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  1. Our county has recently begun a 4H geocaching project and I have volunteered to be the leader. I have been asked to put together a budget proposal for purchasing multiple GPS units. I have been looking at individual units and then trying to get a discount for buying in bulk. Our state office just loaned me this nice bag containing 10 GPS units, cables, compasses, rulers, and a few other things all inside a custom-fitted styrofoam insert in a bag. It was great! I have no idea where to purchase something like this. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing multiple units for school, 4H, scouts, etc? What is the best way to do all this? Any advice would be appreciated so that I can put together an accurate budget proposal.
  2. Hello, I have the information from the Wisconsin cache and need to find a New Zealand partner. Anyone want to team up?
  3. Hello, I'm from Wisconsin and would like to team up with someone from New Zealand. I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings and look forward to finding this cache.
  4. Ooh, choose me! Choose me! I can go out to the Brookfield, WI cache and find the necessary information today. Anyone from Connecticut want to team up?
  5. Thank you geoaware. Yes, I looked into all that. I emailed back and forth with their land use department and was informed of the fee. I chose my words very carefully and told them very respectfully that I was disappointed in their choice to charge this. I must have managed to do so without causing offense because she was very friendly in her continued communication with me and she saved my contact information for a later time if they ever decided to do away with the fee. I did manage to find an area that is actually not NP land and a very cool place for an EarthCache, IMO. I did contact the Montana DOT and they were fine with it as it. Not sure if I even needed to get permission since this is public land but I got it just the same. However, I didn't do a good enough job picking out location-specific logging tasks, which brings me back to my original question. I do have one volunteer for late in the summer, but if anyone is going earlier that would speed up the process. Thanks!
  6. Hello EarthCachers! Last summer I visited Glacier National Park and took information for creating an EarthCache. Actually, I picked several spots but was only able to obtain permission on 1 of them. Anyway, the cache page is all written up and I've obtained permission but when I submitted it the reviewer said that I needed more location-specific tasks so that it couldn't be armchair logged. Good point, I wish I had been more careful when I was on-site! Anyway, we don't have plans to go back any time soon so I was wondering if anyone out there was planning on a spring or summer trip and if you'd be willing to help me out? Thanks!
  7. I have been very happy with my app from Groundspeak for the Android phone. But in the last week, whenever I log a find from my phone it posts it multiple times. A few days ago it posted 5! duplicate logs. It's not the worst problem, I can just go online and delete them, but still an annoyance. But I was wondering if this is a problem from my phone, or if the latest version has some kind of glitch or error in it?
  8. My EC's haven't really been logged much lately due to it being winter. But I am still uploading photos to the EC's that I have done. I like uploading photos and seeing photos that other people have taken.
  9. Thank you for the advice. I will put together something soon.
  10. How exciting! I love EC's and look forward to having a new goal to achieve.
  11. That's what I did with Olympic National Park, I went to the website and found the contact information. Then I sent out an email. I had to wait a few weeks and then I got an email back waiting for some kind of form. Then I filled out the form, waited a few weeks and then got a response. It took a while but everyone was at least pleasant, if slow. I just thought that I remembered someone saying that getting approval in Glacier was impossible. Maybe I just am not remembering right. I will probably just scout out a couple of sites this summer and give it a try. I sure hope that I don't need to wait 2 years though! That's an impressive amount of patience!
  12. I am heading out to Glacier National Park this summer. Of course when I started planning for the trip I scoped out caching opportunities. I was amazed by the lack of EC's in the area. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is because no one has taken the time to create them or if permission is impossible to get. The first EC I created was in Olympic National Park. It took over a month to get the permission but it was eventually granted. Just curious if I should bother going through all the work of creating some EC's if I wouldn't be able to get permission anyway. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  13. No way! I just bought my first geocoin and of course it was an EC coin. But this one is cooler. *pouts*
  14. Here is the KB page telling you how to put a picture in a cache description: Link Thank you so much! *runs off to edit caches*
  15. I hate to admit this but I don't know how to put a picture on to my page listing. So I can't put the banner on. I'm sure this is an easy html code linking to the image hosting site. I just don't know what it is. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks!
  16. All that I saw were excellent. Way to go!
  17. Arrggh! I finally got around to buying my pins and they are all gone. *sigh* Oh well.
  18. I would really like it if we could plug in additional coordinates for multi-caches. I was using a Garmin for the car before and then got the app for my Droid. I love the app! It is so much more accurate than my car gps! But I have gotten spoiled and don't like having to go back to it when doing the multi's. Please find a way to do this! Thanks.
  19. I sometimes cache alone and I sometimes have this problem. Once I brought my camera but the battery was dead. I was using my phone as a gps so I couldn't have the phone in the picture while taking the pic with the phone. I ended up taking a picture of my camera and hoping that the cache lister didn't look too closely and realize that it wasn't a gps.
  20. Hello EC'ers. In the last few months I have developed 4 EC's. I have been a little surprised by the amount of people wanting to log them that didn't meet the requirements. I'm kind a by-the-rules sort of person so I haven't logged an EC without making sure that I met them. Anyway, just curious what other people do. If it seems likely that they have been there and have a photo and other nearby caches listed on their profile is that good enough? I don't really think my logging requirements are very hard. As I am not an expert in geology I have just been asking for questions found at a sign on-site. I am OK with a little flexibility but what is too much?
  21. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. Well, since this post I have actually developed 4 of them. What can I say, I really wanted to earn my platinum level! So here are my answers: 1. My first one was more ecological than anything else. It talked about the unique environment of our only temperate coniferous rainforest. It had just enough information about geological features to squeak by to get approved. My other 3 have been about land formations. 2. Do you feel the guidelines for submission are clearly stated? Are you aware of the recent changes? I had to go back and read them a few times. Plus, I ended up asking Geoaware a lot of questions. He was very patient with me, thank goodness! 3. What is your primary reason for developing an EC? (Master’s requirements, great site you wanted to share, other?) I guess I wanted to do it for the Master's requirement. But the whole reason why I was even trying for the Master's program was because I think EarthCaches are cool! 4. Roughly how much time did you put into research? My second one wasn't too hard and didn't require too much work. The first, third and fourth took me a few days of research. 5. Did you research online or in a library? Consult an expert? I researched at the site and online. 6. How much time did it take to write the page? My first required many revisions so it took a very long time. My second took 1-2 hours. My third and fourth each took 2-3 hours once I started writing, longer of course if you include the research. 7. Have you had to jump through hoops* to get permission? (*Being sent from person to person, major delays or requests for impact statements etc, not just a delay in receiving permission.) I had to jump through a few hoops, really it wasn't too bad. The hardest part was waiting for permission. The first was in a National Park so it took over a month to even get a form asking for permission. Then a few more weeks to get it approved. My third and fourth EC's I got permission fairly soon but the person in charge contacted me many times afterwards to make sure I was treating the area with respect. Once it got approved I sent a link to the pages and he didn't contact me again. Apparently he was satisfied. 8. Did you submit at EarthCache .org or on geocaching.com? geocaching.com 9. Did you find the submission process or forms to be difficult to use? Nope 10. Have you had a submission returned, requesting more information? The first one had to be returned several times. Ugh! It took a while! But that's OK, it was a learning process for me. My following caches were a much smoother process. 11. Did you feel help was available from the EC (forum or local) community if needed? Geoaware was very helpful. I'm sure that if I had felt that I needed more help I could have posted on the forums and gotten it. I don't really know any other cachers locally. :-( 12. How would you rate the overall difficulty you had in developing your EarthCache(s)? Please explain your reasons. It was a bit of a challenge to gather all of the information. But that's fine, it should be. The point of these things is to be educational so I can hardly complain about having to gather information. And on a personal note, I have only been caching for 5 months. My very first cache was an EC and I was instantly hooked. I have no background in geology, or even science. I am a preschool teacher. I just really enjoy learning!
  22. They waited a few weeks and then re-submitted, just giving the answers. The owner did not delete their log. So I guess it all turned out OK.
  23. Thank you everyone for your comments. I really was mostly trying to figure out proper caching decorum as I am fairly new and have not had any seasoned cacher explain the rules to me. It seems as though the cache owner shouldn't have behaved that way, considering all of your posts. Again, let's not turn this into a religious debate. I have my own strong personal convictions regarding this manner (which any of you can know if you would like to contact me privately) but in my experience these discussions online never turn out well. Religion just means too much to us to be able to discuss it without knowing a person or at least reading body language. Thank you!
  24. Thanks Geoaware! I would be happy to purchase mine as well.
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