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  1. Thank you both for the helpful replies! I'll look into both solutions. Best, CLF.
  2. Hi all. I'm traveling overseas soon and would like an iOS app which will preload any spoiler images after importing my PQ. I'll be caching in the jungle with no connectivity. It seems all the many apps I've tried, at best, will only allow you to download images from the cache page one at a time. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! CLF.
  3. I haven't generated PQs for months, and yet here I am, trying, and just like last time, they are not generating. I received an email saying both of mine were available for download, but after 20 mins now, one still isn't available to download. It makes you wonder what our fees actually go toward....
  4. Hola, I've been waiting on a PQ checked for "Thursday" for some time, now. I haven't cached and created a PQ in some time, so perhaps this kind of wait is now SOP? CLF.
  5. Hi all, I used to cache using an Android, and I really loved using a combination of c:\geo, Neongeo, and Locus (for offline caching). I've recently moved to an iPhone and am wondering if anyone knows of theses apps' equivalent on the iOS. Thanks! CLF.
  6. Thanks again for the help, it's nice to see such a wide selection of apps available for Android caching.
  7. Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. I'll check into both of your suggestions. Cheers, CLF.
  8. Hi all, I finally bought a smartphone, and I'm really enjoying the Android OS. I know there are multiple caching apps (from Groundspeak's to GDAK to c:geo), and I've read a lot about each here on the boards. Thanks, btw, to all who've contributed. But I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Is there a way (or an app, or some apps in conjunction) to see caches that I'm simply driving by? I know I can use GSAK and export my databases to my Android, but since it seems that loading .gpx files is a bit, well, outdated and unnecessary, with a constant data connection. Surely there must be an app which simply shows me where I am, but with caches popping up as I drive down the road (again, caches not pre-loaded from a .gpx file). Thanks for your input. CLF.
  9. We've been caching since '04. We took a 2 yr break because we were raising our daughter. We just started caching again...and the site's down. Some things never change. *sigh*
  10. Just tagging an old but helpful thread for later.
  11. Wow, didn't know a 16G would work, nice! Thanks. Any tips on brand names that have worked for you? Again, I know not all micro SD cards are created equally. I only use Kingston brand. Never had a problem with them. Thanks, I appreciate everyone's feedback.
  12. Wow, didn't know a 16G would work, nice! Thanks. Any tips on brand names that have worked for you? Again, I know not all micro SD cards are created equally.
  13. I was very dissapointed when I found out that I could not access the information from the SD card on my 450, on the 550T I am able to save pictures to it though. my recommendation is not to waste your money on a card for the 450 as you cant access the data. Hi, and thanks for the help! But, erm, when I plug my 450 into my PC with a USB cord, I can see both the unit and the SD card on it without any problems. I just figured with an SD card reader I could save a step and just save large maps on the cards and swap the cards in and out of my unit. CLF.
  14. Hi all, What's the largest microSD card that an Oregon 450 can handle? Any brand recommendations? I know their quality varies quite a bit. A recommendation for a USB microSD reader would be appreciated, too. Thanks! CLF.
  15. Hi all, Is there any way or tools available to make maps for my Oregon 450 using maps from maps.google.com? For instance, the maps at http://maps.google.com/maps?q=shanghai,+china&hl=en&ll=31.229023,121.515398&spn=0.045504,0.068064&sll=37.788081,-66.181641&sspn=42.624588,69.697266&vpsrc=6&z=14 aren't half bad, and it sure would be nice to have those on my GPS when in Shanghai. I realize that surely any such methods would create maps which weren't routable, but that's not a concern of mine at the moment. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks! CLF.
  16. I made this initial post quite a while ago. I leave in 5 more sleeps! I have a few virtuals bookmarked that I plan on doing, at least one in each of Beijing anf Shanghai. I like virtuals when i travel as they are quick and easy. When I get back, I will let you know how it went. GC Thanks, GC! Happy caching and safe travels! CLF.
  17. I'll be heading to China in March of 2012 (Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai), and considered bringing my Garmin as well. /Tagging this thread for possible future updates. CLF.
  18. Shame on you Garmin. BaseCamp is simply horrible code that is not ready for use. Though my system is hardly a monster, it is a fine machine: Operating System: Windows CPU Type: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz CPU Speed (GHz): 3.18 System Memory (GB): 3.37 Video Card Model: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT I just installed the new version of BC, and it took over a FULL minute to load. The harddrive just hit and hit and hit. BC seems to have been coded in the BC. As a devout Legend then 60CSx then Oregon 450 user, I'm sorely disappointed the software side of Garmin. Perhaps they should just stick to hardware.
  19. Thanks for the help, comrades. Looks like I'll have to do the dreaded and, *gulp*, contact Garmin. Best, CLF.
  20. Hi all, I posted this on Garmin's boards, but they are notoriously ineffective there, and since I do use my Nuvi for caching, as well, I thought I'd ask here. It took me a long time, but I finally found out I had to turn on my car first, then plug the antenna/power cord into my Nuvi 265wt. Ok, now I see "Traffic" enabled in my settings. However, when I set a route, I don't see the green traffic icon (or ANY traffic icon, for that matter) on my way to work. I'm traveling on one of the busiest highways in America, and it's shown as in the coverage zone on Garmin's website. I also do receive traffic MPH signs on my display, and in my traffic settings I see the NAVTEQ lifetime subscription listed. So, anyone have any tips what do I have to do to get the traffic data to appear on my route? Webupdater shows me as up to date. Thanks! CLF.
  21. Here's a really quick route and elevation plot I created using Garmin's MapSource. I created it in about 5 mins (most of that spent trying to recreate your specific route). I couldn't quite tell the streets you took, so mine's an approximation of your route, but hopefully it helps show you at least how a Garmin user would do what you're looking for. Best, CLF.
  22. Doe the new version allow you to disable the Time Viewer? I was shocked when a few versions ago they removed the toggle to not show the Time Viewer. Ugh.
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