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  1. Just as GPS has replaced LORAN, could the next generation of location devices be on the way? I read a news article about TV-GPS that will work indoors and out and eliminate many of the weaknesses of Satellite based tracking for terrestrial applications. Check it out at this web site Rosum TV-GPS Yours aye,
  2. "Now that's funny I don't care who you are... that's funny!"
  3. Good thing I'm here because if I wasn't I wouldn't be. Or at least I don't think so. Although yesterday I was beside myself. Nope, don't think it was me. Yours aye,
  4. I can't really speak to geocaching in Israel but I did visit there back in 1996. I like to hike etc. so a couple of us set off to explore a remote canyon not far from the Dead Sea. We hadn't gone more than a half hour or so when we were met by some Israeli solders who quietly asked us to return to the road. I'm guessing that some type of surveillance camera or detector had picked us up. Things are quite a bit more unsettled now than they were then. I'm assuming anyone who places a geocache knows the area and what is "safe" and what isn't but don't be surprised if someone is watching. Yours aye,
  5. Connecticut Style: There won't be one until they figure out how to put a tax on it. Maine Style: You can't get thayah from heeyah! Massachusetts Style: All caches have to be painted blue. Rhode Island Style: They only have room for micros. Yours aye
  6. The Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. The preamble is also very clear that one of the basic objectives of The Consititution is to “provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty” You could draw the conclusion therefore, that taking photographs in most situations would be a right guaranteed under the Constitution. But where it endangers our “defence” or “welfare” it could be regulated and often is. I’m not a lawyer but I guess I'm entitled to my opinion (even if ill-informed) under the Constitution. Yours aye,
  7. I went with the windshield suction mount which I can move from car to car without having to use any adhesive. Works great for me. http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10361%2D00 Good luck. Yours aye
  8. My wife usually just thanks me, then goes to sleep. I know, I know - this is a serious discussion, but I've been looking at that title for days now and I just couldn't resist anymore. You can go back to 'real' thread now. Yours aye,
  9. Thanks Z15. It is located in the center of the town of Prospect, Connecticut. I'm very familiar with the area. From the location on the topographical map it is next to a main road in a maintained area - grassy - mowed etc. I may just poke around to see if I see anything. I know the road was laid in the 1930's. I'm sure it has been rebuilt and widened several times since then but I don't recall any work being done in recent memory. I really just wasn't sure what "restricted" meant. Thanks for the help. The elevation would be in feet in this case - 852 feet would be right for our area. I wish we were 852 meters - the skiing would be better! Yours aye,
  10. I located a BM 852 on a topographic map. Entered the Lat / Long in the NGS search engine and found a monument designation LX 7202 at that location. It is not listed in the geocaching.com data base and neither are several others which according to the Topo are in the same general area. When I pulled up the Data Sheet I got the following (see below). What does it mean? - is the monument no longer there? The explanation code seems to indicate that it is "Restricted" - Sorry but I'm confused. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- - This listing contains control for which complete digital - - data sheets where not provided. The complete data sheets were - - not provided for the reason listed below. The reason below is - - associated with a horizontal control Nonpub code shown under - - the heading 'H' and/or a vertical control Nonpub code shown under - - the heading 'v' - - - - The format of the records are as follows: - - Pid = Station Permanent Identifier) - - Name = Station Designation - - Lat = Approx. Latitude (Degrees, Minutes, truncated Seconds) - - Lon = Approx. Longitude (Degrees, Minutes, truncated Seconds) - - O = Horizontal Order - - o = Vertical Order - - H = Horizontal Nonpub Code - - v = Vertical Nonpub Code - - - - H Nonpub HORIZONTAL CONTROL NONPUB REASON - - -------- -------------------------------- - - X Surface Mark Reported Destroyed - - Y Surface and underground mark reported destroyed - - A A-Order Horizontal mark not tied to an adjusted HARN - - C C-Nonoperational CORS Station - - W Weakly determined position. - - P Purpose of position is not for network control - - D No Descriptive Text available - - R Restricted position - - O Outside NGS Publication Area - - N No geodetic control at this mark - - - - v Nonpub VERTICAL CONTROL NONPUB REASON - - -------- ------------------------------ - - X Surface Mark Reported Destroyed - - Y Surface and underground mark reported destroyed - - F Bench Mark not yet adjusted. - - D No Descriptive Text available - - Z Presumed destroyed - - R Restricted elevation - - O Outside NGS Publication Area - - N No geodetic control at this mark - - - - - - NOTE - Stations found in this listing may still have a valid - - datasheet produced by use of other publishable values. - - For example, an ADJUSTED height may be non-publishable - - but a good GPS height might be found on the datasheet. - - This listing does not imply that values found on the datasheet - - are restricted. If it's on the datasheet, use it. - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pid Name Lat Lon Elev O o Hv ------ ------------------------------ ---------- ----------- -------- - - -- >LX7202 5840 41 30 17.7/072 58 45.9 2 R
  11. Thanks Cardinal Red. One thing I've learned in my short time on this forum is that there are alot of really talented people out there and I knew somebody could come up with the answer. So since magnetic declination only operates in one direction ( + or - ). If you start at point A and walk 50 feet using your compass, the MOST you would expect to be off is 9.6'. That would put you close enough to find almost any cache I would think. Now here is another thought I had. If say, just for discussion, your GPSr was showing accuracy of 22', you could be standing anywhere within a 44' diameter circle relative to your true location. If you then took your compass out and started to walk toward where you think the cache should be, allowing for those 11 degrees of declination, does that mean the cache would lie somewhere within a circle 53.6 feet wide (44 plus 9.6) ? I think I'm getting a head ache. Yours Aye.
  12. My two pesos 1. If you are using your GPSr to get you within 50 feet or so of a cache then using your compass to finish up, the degree of declination isn't going to make any difference. I'm not good with the math but an 11 degree difference over a 50 foot path is going to put you off by, what, maybe a foot or so. Since your GPSr is probably at best accurate to about 15 to 20 feet you're going to be searching for the cache anyway. Now on the other hand, if you are going several miles then you better know what you are dealing with. 2. I'm no expert, but I don't think how far north or south you are has a whole lot to do with declination, short of being on the Arctic Circle. I have seen a wide variation in declination within a degree or two of the same latitude. Yours aye,
  13. FYI - I received this in an email today from Deb Brown regarding an agency designation for National Map Corps volunteers in reporting benchmarks --- Thanks Deb. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  14. You've received lots of good pointers here but I'll add a quick thought too. I'm new to geocaching but have been a sailor for many years using Loran and older GPS units on sailing vessels. I bought the Legend this winter and it was my first unit with mapping. After doing a few caches I realized that I found it much easier to use the map screen if I put in in "Head Up" mode rather than "North UP". I'm not sure why this is, since I believe I have a pretty good sense of direction. But I was much better able to orient myself to the cache if the GPSr map was "aiming" the way I was walking with the bearing line pointed in the same direction if I was going the right way. (?Hope that makes sense?) Just a thought. Yours aye
  15. I'm new to the benchmarking game and did my first two finds this week. Finding them was easy using the information posted but I noticed that the lat/long was off by several hundred feet. Should I post the updated lat/long based on the gps readings on my find notes or would that be considered "spoiling" the search for someone else. I'm not too sure on the etiquette here. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  16. The first time I ever used my Etrex Legend I dropped it onto the pavement while getting out of my truck. I said a verrrry bad word but the Etrex didn't have a mark on it. Whew. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  17. Isn't "reality TV" an oxymoron? I prefer the reality without the TV myself. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  18. We are preparing to place our first cache. The area is a public park (permission granted) and during the summer has a day use fee of $4.00 per car. I couldn't find any reference to this in the guidelines and was wondering if this fee is problem for the cache? I would clearly state what the fee is in the description of the cache site. There is another section of the area with no fee involved so I was actually considering two caches - one for seekers not inclined to pay the fee - so no one would leave empty handed. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  19. Are there any trees still standing around the lot that you cleared? Trees tend to be fairly specific to a micro-climate i.e. swamp vs hill side, dry forest vs. damp etc. You might be able to find another small tree of the same type near where you took this specimen from. The leaves will be out in a couple months. Just a thought. Yours aye, The Prospectors Do you have Locust, Ironwood or Witch Hazel in your area?
  20. I'll second the Gramicci pants -- a bit pricy but they wear well. Depending on the fabric some stay very cool in the summer and dry very fast if you get them wet. I usually check the clearance sales on line with outfitters and get good prices for discontinued items. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  21. I think your use of the term "wa-la" is incorrect in this context. It should be 'voila' which is French for something like 'I see'. Unless you are using the abbreviation "wa-la" which of course is short for 'wa-la'l be damned'. Interesting post none the less. Yours aye, The Prospectors
  22. Short List - All Islands: Cutty Hunk Cape Breton Elbow Cay Jost Van Dyke Clar Innis It's a start. Yours Aye, The Prospectors
  23. I agree, I think I am going to make it a project for this year and probably next to obtain the coorinates of as many of the burial sites as I can. I just did a search on interment locations in my files, I have 972 of them. Maybe I had bettewr make that a five year project Take your time - after all they're not going anywhere I've been taking as many digital pictures of headstones as I can and embedding them into my paf files. Adding a lat/long would be a nice touch especially for the hard to find ones. Now we just need a snappy name for the process - gencaching perhaps or what about coldcaching errrr maybe not. Someone more creative than I am will come up with something. Yours aye, The Prospectors "Road? Where we're going we don't need - roads!" Dr. Emmett Brown
  24. You may be on to something there -- gives new meaning to 'buried treasure'! I'm also into genealogy and waypoint marking tombstones sounds like a darn good idea - think I'm going to give it a try. Other hobbies: skiing(alpine and nordic), snowshoeing, sailing, hiking of any kind - locating interesting wildflowers for my wife to photograph, Scottish Festivals and Highland Games, and now a geocaching newbie. Yours aye, The Prospectors "Road? Where we're going we don't need - roads" Dr. Emmett Brown
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