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  1. We are planning on a close park to get away from lights. we will leave in 15-20 minutes to get there before 10:59.
  2. I submitted the waymark! I will cancel the submission or it can be rejected. Since 8Nuts MotherGoose is a reviewer I thought it would allow for comments in the decline. If it is too cloudy it can be used as a template for another try.
  3. Deadline for this ISS Pass Waymark Creation is 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. ??? What does this mean? Do we create it before and submit after? The pass is tonight. Is it by 7pm tomorrow or tonight, before the pass?
  4. name: ripraff location: Vestal, NY 42.0856 n 76.0536 w May 23 22:59 Maximum altitude 22:59:08 51° 330° (NNW) 516 -3.0 -21.1° TonightPartly cloudy, with a low around 49. Calm wind.
  5. It will be visible for me at 22:59 May 23, tomorrow. It looks like Canada might be the spot to see it within a minute.
  6. Time to comment to keep my favorite thread from dropping off the edge? Next goal, to make the 4k milestone. There are a couple people hanging out there. But also I want to keep my posting streak alive, so I pace my waymarks out. I have saturated my local area, but the weather is good, so it may be time to travel again. How to find those extra categories? Maybe a trip to Syracuse, there are some visits there that would get us new categories.
  7. I went into a church that was by a graveyard with my ancestors. You could tell they were exciting about a new recruit. I had to tell them I was only visiting relatives out back. I was interested in the insides though. Maybe if it were less than 6 hours away...
  8. Interesting difference on private/public. I don't post anything on private property for the most part. Houses on the Historic Register have to be a business usually or an organization for me to want to post. Things that are public as in a business or organization or government feel like fair game. It did take me awhile to post police. Churches always seemed public to me. Most are open and enjoy attention, they are usually in a recruiting mode. I could see how some groups might not want it though.
  9. If they talk to you you can get interesting information. I have been known to get into Philosophical discussions with ministers, but not any that I met Waymarking. I did have a running discussion with the minister at the Seventh Day Adventist Church that I work at during elections. I miss him since he was transferred to another church.
  10. Why is it disrespect? Most groups welcome the extra advertisement. Usually we just repeat the information they already post. I have talked to minsters who come out to say hello when they see me taking photos. Probably more of them then any other group. I have been invited into services. I give them a quick explanation of Waymarking. If they are having services you can sometime hear the music.
  11. No, and I'm not the kind of person that would disrespect their beliefs and post their place of worship as a Waymark.
  12. Ok I'll bite, why would they NOT be multifarious. By accepting I mean the denomination, not the Waymarking particulars.
  13. ripraff that is a very broad assumption, there are variables such as PAOC: Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Not all Pentecostal churches will be automatically approved. Each and every submission is carefully reviewed by an officer of the RBM and evaluated on its own merits. I can assure you we do not automatically approve any submission until it is determined that all requirements are met.
  14. Perseverance and trying various categories can sometime work. But like salesmen you have to be able to tolerate rejection. Why does it always seem so personal? Usually it doesn't phase me, BUT sometimes it does. One case I really went crazy, I don't know why. It was unexpected and I didn't anticipate a problem.
  15. I have some nice photos of old country Churches, but they are not a Waymarking interest of mine. Truthfully, I had trouble getting some approved and gave up on the idea. I do enjoy Waymarking cornerstones on old Churches.
  16. That would hurt more than a Waymark rejection!
  17. But then you probably don't want to piss them off and get poisonous snakes directed at you,
  18. Pentacostal go into Multifarious. Usually if they say Pentecostal it is automatically accepted in Multifarious. Pictures would be nice!
  19. I suppose instead of changing categories I could copy over the information into a new waymark. That way I could just copy the reject note and resubmit the old without losing the information. I could also put out multiple way marks at the same time. It would be interesting to see how many categories they would be accepted in. It does seem like the churches are being deliberately vague. Unfortunately the smaller churches often do not have much of a web presence, not even Facebook. Why don't they use the Facebook account, it is free? Maybe their congregation is too old or poor to be online. The mainline churches at least have a page given to the by the denomination, say Methodists. These are often just the basic where and when and the ministers name. Again it is Facebook to the rescue. I do enjoy some of the Catholic webpages. They have history and and lots of nice photos. They have links to the organization, although all in this area are Syracuse. That is a give away to the splinter groups and the Eastern Orthodox, they have different links. The Eastern rite Roman Catholic can be tricky, they look like they could be Orthodox or Catholic. The links help.
  20. There is going to be a sponsored event next month where the churches open their doors. I have to decide which ones to go to. I could look for stained glass or I could pick the Eastern churches. It's going to be tough to decide.
  21. Then there are the ethnic churches that serve a particular community. Sometimes the country origin is more dominant then the denomination. I also found that the buildings put up for college students also are accepted. I didn't even think of those at first. They do have worship services.
  22. Oh yes, there seem to be a lot of ministers that go to minister factories and then put up a shingle. They seem to take over older churches when the original church sells. It is hard to tell if they are actually a named brand or not, most of them don't seem to be, but some turn out to be Baptist.
  23. I complained to him and got a copy. I didn't think removing the references was good because they can so easily be seen from the sign and the Facebook and the reviewers would probably see them anyway. So I added comments and faced it directly. I did beef up the description up front and moved the denomination stuff to the end. I still don't know how the reviewers determined that Bridgewater was Baptist, I couldn't find anything that said so even after looking. I agree that it is, just don't know how to prove it. This exercise has been interesting. Methodists include some of their offshoots that don't claim to be Methodists. Baptists try to hide the fact that they are Baptist and use words like Community Church. Some sects claim to be Catholic, but the church doesn't recognize them. The Congregationalists renamed themselves. There seem to be a lot of churches running away from the named brands trying to present themselves as some form of contemporary worship with bands and large auditoriums. One Presbyterian even had two services, one for contemporary and one for traditional. I found the original hippy church from the "Jesus movement" that may have been the start of the big bands.
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