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  1. I wouldn't recommend bare feet, though you might get away with it. One of the more common roadside grasses puts out a nasty burr - "sand spurs". And there are other common roadside stinging plants. The regular roadkill means there are a lot of anthills right along the road edge too. Also we have a bad problem here with Fire Ants so I never go out with out shoes on. Not even flip flops cut it, if you aren't paying attention and you step on a fire ant hill with out shoes on you'll be sorry. Yeah I live ~1 hour away from those so, just old sneakers and you should be fine. Edit: Just read Coleclan's Post. Yep listen to him he lives closer than I do.
  2. At least you all got the email. I'm premium and I didn't get it. And yes I checked all my filter boxes.
  3. Well I have about 10 Pokemon now, and tonight when I go out for my daily cache I'll definitely be on the look out. I'll just be staring at a different map while I walk to the cache.
  4. I like Geo Tracker. Simple and easy to use.
  5. I pretty sure it was Wired magazine like in 2002/2003 when it was still mainly only message boards, maybe a site or two. Didn't sign up until 2010 and then got very deterred by a cache I just couldn't find near my office in NYC though I knew where 3 others were, I didn't want to find them until I found the first one. Fast forward 6 years and I saw someone mention it in an article so I decided to try again and now I'm 165 days into a streak since I started.
  6. Initials should be fine. On tiny logs I'll often abbreviate by handle to IOE. My wife's handle is not as long as yours but still too long for a lot of logs and we abbreviate it to BSM but we always mention we were together so any CO would know that IOE + BSM is IOError and BobsMonkey. There is a guy around here CuteLittleFuzzyMonkey who signs all logs as CLFM and every one knows who it is so it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Sounds great - I'd be concerned of some idiot forcing it though..... Also - as a finder I'd appreciate a clear definition of when it will be unlocked in the description, and the RTC to be accurate enough so you could plan your arrival at GZ..... Great advice, and I'll absolutely apply it to the description. Finished my "Timing is Everything" cache, GC6KHV3. It should be published soon. Timing is Everything Looks great! I'd wait around for that since the wait is now only 15 minutes. If this was in the desert and you missed your window there would be no sticking around for an hour in the summer.
  8. I'm working on 1) Finishing 366 (138 Days now). 2) Getting out a few caches. I have a puzzle ready now I just need to find a location, think I have one. And I've got plans for a hanging cache that also needs a location. 3) Finishing the South Florida Counties Challenge (Only 8 left).
  9. You might want to check your county website to see if they have the Plat information online. I know mine does, you can click on any bit of land in the county and it will pull up the records, or the county tax collector / assessor.
  10. Again, there's a wide margin between what is actually required of cache owners and cache finders, and what should be considered "best practices." Of course there are any number of ways the situation could be avoided. The cache could have written a more detailed log, and the cache owner could have restrained his/her personal emotions upon receiving the late log. It's a two-way street. Geocachers are a diverse group of humans, not robots, with varied quirks and pet peeves. In reality, we are prone to disappointing each other on occasion. Digging our heels in about what people should do in an ideal world just doesn't work in this game. I agree. That's why in this situation with things as they stand, that's how they are left. Done. If anything else had been done this wouldn't be a topic and we wouldn't be spending days on this.
  11. I have read this whole thread over days. This whole thing comes down to a question of due diligence. In this case both parties failed. If the CO were of the mind that this type of logging should be questioned they should have kept the logs. They did not do their due diligence. The finder should have logged their find in a timely fashion (NOTE: This is not always possible and by no means a requirement of any type). They didn't. They did not perform their due diligence in this matter. So when both parties fail to perform their due diligence in any matter the way it stands at the end of the day is the way it is left. The success of either party to perform their due diligence in this matter would have avoided this situation in it's entirety. Since both parties failed the situation stands as is. That's how most any transaction works. Just my two cents.
  12. What irks me the most are people who can't take the extra 30 seconds to put the log back in the baggie and then seal it and fold it and put it in the cache like someone fully in possession of opposable thumbs. Instead all I find are crumpled logs in an unsealed baggie stuffed in the cache like you left a toddler to do it. Other than that pretty laid back about the whole thing, so far.
  13. Go to Project-GC.com and do a map compare with only yourself choose "None Found" then add the filter "show disabled/archived" then uncheck disabled. And this will show you all the archived caches and ones you haven't found too.
  14. So that's how I got those needles stuck in my arm in Tucson last week. I swear I didn't touch anything but none the less tons (10 to 15) spines stuck in my arm. Luckily I noticed right away and it wasn't that bad, took about 5-7 minutes to get them all out.
  15. Those are freaking cool! Wow good on you!
  16. Off Topic: Love the James May quote!
  17. My rule of thumb is if I have the container in one hand and the log in the other hand I found it. If I can't sign the log (too wet, full, etc.) and I can't rectify the situation (e.g. Wait for it to dry out a bit, Add another piece of paper with my name*, etc.). I'll take a picture of the log and the container in it's location, then I'll log the find and mail the picture to the CO (I won't post it with the log) and add that detail in my log so they can check their email. By extension if I see the cache and can't get it (too high, too deep, too anything), find a container I can't open, or whatever, that's a DNF. *I've only run into two so far where I absolutely couldn't sign the log and along with my Found It log, I sent my picture to the CO AND a NM log was added in each occasion.
  18. Just another idea someone gave me when I got started and ran into this situation. Take a picture of the container and log together if you can (DO NOT get the hide in the picture) just to prop up your find if some CO gets persnickety and decides to delete your find, you'll have some proof. I'm paranoid so I take pics of most of my signed logs anyway, I don't include them in the online log but I save them 'Just in case'. My theory is if I have the container in one hand and the log in the other I found it. That being said I've only run into two so far where I absolutely couldn't sign and along with my Found It log, I sent my picture to the CO and a NM log was added.
  19. PnG Trail of 100 Challenge Caches: https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?ll=27.802929,-80.941333&z=12#?ll=27.802929,-80.941333&z=12 Ha! I just saw these on the map the other day while thinking of heading up to the wild middle of the state.
  20. My fiancee and I found a TB this weekend and retrieved it from the cache. So far so good. She left some trade goods behind and picked up the TB. This was our first TB find so being a nice guy and since she left stuff, she 'retrieved' the TB and put it in her inventory (I still need to add a 'discovered' log). Again so far so good. Now I know what to do with the TB, is to get it someplace nice for another friendly cacher to pick up and move along. My fiancee is all on board with that and excited to do it. We will be heading some place nice this or next weekend where we can drop it off, so will do. Here is my question, she isn't a big cacher, but I go out every day. Should I 'grab' the TB from her and 'dip' it into all the caches I visit between now and then for the TB owner, then have her grab it back before we pass it along and drop it off, or just leave it in her possession until we drop it off? The TB's goal is "To travel the world". On another note If I were to go with the dip route, would it automatically dip into the caches that I log if it were in my possession, or would I have to place it in the cache and the retrieve it each time? Thanks. I/O Error
  21. Details please about the camera? It's a 5.5mm Waterproof endoscope with approximately 5m of cable. It has 6 built in LED lights surrounding the lens with brightness adjustment and photo trigger on the cabled remote. It has an attachable hook, magnet, and mirror. Mine can either work off my phone or my laptop (with included software and dongle). Not highly direct-able like you see in the movies but still is pretty cool. You can find oodles of them on any shopping site like Amazon or Ebay, search 'USB Endoscope' or 'USB Camera Snake'. There are all different lengths, quality, etc. but I haven't seen one for over $30ish they can be had for as little as $13.99. I love mine, wish the mirror attachment was better, but other than that can't complain. Weight is about the same as 5 meters of USB cable, so it's lite. It's great for situations where you might use a hand mirror or need to get some light into a tight location (e.g. railings, knot holes, around corners) or if like me you are shorter, you can tape it to a stick to look above your head. It also is pretty good with wide view stuff too.
  22. Between the two above that pretty much covers my pack, I'd add gloves mentioned above both work and latex, Hemostats, and I have a tiny USB camera snake that attaches to my phone($25), and a compass just in case.
  23. +1 Though I'd be happy with an online log today that doesn't include a find count, that helpful, big cache-page smiley (reminding me I found it) is what keeps me logging online. +1 for me too. It's the only reason I can see to log online personally. It's the same reason I use goodreads for books. I'm lazy about "paperwork" type things in general, and these sites just take that task off my plate and allow me to focus on, and enjoy, just wandering around and reading.
  24. Update #2: Went to the flea market and bought some really long hemostats, worked like a charm. Also got some medical grade tweezers. Though it cost me $7 this was a great cache. The find is logged.
  25. Just an update. I went back with tweezers and still couldn't get it. I then messaged the CO with the information being very specific on the location. I didn't bring up the logging question at all. They responded that I had found the cache, that it is where it is supposed to be, they said they would stop by this weekend to check it out just in case it was messed up somehow. They didn't invite me to log it as found, so as it stands, it is found, and unlogged as either a find or a DNF. I'll just keep banging my head against it till I get the grab and sign it.
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