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  1. When attaching a picture to a log, emojis are allowed in the title and the description (pics #1 & #2) but when editing a picture to change its title or its description emojis are not processed the same way and output wrong characters (pics #3 & #4)...
  2. The map filter allows filtering on caches with personal notes or corrected coordinates but there is no way to filter caches with field notes. This would be helpful to visualize our finds when writing the logs back home for areas with lots of caches where the caches we did not search obscure the map. In the attached picture, for example, this would allow us to see just the exclamation points...
  3. Log drafts can be edited and saved in the GC App but not on the website. To prepare our logs on our computer, we edit the draft and then copy-paste the edited version in the GC App to save it for future use. It would be easier and more coherent to save the modified version directly on the website.
  4. Most of our uploaded log pictures get stored with the date of the upload as the relevant date for the photo. It would be nice to have the option of getting the date from the EXIF info either by default or by choice.
  5. Same here with the date format bug. We had two different behaviours: with the default date => complaint about the format with day before yesterday => complaint about the selection being out of range In any case, we were not able to go past that stage and get a listing started.
  6. Hi, we are a couple of geocachers from France. We're organizing a small event on the East Coast for the International Geocaching Day to help promote geocaching on Pantai Timur. The event page is there. As said in the description, it will be a very simple get together but it would be nice to meet geocachers there, locals and otherwise... Geocachingly, Gamboy
  7. When searching for a cache, we often need to park at WP which is given in the text but not defined as an actual WP on the site. It would be convenient to be able to add WPs to a cache in the same way we add Notes. And even more useful, if these WPs would sync with the apps as the Notes do... These additional WPs could be used to store calculated stages of multis, mysteries. The site already offers a place to store corrected coordinates but it would be more practical to be able to store personal WPs.
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