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  1. I've started a new contest, so this thread can be closed. Thanks!
  2. Ok, I tried to be a bit more obscure...but it's hard. There are so many complete Bible texts online that it's hard! I gave serious thought to Yime's idea...NOT. So, here you go...a three part question...of course, that means I'll pony up three coins! 1 each of Gold, Nickel, and Copper finish. 1.- I am thinking of the name of a son of a concubine. 2.- What was discussed being being caught with a fishhook? 3.- There is a reference to Jesus' inscription...what AND where is it? Thats all for now! No editing, and one post per 5 minutes. Good luck.
  3. LOL- Beware of worshipping false idols! (I'm working on another one now...trying to be more obscure...) Open to suggestions? Although it's not Bible related, I have yet to see anyone calculate the air speed velocity of particular birds from various continents. Just tryin' to get you your forum's worth, y'know?
  4. LOL- Beware of worshipping false idols! (I'm working on another one now...trying to be more obscure...)
  5. Good memory! I knew I couldn't use "Strange fire" since a quick search brings that up right away! Congrats!
  6. Forgot to add who they were, Aaron's sons. See...that was too easy! You've got it. Send my your addy and I'll get you the coin! (I'm going to have to dig deeper for the next one!)
  7. This contest is for a Satin Gold finish version of my new coin. Only 5 were made with this finish! I figured if I was going to have a contest, I may as well make it a Bible trivia contest! This may be painfully easy for you. With Google, it's hard to come up with anything that a quick search won't yield...but here we go... I'm thinking of two people that were killed "playing" with fire... What are their names, and who were they? (There may be several that fit the above description...but you have to post the two that I am thinking of...) First post here get's the coin. No editing please. 1 guess every 10 minutes. Good Luck!
  8. One thing you need to be aware of is the flip sleeves the coins come in continue to "out-gas" as they age. This will tarnish the finishes of your coins. It affects some platings worse than others though. The Nickel finish seems to buff out easily enough. Holders designed for coin collecting are a different material and don't have this effect.
  9. Hey Pete, I do appreciate your help! I just didn't anticipate the changing coin climate enough, and made too many!
  10. Sorry, I've had a few requests for pics... Doesn't anyone remember? I only have the nickel ones available for this offer.
  11. Once again, my ideas were bigger than the real world. I'm sitting here with a box of left over Hot Rod coins from this year's mega event in the Temecula Valley. I don't have the patience needed to slowly trickle them out on Ebay, so I figured I would offer up some volume discounts. Use them for traders, sell them on Ebay, use them as swag or raffle items...the only catch is, you have to buy them in multiples of 5. 5 coins for $34.00, shipping included. 10 coins for $60.00, shipping included. I've got 90 coins. Please email your request. Thanks! Dave
  12. I've sent out invoices for everyone that I had a PayPal address for. If you reserved a coin, and didn't get an invoice, please send me your PayPal address. Thanks!
  13. If I am contributing to the off topic banter, then I respectfully ask that I be given a time out. I would also ask that the same be done for anyone else that contributes to the derailment of this thread. To restate the original topic: I get tired of everyone defending folks that are selling "gifted" coins. I think the feelings of the gifter need to be considered as well. The GCF is a great example. Her generousity has been abused, and now she is quitting. The community as a whole suffers because of the inconsideration of a few.
  14. Nothing will by solved in your opinion. However you can't be the judge whether or not this conversation helped out anyone that wasn't sure what the fuss was about. Thanks for you contribution to the topic though. Now that you aren't lurking anymore, I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
  15. Fair enough...in fact, early on it was acknowledged that we were not trying to come to a consensus here. It was a place for both sides to air their views. Sometimes seeing things from another point of view helps ease tensions...although that rarely happens over night. Wow... this thread has come a long way! From not agreeing on this, to socks/duplicate accts., to personal attacks, and back to not agreeing. So much progress, very productive. What exactly has come out of this thread that is of any use? As the title announces right off the bat.. why can't you just agree to disagree and then move on? I do realize that some folks have to have their daily dose of drama, but is this really the venue? This is supposed to be a family friendly activity. If you want drama, watch the news, go to church, get into politics. Flame on... Dialog never hurts...like I said, sharing opinions can be helpful. We don't have to have a resolution here. It's not like we are trying for a nuclear arms agreement here.
  16. Fair enough...in fact, early on it was acknowledged that we were not trying to come to a consensus here. It was a place for both sides to air their views. Sometimes seeing things from another point of view helps ease tensions...although that rarely happens over night.
  17. When would such a list expire? Seriously. When I kick off, my kids will keep some of the coins and dispose of the rest with the estate. They are not bound, I am the one bound with the chains of courtesy. What about the giver of the gift? Do their desires go with them to the grave or do they live on with the Geocoin Insitute of Gifted Coins and owners legacy wishes? I'm asking because if you are going to say there is a problem it helps to draw a box around it. Especially once as hard to pin down as this. RK, I don't think the list should matter to your heirs. I think the list represents a "Spirit" some in the community would like to see upheld. There is nothing legally binding about it, so for someone outside of the community to sell a coin on the list...there really isn't an issue If the coin was given to you with the stipulation...I'm assuming since your heirs have it...you are beyond caring what anyone in this community thinks about the coin being sold.
  18. What if C4 had actually sold it? Gasp! The horrors! As someone else posted, we are all human! I'm sure a claim could be made (although I'm not making it, I'm trying to stay neutral and not offend anyone as I may have done in the past ) that MAYBE at least one of the sales was made without even considering the origin of the coin. That is, just like C4 said, MAYBE at least one of the sellers didn't remember that it had been a gift or trade or whatever. When you have a bazillion coins (I only have half a bazillion myself) I'm sure it COULD possibly be easy to forget which coins are super special and which are regular special, especially with the stresses of whatever is prompting a coin-nut to unload their coins. Personally, I can tell you where I got every single one of my coins , but that's just me, and everyone is different. now, lets all sing koombayah! Thanks Wole! I am in the same boat...there is now way I can remember how I obtained every coin in my collection. Some, stick in my mind, and others don't. It all depends on the situation. However, any that were given with a request of, "Please don't sell this." are pretty well stuck in my memory...(I hope) For example, during the GCF event in February, there was a LOT going on. Not only did I have the GCF event on Saturday, but I had our Mega event the next day. I met a LOT of people over that weekend, I was was blessed enough to receive many gifts as well. Sometimes, I had time to stop an visit...other times, I was only able to offer a sincere "thanks", and then I was on my way. Unfortunately, by the end of the weekend, I couldn't remember all of the gifts. The post above was one that I unfortunately put in the wrong box...but that has been corrected now! I know I am not alone in this predicament either...I know one collector that has in excess of 5000 coins still in the mailers! He has boxes of mailers in his closet that he never opened! Once he gets around to opening them, he is going to be hard pressed to keep everything straight!
  19. I did look it up. It was a name I didn't recognize, so I checked it out...nothing wrong with that. If you saw TMA's post about "Ringbone", but didn't get the reference, do a search for that term and you will see why it is a potential issue. (Although it has potential for lot's of humor too!) Anyway, in regards to your post about "established" forum mmembers...early on, I saw a few that were more "established" than I am that had an opposing opinion...no problem there.
  20. Hmmm... The coin I was referring to was the Moun10Bike V1 coin...I have no idea who the GCF fairy...so I wouldn't know if that coin was returned or not.. I don't see how mentioning that your account looks like a sock-puppet is akin to name calling...but in any case, that wasn't my intent. It's been my experience that when opinions start getting posted to threads with accounts with little to no activity...comments can be a bit free... If this is not a sock-puppet account, then I apoligize...however, I did Report the post and ask the mods to look into the account. Cheers!
  21. The assumption you are making here is that the person isn't giving money to charities as well... It's their money, and if they are doing it as a token of good will or friendship, then why is that so wrong? Oh please! You'd have to live in lala land if you think everyone selling a special coin on ebay is giving the money they make to charity! Most that are being sold for charity are listed as such because it's known that most people will pay a bit more than the norm for charity auctions. But you're right on the fact that if someone wants to pay that kind of money to give a coin back to the original owner..it's their business. Maybe I wasn't clear enough...please read the post I was responding to... The post I replied to was talking about what a waste of money it was for someone to buy a coin only to return it to the original owner...rather that give money to a charity. My point was, how do you know the buyer of the coin doesn't support charities as well? Bill Gates gives more money to causes than any other individual that I am aware of...but he still has money to "waste" on things he chooses to waste it on. Also...please post with your real account...it's easy to hide in a sock.
  22. I said I don't hate her because she sold the coin. I don't dislike any of the people who sold trade only coins just because they sold them. I don't think they should be sold. That is my opinion. Just because my friend does it, doesn't change my opinion of the sales of the coins. But it doesn't change my opinion of the person either. And that there are consequences to selling them. One consequence of the selling of the GCF coin is that there is no more GCF. Is that what we wanted? Good point. People keep bringing up "losing friends." None of us that disagree with coin sales have ever said anything about losing friendships...those words were added later. We disagree with the practice. I've do a lot of things that some of my friends don't like. I also have a belief system that some of my friends disagree with. That doesn't keep up from being friends...
  23. The assumption you are making here is that the person isn't giving money to charities as well... It's their money, and if they are doing it as a token of good will or friendship, then why is that so wrong?
  24. Very nice. I like the darker finished one.
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