of craftmanship … cool
  3. NOt replacing any6thing that is NOT mine.
  4. I would never replace the log as that isn't my area or property..but I have on 2 occasions added some clean paper roll I always contact the CO if there is any issues. But thanks for the tips..
  5. Maybe in google speak, but not in real life if you are a local! its well over an hour.. windy roads etc...
  6. If I ever get into a city I shall take a look,. we have nothing like that where we are. Thanks for the tip.
  7. awesome... I have found a couple of great ones, and a couple of iffy ones... love xmas ..and will , maybe if I continue with this.. put out some really cool ones full of xmas goodies.
  8. yes, just went back onto my log and saw, yes I found a regular one which was lots of fun to find.. Monty Pylon, dry new and a good log book... anyway Logging off from these forums for a while....
  9. Must have found more than 2 then... some where awesome.. sorry MUST do better when trying to explain things on this forum.... "sigh"
  10. Good. I would hate to have a stalker!
  11. me neither.... feels uncomfortable someone saying they will watch me!
  12. You've found a couple "regular"-sized caches. What were they ?he only regular caches I have found was old plastic boxes.... broken and wet logs with stuff in it that had never been changed, was really disappointing as its said it was a xmas cache LOL that's why I traipsed halfway up a hill!
  13. You guys are really great, got SO much information on here many thanks...
  14. Im going to search for ketostix containers and matchstick containers they seem to be a good choice...
  15. I had floated all mine in a bucket of water to test the waterproofness of them
  16. It is a place where beauty is in abundance even though the caches are not. But a super place to roam... Will definitely geo some other places in the world... I had lived in Sweden just 3 years ago and looking back there was tons of them LOL
  17. "sometimes things are not as they seem".. I hope that's not as creepy as it sounds!!
  18. watching Me? I certainly hope not..
  19. quite.. Its is marvelously sleepy in Alentejo....
  20. really cool caches! not found anything like that here just yet, just a lot of broken ones.. But I live in hope... Our area is very isolated, and lots of trees abandoned building etc.. no big city near by, and Covid stops us from going into Lisbon and places to search.. later though maybe.
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