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  1. I managed to get a large amount of these ones in Three Hills. I do remember a couple being very hard or impossible to get and I would have got more if hubby hadn't been pulling me out. He was doing this while saying "really you have enough of them", I guess the kids getting annoyed also got to him.
  2. This is an acceptable practice to keep TBs/coins moving. The main time we do this is a couple weeks leading up to a vacation, the kids then collect as many as possible to disperse along our travels.
  3. We have released a handful of coins and if they were to go missing and for an extensive period of time then we would probably use one of those proxy's. We would never think of releasing a proxy just to keep the original in hand that to us would be a type of cheating. We like seeing where they make it to and the comments of the people that find them. We just don't think the comment quality would be there if it was a proxy.
  4. If you take a look at our 100 find coin TB3QW6M it shows what we do. Our 250 find coin is also released with the same type of engraving and our 500 find coin will be ready sometime next week. It is our name, the date of the find and the GC#. HTH
  5. Sorry to hi-jack but I have a question about the caches on school property. I have been trying to publish one on the oposite side of a public walking path from a school and have been continually turned down. Reviwer states that is is less than 100m from school and most school administrators, parents and other adults become concerned for the safety of the students when they see someone who looks out of place on or near school property. Funny thing is that with it being less that a foot off the public walking path I was confused by the rejection. So by my understanding if I get writen permission from the school to have it there I should be OK with the reviewer?
  6. Really you are all worried about the count, just enjoy the event no matter who creates it.
  7. Our 3 year old would say the Swan that chased him out of a park we were in. That thing was almost as big as him and was hissing the whole way.
  8. We mainly cache as a family so to save mom (me) from having to log on 4 different accounts we log on one. If dad is away at work and caches on one of his down days he still logs it under TreasureKid's. We all have our own personal TB's so that those get a visited for who was actually present during the find. We have never considered this cheating as we all sign TreasureKid's and at least one of us is always there to do the signing. We have been thinking of splitting off our 8 year old as he is starting to help with the logs so now that he can do his own he can have his own account. He is also wanting to go with other family's that he has gotten hooked, and this will give him finds of his own. Up till now he has only ever gone with mom or dad as his driver and usually with the 3 year old in tow so there has never been a need for separate accounts.
  9. We have helped out by changing a log here and there or redoing a tape job that has become weather worn. Our biggest thing is at that point a CO should at the least mark a maintenance done so that the NM disappears. So I guess our thing is if the CO is still active and life has just not allowed them to get out to that cache, then helping out fellow CO's is OK. If a CO is no longer active then it should get a NA post so that a active/responsible CO can place a cache. I am thinking there should be a limit on NM logs, if they have not been corrected in some way with in 30day (or whatever time frame GS decided to do) then they should automatically be archived. I have seen some caches in our area that have had NM logs on them for over a year with numerous NM logs added and nothing ever done.
  10. Our 8 year old son does up those CITO film cans, he adds them to any cache that has room for them. We also pick up what we can while out, with a 3 year old tagging along sometimes it is easier said than done. If we are out for a full day we can usually come home with 2-3 grocery bags full and about 1-2 reusable bags full of bottle/cans. We always have bags and disposable gloves with us and honestly try to get what we can.
  11. Wow I will have to remember this one if I ever have the need to use it.
  12. The one for "The Best of The Bad Mega Event" was given out sometime over night the night of the event. SO I figure it is just time to be patient.
  13. With my kid's some of the silly challenges could be fun but even my 8 year old says that they are not real caches and then questions me why they should count. The family agreement is that we will not be doing any of them until the are of a count of their own. Not a hover over and we will split them up for you a complete different count list.
  14. I am pretty sure we got our fabric camo tape (hockey tape) at Canadian Tire. As for the camo duct tape I think it was the same place just in the hunting section. If you don't have a Canadian tire I would guess that sport or hunting stores would have it also.
  15. It would not be an every day thing but I agree about the right group of friends and a great looooong day. We recently did a run like that but only a few hours during a mega event weekend. For the day it was fun and when you have a toddler in a car seat it works. Because if your only stop for a very short time each time they get less cranky that they stay in the truck.
  16. I just noticed the CacheSense 'Quick Log' feature a few days. As a CO it scared me. It just posts TFTC, which has come to be known as another way of saying...."Your cache was not worth writing about". If you edit a TFTC log later, to say how much you enjoyed the cache, the CO does not get notified. It does as a default but you can edit that right on the blackberry if you are not to lazy to do so. We logged 3 caches on the 30th all of which had more that TFTC, not that I am a huge writer but I try to put something. When I got home I only had to go in to edit them not to change any text but rather to visit our personal TB to it.
  17. My 8 year old (who is the one that got our family into this) keeps an ammo can full of different types of swag items, a bunch of different sized craft baggies (for logs) and a box of staples golf pencils with him always. He doesn't trade a lot but if his little brother wants something he is able to replace what his brother takes. Otherwise he uses most of it to refill caches that need it. He is regularly dumping caches cleaning them out, getting rid of all the garbage, refilling the swag and replacing the pencils if needed. He asks to go to the store about once a month and spends about $20 - $30 of his allowance each time to refill his ammo can.
  18. Does this mean it will work without having to DL PQ's into my phone. We do all the PQ stuff for our GPSr and basically wanted our BB's to be usable if we were somewhere without our GPSr and had time to kill. So we could just boot up program and find nearest cache at that moment, I know there is one like that for the iPhone (not cachesense) as our friend uses it. Let me check that out as I haven't had to use a feature like that and will report back once I've had a chance to really work it out. But just today, on the spur of the moment, picked up my two boys from daycare and decided to try it out on-the-fly, so to speak. I started CS, clicked on "Pocket Queries", it connected to my account at geocaching.com and presented me ALL of my currently downloadable PQ's. I selected the one in my area and it downloaded it to my BB. No muss, no fuss . I clicked on "Nearest Caches" to my GPS location and in a few seconds, I had a list of the 20 closest geocaches from that PQ. But I'll do some playing with it to see what it can do if you don't have an active PQ available. Good question Got an answer for you and it's "Yes!" . When selecting "Nearest Caches", there's an option button that you can use to tell CS to use information from geocaching.com instead of one of your loaded PQ's. This feature allows users to go ANYWHERE and immediately start geocaching on-the-fly Thank you so much for checking on this. We gave it a try and loved how it turned out, I was even able to log right from it. I normally wouldn't do this if the cache is in my GPS cause I have a rutine for this but if it is just a random cache this works. I still have to come home and edit the log just to dip our peronal TB as I have yet to figure out if I can do that also. Thank you so much for the help on this one.
  19. Not sure if it is mentioned yet but if you don't have a iPhone or a Android you can not play. Our family uses Blackberry's and they do not have a app nor do they plan on making one for the Blackberry. So I guess we stick to caching only and have fun every minute of it.
  20. Thank you very much!!! Now I guess I will re-download it and give it a try again, if my free trial is up then we can just use hubby's phone for a bit.
  21. Avery has a free one on the website that works really well. I use it for a number of different things I print out and have never had a problem.
  22. If you just hover your mouse over them it will also tell you the meanings.
  23. Does this mean it will work without having to DL PQ's into my phone. We do all the PQ stuff for our GPSr and basically wanted our BB's to be usable if we were somewhere without our GPSr and had time to kill. So we could just boot up program and find nearest cache at that moment, I know there is one like that for the iPhone (not cachesense) as our friend uses it.
  24. If we are out with a group we always log as individuals but always make sure we mention who we were with.
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