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  1. Hallo, wer hat Lust, am Sonntag (13. April) mit uns die Mysterie-Runde "Nicht noch ne Dose im Wald" (http://coord.info/GC3Q95V) und zugehörige Bonusrunde zu machen? Der Owner hat angekündigt, sie im Mai zu archivieren, also müssen wir vorher noch hin... Im Moment sind wir zu zweit (itsbrody und ich), aber wie wir von anderen Cachern gehört haben, ist es bei dieser Runde gut, wenn man zu mehreren ist... Viele Grüße, Christian von tadaima
  2. No one is making you use Facebook, not even Groundspeak. Once you are logged in with your regular Groundspeak credentials, the Facebook login button doesn't even show up. Yes, you say it: "Once you are logged in". But everytime I log in I have to scroll down to find the geocaching login possibility. Facebook is speading out far too much!
  3. Concerning the login page: why is the facebook login above the Groundspeak login?? Are facebook members more important than geocaching members? Since this is the geocaching community, I think that the geocaching login should appear first!
  4. After disabling the web guard it works again. So its an Avira problem? But it worked with enabled web guard before your last site update...
  5. When creating a pocket query in which I want to include or exclude certain attribute, nothing happens when clicking on the respective attribute. Also changing the attributes of an existing pocket query is not possible. I'm using Firefox 10.0.1 on Windows XP.
  6. The menu bar on top of the page ("Learn", "Your Profile", etc) does not work properly. Until yesterday a sub menu opened when the mouse was over a menu item. Now it does not open any more. When clicking on it, the first entry of the sub menu opens, but how can I access the other sub menu items? I'm using Firefox 10.0.1 on Windows XP. UPDATE: This also seems to be related to the Avira Webguard, like described here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=290431 When I disable the webguard, the menu bar works properly. But this cannot be the solution...
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