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  1. Hey, CTKayak, don't feel alone. Unless you walk in wearing camo, the guys in the surplus store here look at you, and ask if they can help you (accompanied by a really curious look)...because they're pretty sure you're in the WRONG place. But, at least they're nice guys. If anything they joke around with you... and never even call you a 'dumb girl". So, don't be intimidated by the crochety old man... there are other places that would be happy to help us! You'd think the surplus stores would be used to anything BUT the stereotype customer. These days they get everything from magicians (lock pick sets), to geocachers, to the high school kid looking for camo... Good Luck!!
  2. I think it looks great!!! I think the 'dimple' effect adds to the uniqueness of it! Make as many as you can! They look GREAT!!
  3. Not that I'm not concerned about the safety of any of us, but my first concern was the birds nest. If we're all out looking for and in birds nest, aren't we disturbing nature? The first time someone comes across a real nest and leave a scent, we've altered the environment... Which would be the last thing any of us would really want to do...
  4. I don't know if anyone saw it, but there's a link at that bottom of that ebay auction. www.geocachecontainers.com . I have mixed thoughts on the false birdsnest cache/container... but, it's good for ideas. have fun!!
  5. As a NooB, the thought of the forums without the regulars scares the cr@p out of me!!! The regulars are the ones who come up with answers to repeated questions, and requests for hints and tips with relative clarity and promptness. It's kind of nice to see a question pop up on the forums, and think 'yeah, that IS a good question' and within 5-10 minutes, there's usually an answer. And as stated before, usually a couple of wise cracks to go along with it... but that's what makes it fun in my opinion... But, I also must say, that I'm still new enough that I haven't seen the tension that others sometimes speak of... So, there's my humble opinion... I personally think it'd be kind of boring around here with out all of you... regular or not!!! :
  6. Hi All!! Just wanted to say HI... and, yes, I'm a nooB. I got my much awaited eTrex Legend for Christmas, but with the snow, flooding...oh, and that job thing I have, I haven't had a chance to go OUT yet!! I live on the north side of Indy. A friend, and an InTake article gave me the GC heads up last summer (went out a few times, made our finds, but didn't do anything too serious), and it's been doing a slow burn in my mind since then. I figure it will get my body moving and keep my brain sharp...or at least occupied!... at the same time... so, I'm itching to go searching... as soon as Mother Nature cooperates! I read about the get-together Tuesday, but I had plans, and figured I should actually DO something before meeting others! Hope to meet you all soon... at an arranged get together, or out tracking at cache!! Is there some secret handshake I need to learn?!?!? THANKS for all the info I've already read from the forums!!! Edit: spelling!
  7. OH, "Pick Me, Pick Me!" Since I'm still new, I've been reading about caching all this time, but haven't looked into the advantages of being a premium member... any input? Pros? Cons (like there would really be any cons, I'm sure)? Thanks!!!!
  8. I first heard about GC last summer… there was an article in a local paper the same week a friend mentioned it to me! He told me the basics, and that weekend we were out caching. Found a couple, but never logged onto the site. I love the puzzle/scavenger hunt aspect of it. As Cpendlay said about her other half, I HAVE to figure out how everything works (Yeah, it’s a good thing I have REALLY patient friends...and mechanics!), so it's great to move the body, and occupy the mind. Anyway, the friend who started me travels a lot, and takes his GPS with him, so there was no adventuring on my own. Finally, I asked for and received my very own eTrex Legend for Christmas. As it is, I’m just ITCHING to be out looking… Now, if it would only stop raining, snowing, icing, oh, and flooding, I’d be set! I AM learning a lot on the site and forums though. However, I’m also coming up with a list of more questions!! A double edged sword if I’ve ever seen one! I read this earlier on GeoSar’s info… “I use Mulit-Billion dollar Military satelites to find Tupperware, hidden in the woods.” I had to laugh… makes us sound like a bunch of kids with big toys….oh…wait….. Thanks for all the help so far!! Nicole
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