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  1. I don't get the decline messages, they go to my husband's email, so I might miss them. He monitors the geocaching logon.
  2. There are probably reviewers that are reviewers in multiple categories. They could look at ones that are borderline. They could be submitted for a vote.
  3. Church of Christ in Christian Union - Johnson City, NY was denied from the Multifarious, it was then denied by the Wesleyan with a comment that it didn't belong in the Congregational either. It has been resubmitted in the Multifarious. It was originally submitted December 2.
  4. Several times I have had to resubmit way marks under various denominations and be rejected before having it approved in multifarious. Each time information in fields is lost and has to be re-entered. Also it takes time and can get lost in the process. I just found a waymark I started last December which had to be rejected by Congregational and Wesleyan first. I got the rejections and resubmitted, but really...Is there no way to get people from the different denominations to confer when it is submitted as multifarious? It can be either redirected ONCE to another denomination or approved without the runaround?
  5. I have never approved my own waymark. I appreciate corrections. I have trouble remembering all the bizarre little rules some categories have. I did have my first case of disputed waymark where I thought I wish I were an officer so I could approve it!
  6. This really takes the fun out of way marking. So much for the effort it takes to take the trips and create the way marks. It is not about public shaming it is about feeling wronged. The response felt arbitrary and wrong.
  7. I have several hitching posts. Usually there is no problem. That was why I was surprised.
  8. I have submitted a waymark which is clearly an old hitching post. The reviewer based on no evidence other than there are flowers around it is claiming it is decorative.
  9. Yes, that pretty much states the issue. It makes it easier because tracing the history of a building can be hard. I have found cornerstones or other marks that indicate it used to be something else. I so far have restricted my entries to those multifarious with a past that can not be traced to another category, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc. This rule as you state it, does lead to double posting as a former Catholic church say and a current Multifarious. Since it must be current the reverse is not possible. I interpreted the no double booking rule too strictly. After doing a few of these this rule seems more reasonable. The intent is preserved of not allowing every church into the multifarious category.
  10. I have a question about the rule of only submitting places that can't be accepted in another category. I assumed this meant that if the building had ever been used by another group it could only be submitted there, if they accept former churches. In looking at the submissions and in looking at candidates I see that churches often sell their old church when they get bigger or smaller. The group taking over would often fit in this category. If the current usage does not fit in an existing category, can it be submitted even though the church was used by another group. This could result in a double listing in the old former church's category and the new multifarious category. Since multifarious does not accept former it would be one direction only.
  11. Upping Stones is a fun category, I would be an officer.
  12. I suggested that these restaurant have categories and was shot down. I agree diner doesn't do it, diner is a specific type; casual, friendly down home cooking, Indian or Korean diner? Why not a multifarious category like religious buildings? It could be all regional cuisine not already covered.
  13. This note is to keep my favorite topic from falling off the list. I enjoy seeing where I am, how far to the next spot and if anyone is approaching from behind. I also like to see which people are moving and where there is competition. Stats are just fun, please keep this on the list.
  14. Thank you for your support. The forum was a great place to write this. The question was not about a particular waymark, but the tone of the note and the threat. It isn't great that other people have gotten the same response, but it does mean that I haven't been singled out, or if I have I am not alone. We agree on the requirements as a group. If one of the officers wants to add requirements, that really isn't fair. If you just go back to the person imposing extra requirements you aren't going to get far. I am not aware of a way to talk to the category group as a whole. I would even suggest that someone who does this be removed from the officers. If someone is nasty, should they continue as an officer even if they have good and bad days. I was told in another thread that getting officers isn't a problem as long as the old officers are there to appoint them. I do appreciate the positive comments that people make. I am just getting started as a reviewer and I opted out of my first reject by putting it to a vote. That worked well because I got confirmation of what I thought the rules really were. It does feel a bit lonely to put thing out there that won't be visited, but they do show up on a Google search, so they are in the the virtual world. Some of the way marks are visited. Besides it is interesting to notice new things and to find out a little more about where you live.
  15. I don't mind someone taking charge, especially if he is someone who has done so much to keep Waymarking going.
  16. I think I met the three line requirement. I actually had the aid of a local history book so I was glad to find the extra information. I have been told to add personal fluff. I would rather have hard data, dates and the like. I do add interesting information that reflects the church or whatever. Sometimes a quote will show orientation, for example to strict Bible interpretation or development of various sub-groups or inclusion of all. Often quotes show a way of thinking and are much better than a restatement would be. When I research I often try to find as many sources as possible. The problem with small churches is that the often don't have a web presence or even much mention in the history books. I would much rather include extracts, quotes than some bland rewrite. I don't think some personal notes add much to the write-up. This I think is a personal preference. It is hard to not take a threat personally. It does take the fun out. There are many things we do when searching for way marks. I tell any partners I have in looking that there has to be fun. I try to keep the element of discovery and not get into mechanically grinding out the search. For example I will limit the number of cemeteries I look for in one trip. I take photos of what I find interesting first. I limit the total length of the trip. If it feels like a grind it is not fun. I enjoy even one word encouragements and do get depressed when the comments are negative. I have no problem adding things I forgot because I didn't reread the category and it has special requirements. Sometimes I lose information when the site goes down, which it seems to be doing a lot lately. I may not notice that some of the information is gone. Thanks to all who are encouraging. I am a bit overly sensitive right now because of the election. Frankly it scares me.
  17. Your new waymark, First Christian Church Disciples - Endicott, NY, has been approved. It was not the intention of this category to be a copy and paste to meet the three sentence requirement. This needs to be a personal account of "your visit" and/or description of the location. I will take another look at this waymark and if no revision is made I will decline it. Next time it will be an automatic decline.
  18. I am being attacked for copying and pasting in a waymark where I actually wrote material from my head, after reading information from a local history book. I was threatened with automatic decline. The rules do not say you have to write a personal essay. Just because some English major type wants to write essays, doesn't mean everyone should have to. The personal opinion as to creativity of the reviewer is irrelevant. This is a sport which includes people who enjoy various aspects. I like taking photos, investigating, finding things, thats how I enjoy the activity. Being harassed about the write-ups will drive me away. If I had cut and pasted there would have been quotes.
  19. Really? There is no mechanism to add officers except have the existing officers do it? Surely the Waymaking wizards can do it.
  20. I would consider us active waymarkers, however as far as number of reviews we fall way short of 500. Not sure how these stats relate to getting waymarks reviewed in a timely manner. No actual names are provided (and they should not be), so without doing the grunt work there is not a way to make that correlation as you suggested. It is time to move on either in a new thread or change the subject back to getting pending waymarks reviewed. 500 waymarks is the number to get on the list that gets generated monthly. This is a pool of waymarkers who are active and could be interested in reviewing. The way to get categories reviewed in a more timely manner would be to add active waymarkers as reviewers. The waymarkers on the 500 waymark list that are active were over 100 waymarkers. The missing step is to compare them against the list of people that already are officers. The active waymarkers who are not already officers or are officers on less than 30 categories can be approached as potential officers. That way we can do something positive instead of just whining that our way marks don't get reviewed fast enough.
  21. Actually the point is not stats per se, but how to find reviewers to help with the stagnant categories. The point was that rather than focus on the categories, if you look at the reviewers you may find people to add as officers. The place to look is active waymarkers.
  22. Of the 113 active in the last 6 months, how many are officers in groups? How many groups?
  23. Better yet, add the number reviewed to the profile page and add a row of medals. We are a group of people who respond to stats and medals. This would add a reward and recognition to the reviewers and the process. Also adding incentive to get out there and review.
  24. I really like the page that shows how many way marks created and visited for those creating over 500. Could you add a total for the number reviewed too, just for the people on the 500 list? It might help get a picture of which waymakers are reviewers too.
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